Seeing Is Believing | April 1998

FMBR Editorial: April, 1998

Seeing Is Believing

Phillip Scott

During my presentation on Shapeshifting I revealed that only in appropriate ceremonial and tutorial contexts and only when necessary - in our doctoring work, for example - do we, as members of this lineage, alter out actual physical form. Be this as it may, while aware of these directives and intent upon maintaining my faithfulness to what is permissible within the tradition, as my students and perceptive audience members pointed out - I was Shapeshifting all evening!

There are several methods of Shapeshifting. The ultimate expression of this art is the alteration of one’s molecular and morphological structure at will. In addition to mimicry (which we experienced that evening), the donning of masks and costumes, psychotropic substances (in certain cultures), specific chanting, breathing and movement styles, the evolution of the craft also entails the deliberate shifting of one’s energetic form (this was the technique I shared with the participants).

The first premise of Shapeshifting is that we must believe it is possible. If we do not believe we can alter our form (either physical or energetic), then we won’t. Simple. Harbouring any doubt, incredulousness, distrust or skepticism undermines not only the attempt of it but its perception as well. The second premise is that we are perceivers, that we have the capacity tosee energy. Seeing, however, is not with the eyes, but with the heart and one’s energetic field. It is a felt-sense. In addition, in order to see energy, one must have energy. It requires not only the gathering, storing, harnessing and intentful directing of one’s accumulated energy but also the curtailment of the seemingly incessant conversation we carry on inside. It is this torrent of thoughts which fragments and fixates the world, creating impossibilities and reducing the experience of the Mystery which continually surrounds us. Therefore, we must enter the Primordial Silence to see ourselves and the world as it truly is - Luminous Cocoons of dancing, liquid Light, Divine, Magical, protean Energetic Emanations.


Shapeshifting is not a circus act nor a sideshow spectacle for enjoyment and amusement. Neither is it a subject for empirical scrutiny. It serves a Sacred purpose. It is a glorious, potent act of mastery and Communion demanding awareness, dedication, humility and deserving of the utmost respect.

It is my prayer that we as a species susppend our judgmental, critical minds and begin to willingly surrender and partake of novel experiences in order to feel and open to the Wonder, Beauty and Interconnectedness of Life.

I am grateful to the Foundation for Mind-Being Research for the opportunity to express my heart and to share the Sacred Path I walk with you. Blessings of health, happiness and prosperity to all of you and may you Walk in Balance and Beauty.

Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations),

Phillip Scott
Founder/Director, Ancestral Voice-Center for Indigenous Lifeways

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