Sep 2019 FMBR Newsletter

September FMBR Newsletter


Egyptian BioGeometry
Key Methods to Activate, Broadcast, and Balance Energetic Fields

With Robert Gilbert, PhD
September 27, 2019


Our guest speaker Dr. Gilbert was the first non-Egyptian ever granted instructor status in BioGeometry, and has taught this rare science for over 15 years. Join us for a fascinating journey from the knowledge of Ancient Egypt, China, and Europe to modern BioGeometry methods which optimize the energy fields which create and guide all life functions.

Topics include:
* The Lost Energy Science used in Ancient Egypt, China, India, Europe and other great cultures.
* The Communication Code used to Instruct and Direct Natural Forces in Egypt.
* How Geometric Shapes manifest powerful subtle energy effects (and how ancient traditions used these "shape-caused waves").
* BioGeometry methods to test and balance toxic sources in the home and office (Electro-Magnetic Fields, Geopathic Gridlines, toxic materials etc.) -- and how these methods differ from most other modern systems.
* Balancing the Brain Hemispheres with specific Vibrational Qualities (and how this can potentially balance specific detrimental energies in homes, offices, and other locations).
* The powerful effects of combining Geometric Shape with Natural Material vibrations.
* How Directionality affects the strength or weakness of different energy systems in the human body (a crucial principle which is unknown to most healing systems).
* Practical methods to directly detect and apply the full range of invisible vibrations which affect human life (secrets of the "Universal Vibrational Spectrum").
* Latest Developments in Egyptian BioGeometry (from the 2019 BioGeometry Conference with founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo).

This is Dr. Gilbert's only public presentation on BioGeometry for this entire year.

TIME: Friday, September 27, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.)

PLACE: Unity Palo Alto – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA

Bio of Speaker

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is the founder and Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Dr. Gilbert has thousands of students from all over the world who attend his Live and Online trainings. Dr. Gilbert is known for his ability to take in vast amounts of diverse information and present it in a clear, concise, easily understandable form which empowers his students to directly apply powerful techniques.

Dr Gilbert's website is

Meeting Flyer

• Map and picture to FMBR meeting place.

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A $15 donation is asked of non-members at the door.
Students with ID, a $5 donation is asked.


BioGeometry Foundation Training
Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.
September 28 - October 3, 2019 - Los Altos, CA

BioGeometry reveals “Nature's Own Design Language": the hidden powers created by the correct use of shape, color, number, proportion, sound, and motion.

The 6-Day BioGeometry Foundation Training Intensive provides the essential skills needed to understand, detect, measure, create, transform, and practically apply the hidden energy qualities which sustain life, health, and spiritual connection.

For those needing local accommodations, nearby hotels may be found at;

The BG Foundation Training will take place at:

The Masonic Lodge
146 Main St.
Los Altos, CA 94022

Full Tuition $1,195
Register Early and Save $100 - Only $1,095 by August 28
( FMBR Members have until September 21 to pay $1,095)
BG-FT graduates may re-take the course for $599.
BG-FT Training Flyer

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BioGeometry Advanced Training
Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.
October 5 - October 9

The BG Advanced Training is offered as a 5-day intensive where you will learn many new BioGeometry tools, plus highly advanced Energy Balancing and Design Principles.

Prerequisite: Completion of the BioGeometry Foundation Training, and being in good standing with BGES.  This training is available only to graduates of the BioGeometry Foundation Training.

The BG Advanced Training will take place at:

Country Inn & Suites
San Jose International Airport
1350 North 4th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

For those attending the BG-AT, we have a discounted rate of $129 per night at Country Inn & Suites. Guests can call the hotel at 1-408-467-1789 and ask for the "BioGeometry Advanced Training" group rate. The reservation needs to be made before 9/20/2019 .

The Country Inn & Suites is close to the San Jose International Airport, and they provide complementary airport shuttle. The hotel guests can call the hotel after they pick up the luggage.

To contact the Vesica Institute with any questions email them at  See for more information on BG-AT.

Full Tuition $1,295
Register Early and Save $100 - Only $1,195 by September 5
( FMBR Members have until September 21 to pay $1,195)
BG-AT graduates may re-take the course for $599
BG-AT Advanced Flyer

Register with FMBR using PayPal,

FMBR Women's Group
September 8,  3 - 5 pm
Judy Kitt
President FMBR


"In the Lakota-Sioux tradition, a person who is grieving is considered most wakan, most holy. There's a sense that when someone is struck by the sudden lightning of loss, he or she stands on the threshold of the spirit world. The prayers of those who grieve are considered especially strong, and it is proper to ask them for their help.

"You might recall what it's like to be with someone who has grieved deeply. The person has no layer of protection, nothing left to defend. The mystery is looking out through that person's eyes. For the time being, he or she has accepted the reality of loss and has stopped clinging to the past or grasping at the future. In the groundless openness of sorrow, there is a wholeness of presence and a deep natural wisdom."― Tara Brach

Please join us as we meet again in circle to witness, share and support each other on the multi-faceted journey of living on Earth during these challenging times. Our focus will be on loss and grief. Bring a poem, or a piece of art, or something that feels appropriate to share.

Meeting is at Judy Kitt's house. Contact Judy[at] with questions or to RSVP.

FMBR Study Group
Sep 7, 4-6 pm
at Nuvora

An Introduction to

Robert Gilbert from the Vesica Institute will be offering both the Foundation Course (5 days- September 28th -Oct 3rd) and Advanced Course (Oct 5th – 9th), with a Friday night lecture on Sept 27th.  BioGeometry is a very important field, both in terms of achieving a better understanding of the nature of the world, how energies affect us, how we can harmonize those energies, as well many practical tools to improve our lives.

For those who do not know much about BioGeometry and thus do not know if you should plan to commit the time and expense to take the Foundation Course, I thought it would be important for you to learn some fundamentals of BioGeometry and so you would have a better basis to make your decision on attending the valuable course which Robert will be teaching.  For details and flyer about the course, check the flyer: [].

My discussion on BioGeometry will be on Saturday, September 7th, from 4 – 6 pm, at my Nuvora office.  Send Jerry an email and he will email you directions to Nuvora since they are located in a big complex.  The address is 3350 Scott Blvd, Bldg 5, #502, Santa Clara.

Jerry       [to contact, jerry{at}]


September 14, 2019
San Jose Dowsers blog,
San Jose:
Heal Yourself to Heal Your World!
Roxanna Louise

August 15: 7:00 pm
Silicon Valley Health Institute,
Palo Alto:
Benefit of Seaweed
Julie Drucker



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South Bay IANDS

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
P.O. Box 449, Los Altos, Ca 94023-0449

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