Speakers 2006-2007 Season

Speakers 2006-07 Season

Sep, 07
Measurement of Subtle Energies
Dr. Beverly Rubik, PhD

Our first speaker for the season will be Dr. Beverly Rubik who will discuss the measurement of subtle energy effects in biology and medicine. The concept of a vital force or subtle energy, which is central to virtually all indigenous medical systems, presupposes that there is a subtle organizing biofield that is the quintessence of life. This biofield extends from within the human body into the surrounding space and entangles each person with one another, the biosphere, and even the cosmos.

Although the vital force was banned from conventional biology long ago, it is being revisited by frontier scientists who are building a scientific foundation for energy medicine. This growing area of complementary medicine includes a vast range of treatments. Beverly will discuss some of the methods that she has used over the years to elucidate the biofield along with results from her recent NIH-funded studies. Methods to be discussed will include the Gas Discharge Visualization camera, electrical conductivity measurements of the acupuncture points, and biofield influences on microbial culture growth. Advantages and shortcomings of the methods and prospects for the future will be outlined.

Speakers' Bios

Beverly Rubik Ph.D. President, Institute of Frontier Science. She earned her Ph.D. in biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley. She has published over 60 papers and two books, and serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals. She was a Congressionally-appointed member of the Program Advisory Board to the Office of Alternative Medicine at the U.S. National Institutes of Health for five years. Beverly has appeared on numerous television programs worldwide including "Good Morning America." Dr. Rubik is President of the Institute for Frontier Science in Oakland. She also serves as a consultant in the health care industry on nonconformist health and wellness products and as a holistic health consultant to individual clients.

Oct, 06
The Healing Power of Sound

The October presentation will will introduce the power of sound as a healing tool to connect with the body, purify the emotions, quiet the mind, release stress, balance the brain hemispheres, awaken higher states of consciousness, and create a deep state of relaxation and a mind, body, spirit connection. Estara will talk about the transformational and healing benefits of sound and brainwave entrainment, how sound affects the body pulse systems, using sound to release stored cellular memory and binaural beats as an acoustic tool for entering alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states-- the bodies natural environment for healing.

This will be an experiential presentation including sound frequencies, based on scientific research that connect us with nature, the cosmos and the Earth herself.

Speaker's Bio

Estara is an international Sound Healing and Movement Educator, Sacred Dance Artist, Speaker and Author. She integrates 20 years of experience in alternative energy healing modalities and techniques and integrates the newest in cutting edge technologies. She gives presentations and leads workshops worldwide on the power of sound and movement and its therapeutic effects on the mind, body and spirit. Her work has been featured on CBS TV "Eye on America" and she teaches regularly at the Healus Neuro-Rehab Center. Estara has produced two in a series of "Sound Healing Frequency" CDs and does sound healing sessions for both groups and individuals. Estara is the founding director of Earth Consciousness Institute, dedicated to the embodied consciousness of the sacredness of all life. She leads journeys to sacred sites worldwide and facilitates multi-media transformational and interactive events; with the purpose of bringing groups into a unified field experience.
Estara, Director, Earth Conciousness Institute

Nov, 08
The End of Suffering
Russell Targ and J.J. Hurtak

Why do we suffer both as individuals and as a society through our propensity for war? This month's speakers, Russell Targ and Dr. J.J. Hurtak, both believe that much human suffering can be avoided. They have just published the book The End of Suffering: Fearless Living in Troubled Times ... or, How to Get Out of Hell Free. They will present a step-by-step approach that they have developed over a lifetime of research to accomplish this goal. They will provide direct experience of the fact that the peace, love, and spaciousness we are all looking for is already within us -- it is who we are! They will describe the enduring teachings of the East on peacefulness and self-realization, and place them in a modern framework that emphasizes experience over belief . They will demonstrate how through the writings of Aristotle we are falsely taught that we and the Divine are separate -- rather than one.

Aristotle taught that an idea is either true of false. This leads people to say absurd dualistic things like, "Those who are not with us are with the terrorists." Whereas the Mahayana middle path of Buddhism, which was greatly expanded by the 2nd Century genius Nagarjuna, demonstrated that most things are neither true, nor not true. The complementarity of waves and particles in modern physics supports this view, along with the famous indeterminacy theorem of Kurt Godel. The quantum physics experiments on nonlocality, and our own laboratory experience with remote viewing research all show our potential for experiencing expanded awareness.

Speakers' Bios

Russell Targ, physicist and author, is a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities (remote viewing) in the 1970s and 1980s. One of his recent books is Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness. Russell lives with his wife Patricia in Palo Alto, CA (www.espresearch.com).

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D. is a philosopher and futurist with doctoral degrees from the University of California and the University of Minnesota. Dr. Hurtak is an internationally known social scientist and spiritual teacher in both Judaic and Buddhist traditions. He lives with his wife Desiree in Los Gatos, CA, and is president of the Academy for Future Science, involved in a dialog on science and religion (www.futurescience.org).

Jan, 07
Manifesting, Creating & Attunement
William Gough

The January speaker, Bill Gough, will explore the mystery of manifestation in one's life. How do you manifest a mundane thing like a parking place, or the major things in your life like a loving mate, good health, an exciting and fun career, etc. You must focus your attention upon your goal and you must have clarity in your intention. But there are other factors that embody the very nature of creating, and include one's beliefs, thoughts, intentions, and one's level of attunement with something greater than one's self, plus an acceptance of the unknowable. Science had been adding considerable insight into this process. Bill will discuss what he has learned, give examples, and describe the secrets to success as well as the constraints.

Speaker's Bio

Bill Gough has over thirty years of management experience in scientific research and development. He obtained his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Princeton University and did advanced work at Harvard University. For almost 20 years now he has pursued full time his study of the science of consciousness. Prior to this, he was Fusion Power Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute, and later Director, DOE Stanford Site Office responsible for the high energy physics research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. In 1980 he co-founded the Foundation for Mind-Being Research with the psychic, Virginia Gruye Cates. Bill is a Registered Professional Nuclear Engineer and is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America. His work appears in many books and journals.

Feb 07
Quantum Physics & the Mindful Universe
Dr. Henry P. Step

Our February speaker, Dr. Henry P. Stapp, is a quantum physicist who has done extensive research on the influence of our conscious thoughts upon physical processes occurring in our brains. He will describe a book in progress entitled Mindful Universe: Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer. Dr. Stapp will discuss the connection of your mind to your body based upon quantum physics and the causal role it assigns to your conscious choices.

The scientific ideas that prevailed from the time of Isaac Newton to the beginning of the twentieth century proclaimed that your physical actions are completely determined by purely mechanical processes, describable in purely mechanistic terms. Hence, the brain operates like a clockwork mechanism except it excretes a stream of conscious experiences, much like a liver excretes bile. We now know that this earlier form of science is fundamentally incorrect. It was replaced by quantum theory and no prediction of this new theory has been shown to be false.

Quantum theory differs from Newtonian physics in many important ways, but none is more significant than the causal role it assigns to your conscious choices. It allows your thoughts to be causally effective in the physical world. Quantum theory is explicitly a theory of observations and as such it brings consciousness explicitly into the dynamics! Dr. Stapp will explain the concepts of quantum mechanics to the lay person and will use quantum mechanics as the theoretical basis for brain dynamics. He will show the impact of quantum physics upon science's conception of your nature, and of your role in the unfolding of reality.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Henry P. Stapp is a well known quantum physicist at the University of California's Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. He has spent his entire fifty-plus years in theoretical physics working in frontier areas. He did his thesis work under Nobel Laureates Emilio Segre and Owen Chamberlain, was invited by Wolfgang Pauli to work on foundational issues, and has studied von Neumann's work on the mathematical foundations of quantum theory. Throughout his career he has been involved with the non-locality issues raised by Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen. Dr. Stapp is author of the book Mind, Matter, and Quantum Mechanics.

Mar 07
Biofield Control System
Savely Savva

Our March speaker is Savely Savva who will be addressing an important mystery in biology. Although the genes control the production of the various organs and parts of the fetus, how is the assembly of the parts over the nine months regulated? Savva will describe the biofield control system.

Dr. Craig Venter, during his televised announcement of deciphering the human genome in 2000, recognized this mystery. He said that a different (nonchemical) level of organization must be considered to understand how the human genome works. Mr.Savva will postulate and describe a Biofield Control System (BCS) that addresses this mystery. The BCS is a hierarchical organization that includes the organism,organs,tissues and cells. It is present during the course of development of an individual organism (ontogenesis) and utilizes genetic information. The BCS carries four fundamental programs of life -- development, maintenance, reproduction, and death; as well as the mind that serves the behavioral aspect of these programs. The physical carrier of the Biofield Control System must have both energy and information components and be capable of interacting with the currently known fundamental forces of physics.

Speaker's Bio

Savely Savva (aka, Savely Zhukoborsky) earned his MS degree in mechanical engineering in the Soviet Union. During his Ph.D. program he had conflicts with the ruling Communist party and in 1978 immigrated to the United States where he worked as an engineer and researcher in Texas. In 1990 he founded the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts (MISAHA), a nonprofit corporation where he edited a quarterly periodical, the MISAHA Newsletter. The objective of the Institute was the scientific study of the phenomenon called "energy healing" -- the ability of some talented individuals to alter, via intent, the organism's biofield control system. Savely Savva has published 65 articles in fields of mechanical engineering, physical chemistry, sociology, and biofield control system of the organism. He is the Editor of a new book Life and Mind: In Search of the Physical Basis. Experimental studies presented and referred to in this book reveal the inadequacy of the current paradigm and suggest directions for further studies that may lead to discovering this (or these) yet unknown physical interaction(s).

Savely Savva is the Executive Director, Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts, Monterey
For Dr. Scott-Mumby's website click here.

 Apr, 07
Russian Biosensory Psychology
Natalia Shareyko, MD

At our April meeting Dr. Natalia Shareyko, M.D. will be visiting us from the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is a top specialist at the Institute and will present a unique approach to the evolution of consciousness being taught in Russia based upon bio-energy-information interactions. The technologies she will discuss are of a completely different quality than those typically addressed by the esoteric world. The process involves a heart-centered evolution of a "multistoried" person that is possible for anyone. For more than fifteen years these techniques have been taught to over 80,000 students from Russia and other countries. The program was developed for anyone who is interested in self-development and is especially useful for psychologists and psychotherapists and is also useful for medical, social workers, managers, philosophers and other seekers of wisdom.


Speaker's Bio

Dr. Natalia Shareyko, M.D. is currently one of the directors of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology, St. Petersburg, Russia. She is a specialist in the fields of psychotherapy, biosensory psychology, and healing, and is also an expert in psycho-bio-energy-informational interactions. She works as bioenergetic therapist. Over the past fifteen years she has helped solve serious physical illnesses, emotional and psychological problems. She is the Vice-President of the Professional Medical Association of Traditional Medicine, Russia. She has taught and led seminars and classes in Russia, India, Germany, Australia, Austria, United States, Estonia, and other countries. Dr. Shareyko has appeared worldwide numerous times in newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows on health and business.

May, 07
Non-Verbal Communication with the Dying
Jeanne Denney

Our May speaker, Jeanne Denney, is a Hospice Chaplain, Body Psychotherapist, Thanotologist, and recent graduate from ITP’s Global program. She lives in Suffern, NY and will fly here to present her work on non-verbal communication with dying patients.  In a recent pilot investigation, probably the first of its kind, Jeanne explored the effect of compassionate presence on the somatic and emotional states of four non-communicative women on hospice. The research employed biofeedback technology (HeartMath FreezeFramer).

A few of the questions this study considered were:  What is the nature of the dying process?  What kind of support do patients need even after they are unable to communicate in normal ways?  What are the effects of caregiving on the caregiver?  What is the effect of the caregiving environment on the patient?  This study also considered the effect of prayer, touch and meditation on the dying. The results were both fascinating and surprising, confirming some esoteric ideas about dying and leaving many questions to be taken up in further research with the dying and their caregivers. Join us for a presentation of this work and a thoughtful discussion of the issues.

Speaker's Bio

Jeanne Denney is the founder and director of the Rockland Institute of Mind-Body Education (RIMBE).  She maintains a private practice in Mind-Body therapies in Suffern, NY and New York City. She has been educated at The University of Iowa, The Cooper Union for Science and Art (BS in Engineering), The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (Masters of Transpersonal Psychology), the Institute of Core Energetics (Certified Core Energetics Practitioner), The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the Lung Ta Institute and has received various other healing trainings.  Jeanne spent 15 years practicing structural engineering.  She is a writer, poet and Hospice Chaplain.  She has also trained as a birth doula, attended and supported numerous births and has worked for four years at the bedside of hospice patients.  She is a mother to four children.

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