An Evolving Journey: Science and Mind-Being | Nov 2011

FMBR Editorial: Nov, 2011

An Evolving Journey: Science and Mind-Being

Jerry Gin


As we have adopted a new meeting format in which we spend some time discussing topics of interest in an open forum prior to the main presentation, I offer my own story as a way to list topics that might be of interest to others; each of us will have our own list.

Back in 2003, I was a regular "Newtonian" scientist (a biochemist) and never gave any thought to mind-being or consciousness. I worked with atoms and molecules and thought I had a basic understanding of electrons and protons. Watson and Crick had deciphered the "basis of life" with an understanding of DNA and RNA. Then, in 2003, I first "felt" energy, the Chi or Qi, in a Qi Gong/yoga class, and my world view changed. I have read and studied continuously since that time and experienced many "experiential" phenomenon. My goal was to achieve as thorough an understanding as I could as to "who and what am I." I thought I would put together a road map of the lessons learned and experiences gathered since.

I started from the science side, studying Energy Medicine, followed by Oschman's Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance - - which opened my eyes to all the ways messages are communicated in the human body. The wet collagen in our bodies probably acts like a semiconductor. At this point, I was and still am, fascinated by water. I have read and experienced changing the structure of water by intention (Beverly Rubik and Emoto Masaru) and have my hypothesis as to how homeopathy works. Listening to Bruce Lipton, I came to understand that we are more than the building blocks coded by DNA. Epigenetics and the EFT technic offer further proof of our abilities to create change with our mind.

Concurrent with my scientific explorations, I started to delve into energy healing. By this time, I was seeing the auras surrounding us and seeing the lines of energy emanating from our entire body, especially around the head and from our hands. Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Biogenesis, Quantum Touch, raising vibrations with spiritual healing, energy connections per Eric Pearl, were all methods I experienced and learned. Caroline Myss, in Energy Anatomy, taught me about medical intuition.

By 2005, it was obvious to me that Newtonian science would not answer all my questions. I needed to look at the experiential side. I had always done some meditation (mainly transcendental meditation). I listened to a talk by Caroline Cory ( and experienced her mediation; that meditation increased my "vibrations" -- a feeling of energy flows in my head -- so I took her 1 year "Mastery" course (4 days a week, 4 times for 1 year). It was an extraordinary year during which I learned about many "mystery school" subjects as well as experiencing Source energy/knowledge that was life changing. Around this time I started learning a little more about shamanism and experienced the wonderful teachings from Dawn Clark and listened to Hank Wesselman.

By this point, I had read David Hawkins Power vs Force and learned about kinesthesiology and the scale of consciousness. His Eye and I, along with Caroline's course, firmly put me on the path of enlightenment. This path was accelerated by some phenomenal "energy" flows through my body that I experienced with Eliza Mada Dalian (In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness). This was followed by studies on Edgar Cayce and his unique gifts and ability to read past lives, especially those who lived in the biblical times. At this point, I was ready for A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery, books which are important for traveling the path of "enlightenment".

My readings, throughout this period, led me to the "mystery schools" and I learned much from Drunvalo Melchizedek in his The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. This book was my first exposure to sacred geometry and the alternative history of mankind. Zecharia Sitchin's The Earth Chronicles presents a fascinating view on how mankind was influenced by "others." Elisabeth Haich, in Initiation, describes her previous life and learnings in ancient Egypt -- her insights on life, the universe, and spirituality practiced at that time. In my mind, the above learnings dovetail right into quantum mechanics and what life is all about.

I am still a scientist. So where does all of this information lead us? Quantum mechanics and zero point energy fields may be what it is all about in scientific terminology. This would be the same as the "Akashic Field" postulated by Ervin Laszlo or the "Aether" by David Wilcock. In spiritual terms, this may be the energy of Source which surrounds and embodies and connects all of us and everything. Thus, further studies in the field of zero point energy are a "must" to understand and pull together science, mind-being and spirituality. Wilcock gives excellent summaries of the many phenomena that point to "aether" being the building block for everything. In the zero point energy domain, the mysteries of sacred geometry, vibrations, torsion fields, electromagnetism, gravity, and cosmology all come together. This is an area in which we should have many discussions and experiments to further understand mind-being and the universe.

Jerry Gin, PhD

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