Speakers 2001-2002 Season

Speakers 2001-02 Season

Sep, 01
Psychochemicals; Scientific and Spiritual Aspects
Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin

Our first speaker for this season will be Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin, known by his friends as Sasha. He will speak on the scientific and spiritual aspects of psychochemicals. The adjective "scientific" is generally applied to the search for the factual details of the truths and laws that describe the real world about us. Objectivity and experimentation are essential parts of this search. On the other hand, the adjective "spiritual" implies the involvement with religious values in a sacred rather than a secular world. Subjectivity and faith are the operatives of such a belief system. Many people hold these two worlds as being opposite and essentially in conflict.

Dr. Shulgin will discuss exploration with certain of the psychoactive chemicals that he personally believes allows these two worlds to be seen as complimentary -- and perhaps eventually appreciated as being simply different presentations of a single reality: that the mind and the spirit are the same entity.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Shulgin is a chemist/pharmacologist with academic training at Harvard University and the University of California (in Berkeley and San Francisco). His research has been devoted to the discovery and description of the human psychopharmacology of many new psychedelic drugs. This has led to the publication of some 200 papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature over the last fifty years. He and his wife, Ann Shulgin, are the authors of two popular books, PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story, and TIHKAL: The Continuation. These books address both the scientific and the spiritual aspects of these drugs.

Oct, 01
The Biology of Belief; An Introduction to Cellular Psychology
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Our October speaker will be Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a cell biologist, who will discuss how beliefs become heredity. Though mass consciousness currently holds the point of view that the character of our lives is controlled by genes, the results of the Human Genome Project undermines this long held concept of genetic determinism. A radically new understanding of cell science recognizes that the environment, and more specifically, our perception of the environment, directly controls the activity of our genes.

Dr. Lipton will present exciting new information on the molecular mechanisms by which animals, from single cells to humans, convert environmental stimuli into psychological and behavioral responses. Since "learned" perceptions may or may not be "true", perceptions are actually beliefs -- that control behavior, gene activity and can even rewrite our genetic code.


Speaker's Bio

Dr. Lipton, cellular biologist and author, was formerly an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine, where he taught medical students and researched muscular dystrophy. More recently as a Fellow in Pathology at Stanford University's School of Medicine, his published research on inflammation has yielded insight into the molecular nature of consciousness and human evolution.

Nov, 01
Energy Medicine in the 21st Century - Developments in Europe and America
Karl Maret, MD

Our November speaker will be Karl Maret, M.D. who will discuss the field of energy medicine. This field of medicine has matured over the last 20 years and has become a new frontier of biological science. Original researchers (like Burr, Voll, Motoyama, Becker and Adey) studied the electromagnetic properties of living systems and investigated acupuncture meridians and other cellular communication processes.

Benveniste in France is now laying a foundation for homeopathy and "digital biology" while Popp in Germany for decades has studied biophotons. Karl has just returned from a visit to the top European laboratories in energy medicine research. An integrative picture of cellular communication is now forming. Karl will explore both the historical roots of these developments and report about exciting new developments in Europe and America that can positively affect healthcare.


Speaker's Bio

Dr. Maret holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Toronto. At the University of California, San Diego, he developed all instrumentation for an American Medical Research Expedition to Mt. Everest. Dr. Maret practices complementary medicine in Aptos, CA and is President of the Dove Health Alliance, a nonprofit foundation connected with an international network of physicians and scientists focused on energy medicine.

Dr. Karl Maret, M.D., M.Eng, President, Dove Health Alliance.

Jan, 02
The Virtual Information Domain
Chris Duffield

Our January speaker will be Dr. Chris Duffield who will explore the concept of information. Evidence was been accumulating that information can exist separate from matter and energy. The implications for this are staggering. Based on observations of how this information behaves, we can foresee major changes in biology, psychology, medicine, and information technology. The possibility of computers and communication devices with unlimited bandwidth, storage capacity, processing speed, and intelligence appear possible -- even software guided by our thoughts and desires. The boundaries between science and spirituality could fall away. We may even find that we are a "third world" planet in a vaster and more advanced universal community.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Duffield graduated from Amherst College, and received his Ph.D. in Resource Sciences at the University of Arizona. His postdoctoral studies and projects have ranged from engineering and optics to neuroscience and biomedicine. He is now a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, a consultant in Silicon Valley, webhost of IPTQ.com, and coordinator for the IPT Research Initiative. Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) uses insulin to boost the effectiveness and delivery of any prescribed drug. IPT shows promise in treating cancer, arthritis, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and other diseases.

Feb 02
The Connection Between the Physical and Non-Physical
William C. Gough

Our February speaker will be William C. Gough, FMBR Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board. Bill will address the interface between the physicality of space-time and a non-physical aspect of reality beyond space and time (the "Absolute"), and then discuss the scientific mechanism for the interaction between these two worlds. He will do this by describing the wave nature of the universe and the wave phenomena of resonance, harmonics, coherence, and the associated fields.

Fields are domains of influence established by waves that impose order within the physical world. He will conclude by briefly discussing healing and disease as they relate to information transfer to the body via the coherence/resonance process. The presentation is based upon a joint paper published by Bill and Dr. Dean Brown, a theoretical quantum physicist.


Speaker's Bio

Bill Gough co-founded the Foundation for Mind-Being research over 21 years ago to help bring the field of consciousness studies into wider recognition as a bona fide science. Prior to devoting full time to the Foundation, Bill was the DOE's Site Manager at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and the Fusion Power Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute. His scientific and consciousness research articles are published in numerous books and journals. He holds a B.S. & M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, did advanced studies at Harvard University, and is a registered Professional Nuclear Engineer.


Mar 02
C0mplexity and Consciousness
Dr. Ralph H. Abraham

Our March speaker, Dr. Ralph H. Abraham, will discuss the relationship between complexity theory and consciousness. Dr. Abraham is well known for his research on the frontier of dynamics and his work on the application of chaos theory to the fields medical physiology, ecology, economics, and psychotherapy. Our thinking about phenomena, normal and paranormal, has been advanced over the ages by mathematical models applied to consciousness, telepathy, etc.

We have a tradition going back thousands of years that addresses the sacred geometry of the world soul and the spheres of existence. However, gradually the soul has disappeared from our thinking. Yet at the same time new branches of math have emerged, such as fractal geometry and chaos theory. In his talk Dr. Abraham will discuss models for the soul, consciousness, and the paranormalo provided by these new branches of mathematics.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Abraham received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. He has taught at Univ. of CA at Berkeley, Columbia, and Princeton and has been a Professor of Mathematics at the Univ. of CA at Santa Curz since 1968. He is the author of more than 20 texts with books on the Foundations of Mechanics, Dynamics, and Chaos. He founded the Visual Mathematics Project that has now become the Visual Math Institute with its popular World Wide Web site.

Home page of Ralph H. Abraham 


 Apr, 02
Holographic Energy Principles
Amayea Rae & Michael Chapman

Our April speakers will be Amayea Rae and Michael Chapman who will describe both an organizing matrix inherent in living systems and the assessment tools based upon it that have implications for all aspects of life. From the pure light of the soul to the material density of our physical bodies, everything in Creation is energy vibrating at different frequencies in a geometric, holographic pattern. It is awesome to consider the possibility that the energetic blueprint in our DNA and the blueprint for the organization of galaxies are the same. The matrix of our human energy system exists as a hologram within a larger universal energy hologram. As we understand these holograms, we will expand our awareness of the divinity inherent in our humanity and our potential for conscious evolution.

Amayea Rae has been directly receiving holographic energy information for the past sixteen years. As the founder of Holographic Solutions, she has put this information to practical use as a tool for individual and organizational transformation. Amayea has an M.A. in instructional technology and is an author, educator, artist and former business owner. Michael Chapman is a lawyer, mediator and organizational consultant. He is a graduate of Yale and the University of Virginia School of Law. His focus has been on the principles and laws than can guide our emerging holographic systems, and the holographic nature of the cosmic laws that govern creation.


May, 02
The Art and Science of Forgiveness
Dr. Frederic Luskin

Our last speaker for this season, Dr. Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., will clarify and define forgiveness, discuss his and others forgiveness research and outline the successful methodology he has developed. Fred has conducted six research studies that establish the effectiveness of forgiveness training. He has worked successfully with families of murder victims, survivors of political violence as well as people struggling with the aftermath of divorce, abuse, neglect, duplicity and abandonment. In his talk Fred will also describe forgiveness projects arising from the violence in North Ireland and South Africa.


Speakers' Bios

Fred holds a Ph.D. in Counseling and Health Psychology from Stanford University. He has an appointment as a Clinical Science Research Associate at the Stanford University School of Medicine and is a Senior Fellow at the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation. Fred is the Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project. Fred's forgiveness research and useful methodology is detailed in his book Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness. He conducts forgiveness workshops around the United States for professional and general audiences.

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