Speakers 2005-2006 Season

Speakers 2005-06 Season

Sep, 05
Quantum Biofeedback - Energy Medicine of the Future
David Cowan

Dave Cowan, Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist and Instructor, is pleased to present an introduction to this burgeoning field which represents a revolution in healthcare assessment and treatment. The crisis in Modern Western Medicine does not need elaboration...the statistics and cost-benefit ratios speak for themselves. It is time to recognize the electrical and subatomic, or Quantum, aspects of Biology. Breakthroughs in computerized Biofeedback systems, such as those realized by William Nelson with the development of the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System), provide a window into the intelligence of the 'body electric' and the Quantum aspects of Superconscious Intelligence.

Dave will outline the principles of Energetic Medicine, including the latest understanding of the function of the extra-cellular matrix and crystalline qualities of the DNA, and will present a short history of Energetic devices, some in use for the last 50 years. He will outline the distinct features of the SCIO system, and provide a live demonstration of a typical assessment and therapeutic session.

Speaker's Bio

Dave has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Open Learning Institute in BC, Canada. in individual health and nutrition. He earned a Certification in Nutritional Consulting through the Edison Institute of New York, and began to integrate preventative health into his counseling work. It was at this time Dave first encountered the 'Eclosion' device, and was immediately impressed with this technology's ability to identify imbalances energetically. Being one of the early pioneers and trained directly under the developer, Bill Nelson, Dave was soon in demand as a Trainer and Instructor in this field. He is currently an Instructor at the Quantum Center of Excellence in Santa Monica, and has trained practitioners in Quantum Biofeedback in Europe, Mexico and Canada. Dave is pleased to introduce audiences to this amazing technology, confident that with growing public appreciation and acceptance of this device, more and more people will be empowered to take responsibility for their own healing, wellness and personal development.

Oct, 05
Objective Evidence of Reincarnation
Walter Semkiw, MD

Dr. Walter Semkiw will present state of the art reincarnation research which demonstrates that facial features, personality traits and even linguistic writing style remain consistent from lifetime to lifetime.  People are also demonstrated to incarnate in karmic soul groups and that entire family units can reincarnate together.   The finding that married couples often return together explains the phenomenon of love at first sight.

Some of the strongest evidence of reincarnation stems from children who spontaneously remember past lives.  Ian Stevenson, MD, at the University of Virginia, has studied thousands of such cases and two cases recently researched by Stevenson demonstrate that facial features remain consistent across incarnations.

One of the most important reincarnation cases, in terms of sociological impact, involves Barbro Karlen, who from the age of three has had memories of being Holocaust victim, Anne Frank.  At the age of ten, though she had never been in Amsterdam before, Barbro was able to lead her parents directly to the Anne Frank House and knew where artifacts should have been located, which had been removed for preservation.  Barbro was born into a Christian family, whereas Anne Frank was persecuted as a Jew.  Knowledge that one can change religion from one lifetime to another could have prevented the Holocaust and can serve as an "Antidote to 9/11."

Dr. Semkiw will also present reincarnation cases solved through Kevin Ryerson, the trance medium who has been featured in Shirley MacLaine's books.  Kevin channels a spirit guide who has demonstrated an ability to make accurate past life matches.  A case that will be presented that has been confirmed through Kevin Ryerson involves Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, who will be proposed to be the reincarnation of Dr. Lipton's hero, Jean Baptiste Lamarck.  Consistent with Dr. Lipton's premise that environmental factors, including spiritual forces, can influence the expression of DNA, Dr. Semkiw will propose that the soul programs DNA, which results in consistent facial features and personality traits across incarnations.  This hypothesis allows for the possibility of proving reincarnation through DNA analysis.  Coincidentally, Kary Mullis, who invented PCR, the chemical reaction that underlies DNA fingerprinting, has agreed to be featured in Dr. Semkiw's book as the reincarnation of the physician and chemist of the American Revolution, Benjamin Rush.  The case of Rush/Mullis will also be presented.

Speaker's Bio

Walter Semkiw, MD, is a Board Certified Occupational Medicine physician, former Medical Director of Unocal 76 Products Company and former Assistant Chief of Occupational Medicine at Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco.  Dr. Semkiw is on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT), the Board of Directors of Jeffrey Mishlove's Intuition Network, and the founder of IISIS, the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit, which is dedicated to scientific reincarnation research.  Dr. Semkiw is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited.

Nov, 05
Conscious Organizations
Kazimierz (Kaz) Gozdz, PhD

Many of us try to consciously grow but find ourselves in organizations that are stifling our human potential and our evolution towards a higher consciousness. Our next speaker, Dr. Kazimierz (Kaz) Gozdz, will explore with you the question of whether organizations and institutions themselves can evolve as an entity towards a higher level of consciousness. Dr. Gozdz believes that this is not only possible but will become an essential aspect of successful business in the future.

This is not all theory - Dr. Gozdz has demonstrated that it can be accomplished in our competitive free enterprise system. He will present concrete examples. His activities support large scale discontinuous change in organizations by building learning communities within a business environment. This practice helps both the individuals and the organization learn at a pace and level of depth that can be characterized as transformational learning. In effect he facilitates in people and systems a paradigm or worldview shift. The organizations actually acquire the skill of questioning the framework from which they have been interpreting the world.

As a consulting partner, Dr. Gozdz methodically moves the company through a process that enables them to identify that portion of their essence that they seek to retain. To demonstrate the process Dr. Gozdz will lead the audience through a group learning experience.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Kaz Gozdz holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. His doctoral research focused on the personal and organizational characteristics of senior leaders undergoing transformation. His undergraduate degree is in Chemistry and Business Administration. He is the managing partner of the Helix Group, LLC, an organization that focuses on building companies into learning communities capable of collective intelligence and conscious leadership. He is founding member of the Society for Organizational Learning and is the editor of the book Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business. He has authored many articles including "Setting the Field: Creating the Conditions for Profound Institutional Change" and "Using Everyday Challenges of Business to Transform Individuals and Organizations."

Jan, 06
Information, Mysteris and Subtle Energies
Dr. Karl Maret

Our January speaker, Dr. Karl Maret, will discuss his exploration into the mysterious nature of water from both a biophysical and spiritual perspective. Water has many anomalies that make it the foundation of life. For living organisms, the energetic nature of water is a key principle since it appears that water is much more complex than the simple chemical fluid it is thought to be. Its hydrogen bonded cluster structure may hold one of the keys to understanding the nature of “living water.” Some of the important questions to be addressed in this lecture include: Can water structure reflect information storage?

What are the effects of electromagnetic influences on water and how are they related to our health and wellbeing? Recent research conducted especially in Europe sheds new light on these important questions. The work of Victor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk, John Wilkes, Alan Hall, Walter Medinger, Bill Tiller and others will be discussed. Special emphasis is given to the nature of vortexial motion required for water regeneration. The flow patterns that water makes are an important key to understanding its living quality and how to create healthy municipal water systems.

New types of water regeneration techniques that are now in commercial production will be demonstrated. These will include magnetic water treatment, vortexial ultracolloidal water preparation, and flowform water treatments. The recent awareness that water can be subtly influenced by intention and prayer add a further dimension to the theme of water. Water from the subtle energy perspective is indeed the carrier of spirit and our understanding of life formative forces is intimately linked to this important subject.

Speaker's Bio

Karl Maret practices Complementary and Alternative Medicine specializing in nutrition, functional medicine and Energy Medicine at the Dove Center for Integral Medicine in Aptos, California. He holds an M.D. from the University of Toronto, a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He completed a four-year post-doctoral fellowship in pulmonary physiology at UCSD and developed the entire instrumentation for the American Medical Research Expedition to Mt. Everest. Dr. Maret lectures extensively in Europe and America about electromagnetic healing approaches, new water technologies and electrosmog challenges. He promotes global research and innovative subtle energy instrumentation in Energy Medicine, is President of the non-profit Dove Health Alliance foundation, and a partner in Heart-Mind Communications, an organization focused on merging science and spirit. For 18 years he lived in a community committed to rigorous applied spiritual practice and research in Theosophy, Anthroposophy and the Arcane School. He recently pres ented his insights related to water at the German Society for Energetic and Informational Medicine.

Feb 06
Science, Technology and Consciousness
Andrew Luce

Our February speaker will be Andrew Luce, the new FMBR President. It's been 25 years since the creation of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research. During those years what was once esoteric has become common terminology for the general public. Many beliefs, opinions, ways of knowing and being have been altered by a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us through the scientific study, technological advances, and human explorations into consciousness research. What will the next quarter of a century bring us. How will it affect society as a whole and the nature of being an individual?

In his presentation Andy will explore the connecting pathways that exist at the leading edge of science, technology and consciousness. He will outline the potential force that these fields can exert towards building our future. Andy will briefly discuss the present state of science, technology and financial processes and present established trends and little known areas of study that will impact our future. He will then explore the interplay of consciousness in science and technology and the effect it will have upon the future. The human race is at a crossroads. Please join us as we explore the interface, and help define the positive role that each of us including FMBR can play over the next twenty five years. Hopefully, with audience participation, we can draw some conclusions about the immediate and longer term future of society and our mutual existence.

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Luce has a controlling interest in TACI, a technology assessment company that is currently expanding. He has started and merged three successful communications companies and was a full time equity options Market Maker on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange for twelve years. Recently, Andy was the operational consultant for the start-up of Stillheart, a spiritual retreat center in Woodside. He has a deep interest in facilitating the transfer of consciousness studies and research to the general public.

Mar 06
The Non-Material Nature of Medicine
Keith Scott-Mumby

Our March speaker will be Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, M.D., Ph.D. He will present the hard scientific evidence that underpin energy medicine. Abundant evidence now exists that there are "substances" without mass that can exert a direct physical influence. Information and energy have emerged as more primary than matter. This concept is no longer esoteric or mystical -- since it applies to all substance in the universe, it must also apply to medicines and healing remedies. In fact, we may be dealing with the chief mode of healing in medicine. Dr. Scott-Mumby presents the evidence that the cutting edge scientific investigations of this phenomenon mark the beginnings of "energy medicine" for the West. In his new book he calls this domain Virtual Medicine. The book covers the background and science behind information fields, biological resonance, the nature of meridians, the Ayurvedic model, the properties of vortices, homeopathy, and measuring techniques and treatment modalities. Keith will be sharing with us discoveries that are exciting and still largely unknown.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is a British M.D. now living in California. He has spent a lifelong career in alternative medicine. He is well known in the field of allergy medicine and nutrition -- he was dubbed by the media "The Number One Allergy Detective." He is a professor at the Open International University for Complementary Medicine -- and is the world's first (and only) professor of energy medicine. Dr. Scott-Mumby is now pioneering electro-technical devices for mind-body investigation and healing. His book, Virtual Medicine will be available for sale at the meeting.

For Dr. Scott-Mumby's website click here.

 Apr, 06
Consciousness in TV and Feature Films
Dr. James Swan

Our April speaker will be Dr. James Swan -- a unique person who has worked with native cultures and the consciousness of Nature, while at the same time interacting with Western media including film and TV and being a consultant to the entertainment industry. He will address the issue of consciousness as presented in TV and feature films, and how the message of this wisdom can be expanded to awaken peoples interest in the spiritual underpinnings of reality. The storytellers of our age are the big and little screens. Dramatic, news, and "reality" programs inform us, create and destroy values, influence war and peace, and sway cultural change.

There are 134 scripted episodic series on primetime TV and 60+ cable channels. 99% of families have a TV and the average American watches over four hours a day. Some 350 feature films are released by studios every year. There are twice as many videos rented daily as books checked out of the public library, and DVDs are exploding in popularity. Then there's the Internet, podcasts, Ipods, Blackberries, etc. The Information Explosion is here to stay. How to use and manage information to advance humanity is the challenge for the future! The more that programming educates us and raises consciousness, the better that future will be, but what should those programs be? How does consciousness research and human potential best interact with the multi-billion dollar global entertainment industry? This evening will be a group exploration of those issues and many more.


Speaker's Bio

James Swan wrote and hosted his first TV documentary in 1970. The author of seven popular books including Sacred Places and Nature As Teacher and Healer and over 300 articles in magazines, he has consulted with and appeared on "Sightings,", "Ancient Mysteries," "Modern Marvels," ESPN and others, written over 60 outdoor TV shows for Spike, OLN, Fox Sports and The Outdoor Channel, which have been nominated for five Golden Moose Awards (Outdoor Channel Emmies) and won one; and he has consulted on over a dozen feature film scripts, several of which are currently in development. James is a Senior Columnist for ESPN, an Associate Producer with Uncommon Dialogue Films (www.udfilms.com); and CEO of Snow Goose Productions (www.jamesswan.com). He is also an actor, having appeared in 20 feature films, three dramatic TV series, and 30+ commercial, ads and industrials. He is also a Research Adjunct faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

May, 06
Self-Healing Via Biofeedback & Visualization
Dr. Patricia Norris

Our May speaker, Dr. Patricia Norris, will tell us about her experience assisting clients to develop self-regulation and healing using biofeedback with meditation to normalize brain rhythms and body chemistry. Since 1978 she has worked with clients that had cancer, autoimmune disorders (MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc,) and AIDS. She had also used these techniques for alcohol and drug addiction, as well as other addictive conditions. Almost all her patients use meditative techniques in learning self-regulation for disorders such as anxiety and hypertension, and for stress management.

Dr. Norris co-authored the book Why Me?: Harnessing the Healing Power of the Human Spirit. Her co-author was Garrett Porter, who at nine years of age had been diagnosed as having an inoperable brain tumor. It was a right-hemisphere brain tumor, diagnosed as an astrocytoma and his prognosis was that he had less than a year to live. A CAT scan revealed that his tumor had grown considerably and no further medical treatment was indicated. A year later , after working with Dr. Norris, Garrett wanted to write his life story. He "knew" his cancerous tumor was gone -- a second CAT scan confirmed his "knowningness."

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Norris is an Associate Professor at Holos University Graduate Seminary, and a semi-retired Transpersonal Psychologist teaching biofeedback skills, psychosynthesis, visualization and imagery to enhance self-regulation and promote awareness of the One Self. She was the Director of the Biofeedback and Psychophysiology Clinic at the Menninger Foundation, past president of both the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, and of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology.

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