Speakers 2002-2003 Season

Speakers 2002-03 Season

Sep, 02
Dr. Dean Brown

Our first speaker for this season is Dr. Dean Brown who will present the deeper meaning of evolution as derived from cosmic law. Evolution will be discussed from the perspective of humans, life, and the universe. Eight fundamental axioms that underlie the evolutionary process will be presented. Dr. Brown will outline the foundations for our common ancestry and, thereby, provide us with a greater understanding of all life and its structures.

He will illustrate that the evolution is a fractal process. He will point out that survival is not the sole criterion for evolution, but that there exists an inherent drive in every living creature, in business, in society, and in the cosmos to do better. The focus for living systems will be upon species and why they exist. The talk will conclude by unifying the views of creationists, fundamentalists, and evolutionists.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Brown received his B.S. in mathematics and chemistry at South Dakota State College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Kansas. He has held a number of research positions in physics and mathematics including Princeton University. He was an entrepreneur and founded Picodyne Corp., a company which sought to apply computer technology to humanistic and spiritual uses. He has long been a student of Sufism. He reads Sanskrit and has translated and published ancient sacred tests of Hinduism. Dean is currently a teacher of cosmology for an internet class.

Home page of Dr. Bernard Haisch


Oct, 02
Sacred Geometry - Its Art, Science & Mystery
Jonathan Quintin

Our October speaker will be Jonathan Quintin, an artist visiting from New Zealand, who for over 15 years has been exploring sacred geometry as the inner workings of Nature. He will take us upon an audio/visual journey to experience how the Creator of the Universe, as the Master Geometer, uses this sacred language of creation.

We will see how the primary shapes that arise from the circle and sphere contain the same mathematical principles that occur in Nature. Jonathan will illustrate in a step by step process the amazing ways that the five Platonic solids, the building blocks of Nature, all fit precisely together. We will learn how sacred geometry unites all forms of life; from plant, animal and human life to the motions of the planets and stars.

The exquisite mosaics that arise in sacred geometry indicate a profound order that exists on the archetypal plane beyond space and time. The primary shapes and forms of sacred geometry are instruments that can help us attune to the resonant frequencies of creation. In contemplating the ways in which these systems are governed and interconnected, we are essentially delving into the Mind of God. It is a process that can help us harmonize with the vital forces and experience an integration of Spirit-Mind-Body and a state of higher awareness. In a world of change and uncertainty, it can be comforting to experience an intrinsic order that exists on all levels of creation.

Nov, 02
Thought Field Therapy
Mark Steinberg, PhD

Our November speaker will be Mark Steinberg, Ph.D., clinical neuropsychologist, who will discuss Thought Field Therapy. This technique uses the control mechanism for the body, mind and emotions that underpin the energy system of Chinese medicine. TFT is completely different from traditional psychological and behavioral approaches. The principles of TFT were discovered over 18 years ago by Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D. It recognizes that the body's energy system is intimately related to thought and feeling patterns, referred to as "thought fields." A disturbance in a thought field determines the chemical, hormonal, nervous system, cognitive, and brain activity complex associated with negative emotions and psychological problems. A key premise of the process is that the physiology of the brain can be trained to balance emotional functionality and even improve cognition.

In addition to Thought Field Therapy, Dr. Steinberg uses and will discuss EEG neurofeedback, a brainwave training process, and Voice Technology, a methodology that allows for diagnosis over the telephone of thought field disruptions. Mark will describe the transformative effects of these techniques for freeing oneself from deeply entrenched behavioral patterns. Examples include healing attention deficit disorder, debilitating phobias, panic attacks, addictions, and severe emotional distress. The techniques can also be used for improving mental and physical performance. Demonstrations will be included at the meeting.


Speaker's Bio

Dr. Steinberg has a private practice in Los Gatos, CA where he specializes in neuropsychology, educational psychology, and clinical psychology. He has worked with children, adolescents, and adults for over 25 years.

Home page of Mark Steinberg, Ph. D.

Jan, 03
Essence Behind Psychic Surgery
Jodell Bumatay


Our January speaker is Jodell Bumatay, a lineage holder of sacred practices of her Illocano ancestors from the Philippines. She will speak on the essence behind psychic surgery. This essence is based upon her experiential mapping of the stages of our "light body" as it enfolds and unfolds through a multi-dimensional reality. The mapping provides a guide for developing awareness of the process by which a soul inhabits a physical body. In her spiritual work Jodell applies the techniques that her grandfather used to stimulate a permanent opening of the third eye. Jodell's life mission is to understand the spiritual traditions of her ancient tribal roots within the context of her Western cultural upbringing.

Speaker's Bio

Jodell graduated cum laude from Sonoma State University in liberal arts and philosophy. In industry she trained and worked on computer and security systems. She has served in the U.S. armed services. Jodell conducts workshops on spiritual development and is Founder and Director of Dolfina, a non-profit organization. Dolfina trains individuals to use their life's mission as the foundation for becoming an ordained minister.


Feb 03
Advances in Spiritual Healing Research
Daniel J. Benor, MD

Our February speaker is Daniel J. Benor, M.D., a wholistic psychiatrist who has extensively studied and reviewed international research on the human connection to non-local intelligences. A growing number of researchers have focused upon spiritual healing techniques such as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and prayer. Empirical evidence from 124 out of 191 studies demonstrates significant effects of healing -- in humans, animals, plants, cells in laboratory culture, bacteria, yeasts, enzymes and DNA. Dr. Benor will review the evidence and suggest a variety of hypotheses to explain how healing works.

Dr. Benor includes body-mind approaches, spiritual awareness and healing in his medical practice in Medford, NJ.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Benor founded the Doctor-Healer Network in England and America and is a Founding Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. He is author of Healing Research, Volumes I-IV and appears internationally on radio and TV. He is editor and producer of the International Journal of Healing and Caring - On Line at www.ijhc.org. See more by and about Dr. Benor at: www.WholisticHealingResearch.com.

Daniel J. Benor, M.D., Wholistic Psychiatrist
Home page of Daniel J. Benor, M.D.

Mar 03
Harnessing the Healing Powers of Sound & Music
Steven Halpern

Our March speaker, Steven Halpern, will describe the underlying foundation for producing beneficial psycho-acoustic effects with sound and music. For over 30,000 years, mankind has used sound and music to alter consciousness into greater attunement and alignment with the Divine, as well as for healing and entertainment.

Steven will explore both ancient and state-of-the-art principles and techniques for self-healing and tapping into the oasis of inner peace that lies within each of us. He will acquaint us with trance induction and sonic entrainment through drone tones, overtone chanting, chakra balancing. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation of the power of sound and music in your life, and easy ways to add them into your daily lifestyle.


Speaker's Bio

Steven Halpern is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, author, sound healer and researcher. He has worked with Dr. Marcel Vogel, Dr. Andrijah Puharich and Itzhak Bentov in his early research involving biofeedback, Kirlian photography and music. Halpern has released over 60 recordings since 1975, which are used in healing centers, homes, businesses, schools and yoga centers around the world. Steven's newsletters and samples of his music can be accessed on www.stevenhalpern.com.


 Apr, 03
A World in Transition
Charles Ostman

Our April speaker, Charles Ostman, has been developing a systems level approach for pro-actively shaping the history of our future. Major social and spiritual milestones started out by spanning millennia, then centuries, and more recently decades. This process is now compressing down into time spans of a few years or less. In Charles' view the world is approaching an inevitable localized singularity, a type of evolutionary event-horizon.

It is at this crucial juncture that the convergence of information technology, bio-technology, and nano technology encounters the domains of applied and enhanced consciousness capabilities of human beings. This accelerated temporal compression and functional complexity will become manifest as the next evolutionary, and irreversible state of interconnectedness -- in which nothing as perceived in our current state of being remains isolated or autonomous. Charles refers to this process as the "convergence syndrome." The level of our collective "spiritual maturity index" will determine whether humankind can successfully negotiate this next great evolutionary transition.


Speaker's Bio

Charles Ostman has over 25 years experience in the fields of electronics, physics, materials sciences, computing and artificial intelligence. He has worked at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and many technology related companies. Charles is currently a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Global Futures; Senior Consultant at the Strategic Synergy Group; Vice President and Chair for the Nano Electronics & Photonics Forum of the non-profit NanoSig; and an active participant with the Millennium Project for Global Futures Studies and Research for the United Nations University for Peace.


May, 04
An Enlightened Wisdom Society
Dr. Oliver Markley and Dean Brown

Our May speakers will be Drs. Oliver Markley and Dean Brown who will describe their project to inspire the emergence of "ascending" world views and life styles for a more compassionate, just and enlightened "global wisdom society". Ascension is considered to be the process and result of the vital life force behind all manifestation. Oliver and Dean believe that there exists an energy vector that expresses itself in the creation and evolutionary development of matter, life, mind, and spirit. It is guided by a series of Cosmic Laws that are invariant, that is, they never change. These Laws underlie manifestation of reality at all levels.

Oliver and Dean will focus on ascension as a "deeper" and therefore "higher leverage" way to accelerate personal and collective progress toward lives of joyous fulfillment and a more just and abundant society. Their goal is to mount a multi-media web site for the integrated hot-linking of all project documents, including a digitized gallery portraying ascension-related works of art and science.


Speakers' Bios

Educated as a design engineer and social psychologist, Dr. Oliver Markley is a futurist. He was Senior Policy Analyst and Principal Investigator at SRI International, working with Dr. Willis Harman and others on alternative future histories for society. More recently he was Professor of Futures Research at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Dr. Dean Brown is a theoretical physicist. He received a B.S. in Mathematics and Chemistry at South Dakota State College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Kansas. He has been a student of Sufism, reads Sanskrit and has translated ancient sacred texts of Hinduism. Their joint effort is to incorporate the "Cosmic Laws" that Dean presented to FMBR in November 1997 into visions for the future. Dr. Dean Brown has recently published his book on Cosmic Laws. It will soon be available on the FMBR Web site.


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