Sep, 2015 Newsletter

Sep, 2015 Newsletter

September 25
Ed May, PhD
Whatever Happened to Star Gate?

The Military & Intelligence use of Anomalous Cognition
(a.k.a., Extrasensory Perception--ESP) & More

Our next meeting will include a two part presentation. First will be the story of how the US and former Soviet Union used remote viewing to spy on each other. Second, is a model of precognition: how is it possible for an event that will take place in India tomorrow to be reported in Palo Alto today?

The US Government's STAR GATE program lasted for over 20 years. Dr. May will give a brief history of its mission, how it was funded, and the technical and medical procedures involved in its oversight. He will also talk about how STAR GATE was viewed by high-level Soviet military and government officials, and will share examples of real-world spying.

The model of precognition is comprehensive and completely testable. It is based on a signal of some kind that goes backward in time to the present in what we call the physics domain; is picked up by a transducer (psychic retina if you will) and is processed in the brain in what we call the neuroscience domain.


TIME: Friday, 7:30 p.m., SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 
PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto 
(doors open at 7 p.m.)

Speaker's Bio


Ed May, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Laboratories for Fundamental Research, Palo Alto, California. Formerly, he was a scientist with the U.S. Government's secret ESP program popularly known as Star Gate from 1976-1995, and was the director of the program from 1985 to 1995. His published works include ESP Wars: East and West: An Account of the Military Use of Psychic Espionage as Narrated by the Key Russian and American Players, with Victor Rubel and Loyd Auerbach (2014); Anomalous Cognition: Remote Viewing Research and Theory (2014, McFarland), and Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism, and Science, Volume I & II (2015, Praeger) co-edited with Sonali Bhatt Marwaha.

Members get in FREE.
A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.


Creating the Future

Human-beings are unique because we can create "fiction" in our minds. Fiction has the power of becoming reality. As a young boy in the 1930s and 40s, I got pleasure from reading science fiction. I enjoyed the books of Jules Verne that were written in the 1800s. Verne wrote about travel to the moon, beneath the sea, around our planet, and even to the center of the earth. I also enjoyed comic books whose characters traveled to distant planets in space ships, and used weapons like today's laser guns and atomic bombs. These and other fictions, such as Dick Tracy's wrist watch with its two-way voice communication, all became realities in my lifetime.

How is it that such fiction created by the minds of human-beings become physical reality? What is the "magic" behind this process? We are human-beings, which implies a connection to something more encompassing than the physical. This Mind-Being connection represents the inherent duality that exists in Nature. We all experience this divide between head and heart, reason and intuition, and separateness and oneness. By mapping the process for bridging this inherent divide, today's science has begun to face the question that there may exist infinite possibilities in the "oneness." The Mind-Being connection represents the dynamics of personal change that needs to occur in society to tap the oneness. The challenge is to create a "fiction" of a positive vision that can manifest out of the "oneness" into physical reality.

Bill Gough

July 11, 2015

P'howa -- Consciousness Transfer at Death

Jerry Gin

In the Western culture, we pay scant attention to dying and the process of dying, even though it is a process everyone will go through. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist lama gives this analogy: "When it is time to go to the bathroom, it is too late to build a latrine." The Vajrayana Buddhists (Tibetan) have a practice, P'howa, for the transference of consciousness at the time of death. In the Christian religion, we talk about going to heaven and we visualize Christ. In the Buddhist tradition, the realm is called Dewachen (pure land) and the visualization is of Buddha Amitabha. In Dewachen, the practitioners of Buddhism can continue working on the progression toward enlightenment.

During life, one can practice P'howa to facilitate the transference of consciousness to Dewachen (or heaven or the highest spiritual realm) at the time of death. The core of P'howa, for a Buddhist, entails visualization of Buddha Amitabha above the crown of the head and a breath expulsion technique to open a channel at the crown where consciousness can move out of the body at the time of death. The channel is analogous to the prana tube, with a diameter the size of the little finger. P'howa practice opens this channel at the crown so that at death, upward movement of consciousness up is facilitated.

At the time of death, if Buddhist friends are available who have been trained in P'howa, they can assist the dying person, through a heart-to-heart connection and use of the breath expulsion technique, to transfer consciousness to Dewachen. If a Buddhist has already died, a Buddhist who knows P'howa, can still help move consciousness to Dewachen. The belief is that consciousness can stay with the body for three or more days after death and that the consciousness moves to the heart. The Buddhist will forcefully tap the top of the head to direct consciousness upward (one should avoid touching the feet or other parts of the body so that consciousness does not moves downward). Then the practitioner visualizes a green wind energy linking one's heart to the deceased's heart and, with the breath expulsion technique and visualization, move consciousness through the crown and onto Dewachen.

In terms of Western culture, what might be some of the lessons to be learned? One lesson is to understand the dying process. The Buddhist culture teaches what happens to the body at each stage of dying -- thus one knows and understands the process. Prayers should then be directed to images and realm of the dying person's belief system, with movement of consciousness upward to that realm (e.g., for Christians, visualizations of Christ and Heaven).

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