Sep 2014 Newsletter

September, 2014 Newsletter

Michael Cremo
Human Devolution:
A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory


Human Devolution, the sequel to Forbidden Archeology, presents a Vedic alternative to the currently dominant theory of human origins. Most scientists now believe that humans of the modern type emerged between one and two hundred thousand years ago, having evolved from more primitive apelike hominids. But there is a significant amount of archeological evidence, in the form of anatomically modern human skeletal remains, footprints, and artifacts, showing that humans of our type have existed in the very distant past, at times the current theory cannot accommodate. Furthermore, genetic evidence, although suggestive, has not definitively established humanity's evolutionary origin from ancient apes. Therefore there is a genuine need for an alternative explanation. But before we ask the question "where did human beings come from?" we should first of all ask the question "what is a human being?"

Today most scientists believe humans are simply combinations of ordinary matter. But if we consider all the evidence that comes to us from various fields of research, we shall see that it is more reasonable to say that a human being is a combination of three things: matter, mind, and consciousness (or spirit). Of the three, consciousness is primary. We do not evolve up from matter, but rather we devolve, or come down, from a realm of pure consciousness or spirit. During this devolutionary process, the conscious self is covered by mind and matter. But the process can be reversed, through spiritual re-evolution. And that is the primary purpose of human existence, which is now burdened by too much concentration on the exploitation of matter.

TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(doors open at 7 p.m.)

Speaker's Bio

Michael Cremo, also known as the 'forbidden archeologist', is hailed as a groundbreaking research pioneer and international authority on archeological anomalies. His landmark bestseller, Forbidden Archeology, challenged the very foundation of Darwinian evolution. Michael continues to "dig up" enigmatic discoveries in the fossil record and "shake up" accepted paradigms, exploring famous archeological sites around the world and journeying to sacred places in India. As he crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on the nature of reality. Michael Cremo is a member of the World Archeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists as well as a research associate in history and philosophy of science for the Bhaktivedanta Institute. After receiving a scholarship to study International Affairs at George Washington University, Michael began to study the ancient Sanskrit writings of India known as the Vedas, broadening his academic knowledge with spirituality from the Eastern tradition.


Members get in FREE.
A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.

An I-ASC Spoon Bending Party

We are going to bend spoons, again, in October. Join us and find out what fun you can have when metal is bent .

Adults bring your children too. The adults will get to pay $25 for their fun, but kids 7 - 13 get in free. Students, with ID, $5.


What is Dowsing?

Jerry Gin, Ph.D.

When one thinks of dowsing, one typically envisions a person holding a forked stick and using it to find water for a well.  That is certainly one application of dowsing, but dowsing is so much more.  It is a way to tap into the realm of the subconscious and into intuition.

A person's subconscious mind is tuned into a vast amount of information.  Unfortunately, the subconscious information is not available to the conscious mind.  Thus, one tends to make decisions based on reasoning -- which may not be based on the greater amount of information which is available to the subconscious mind.  Sometimes we follow our "gut" or our "intuition" -- which might be interpreted as our subconscious mind making its presence known.  Since one really does not know where or how the information you are getting comes to you/your subconscious, dowsers often state that when they are dowsing, they ask to connect and be in resonance with the Dowsing System (intelligence and beneficial energies of nature, the Divine Good, and to be guided by the person's Spirit Team).

Walt Woods, former President of the American Society of Dowsers, says "Dowsing is sometimes thought of as 'Mother's Intuition' with a read-out device.' Cathy Coultrip, President of the San Jose Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD), further states that "Evidence indicates that your subconscious can be programmed to automatically (without your controlling it) put your foot on the car brake when you see danger, to automatically write your name without thinking about how to make the letters, ride a bicycle, or swim, etc.  Your subconscious can be programmed to express the information when queried by the conscious mind.  This may be done by repeated practice with some type of device or tool, until your Subconscious can automatically respond to your questions.  It is amazing what we can learn from or possibly through our subconscious."

There are a variety of tools one can use for dowsing.  The typical tool is the pendulum, although experienced dowsers will use a variety of tools such as the L Rod, Y Rod and Bobber.  The purpose of the tool is to give a signal which your conscious mind can see and interpret.  In what is called mental dowsing, your conscious mind trains the tool to give an answer such as "yes" or "no" when a question is asked.  An example would be a pendulum moving in a front to back motion for a "yes" and in a side to side motion for a "no".  As one gets use to using a pendulum, the pendulum can give probability answers (from 0 to 100%) or levels of beneficial to non-beneficial, degrees of yes or no, or positive or negative.  The secret to tapping into the subconscious mind is to get the conscious mind out of the way to avoid influencing the answer and letting the subconscious dictate the movement of the tool in an automatic way.  Protocols are followed to remove conscious interference while dowsing.

Applications for dowsing are as wide as your imagination.   The questions can be health and healing related such as asking if a particular supplement or medicine is good for you, or asking if your body will react negatively to a particular food.  There is map dowsing for water, minerals or objects.  At the grocery store, one can ask if a particular melon is sweet and ripe. As a personal example,  at a fair, tamales were for sale by 5 vendors.  My wife and I, separately, used dowsing to determine which vendor had the best tamale based on our taste.  We both chose the same vendor.  We then bought tamales from all 5 vendors.  The vendor chosen by our dowsing definitely had the best tamale.

In addition to mental dowsing, there is also physical dowsing or vibratory dowsing.  Scientists in the field of Radiesthesia, called this form of dowsing "Microvibratory Physics" or "Physical Radesthesia".  In this field, one uses the tool (e.g., pendulum) to detect energy resonance.  As an example, one type of pendulum can be built to resonate with all the primary colors.  If the pendulum is set for the color green and a green surface is presented to the pendulum, the pendulum will rotate in a clockwise manner.  No "yes" or "no" question is ever asked.  The person holding the pendulum is part of the instrument since that person, at a subconscious level, is allowing the motion to move clockwise when in resonance with the color green.  That is how Radiesthesia scientist determined that the top of a sphere pointed toward the sun always resonates with the color green.

The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) is the place to go for books on dowsing. See American Society of Dowsers, The second Saturday of the month, the South Bay Dowsers ( meet at 1 pm at the Divine Science Community Center in San Jose. The meeting consists of a lecture followed by instruction on dowsing for those interested in learning to dowse.  Also, after the meeting, Joachim Wippich teaches Harmonic Dowsing as a way to amplify your dowsing. A good beginning booklet on dowsing is by Walt Woods, Letter to Robin followed by his other two booklets, Personal Dowsing and Companion to Letter to Robin. I have enjoyed and learned from Susan Collins' Bridge Spirit and Matter with Dowsing; she teaches an excellent dowsing protocol.

Transformative Practice for Relief of Migraine Headaches
Using The Bodyscapes Technique


Are you experiencing migraine pressure due to the desire to be perfect? Would you like to have a technique that could relieve this pressure?

The Bodyscapes Technique is a creative arts experience that connects you to a way to heal yourself. Come and let words and pictures flow from you to help you to diminish your pain. I have been leading this technique for awhile and it has been successful.

Wouldn't you like to experiment to creatively express the stress in your life that results in pain in your body?

If you have interest in participating in the Study please send an email with your contact information addressed to:

Diane Sciarretta at or call Diane at ....(561) 715-7878.

Diane's website is:

(additional material in this flyer.)



San Jose Dowsers blog, San Jose:
The Sep. 13 speaker is
Gail Minogue, her topic will be
Trends and Forcasts 2014 -- 2016: What to Expect as America Transforms

SEPTEMBER 18: 7:00 pm Smart Life Forum, Palo Alto: Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN, speaking on
"New Frontier of Integrative Medicine"

September 23: 7:00 pm South Bay IANDS Saratoga: speaker Amy Call

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