Speakers 2007-2008 Season

Speakers 2007-08 Season

Sep 07
The Meridian Flexibility System
David Allen

On September 28th, David Allen, President of Meridian Flexibility Corp, will present “An Introduction to the Meridian Flexibility System”. The Meridian Flexibility System unifies ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Hatha Yoga with modern-day biomechanics, structural kinesiology, and a genetically based personality system.

Do you want to improve the flexibility and strength of your body and mind? Do you ever experience aches, pain, lack of energy, or other physiological problems? Would you like to learn the concomitant associations among energy meridians, muscle groups, psychology, physiology, emotions, and spiritual aspects of self?

David will introduce everyone to the basics of Meridian Flexibility, demonstrate powerful stretching exercises, explain the many benefits of the system, and explore the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of our body and mind. Join us for an evening of fun and discovery, and learn how to maximize the potential of your body and mind. Visit https://www.thegeniusofflexibility.com/ for more information.

Speaker's Bio

David Allen is an author, executive, technologist, and healer. He met Bob Cooley, the creator of The Meridian Flexibility System, in 2003. David was quickly impressed with Meridian Flexibility and its application to psychological, physiological, spiritual, and emotional fitness. David's greatest passion is to spread the benefits of Meridian Flexibility™ to the world through his altruistic work at Meridian Flexibility Corporation. David is also President of Computer Resources Consulting.

Oct, 07
A Road to a Sustainable Future
William C. Gough

Our October speaker, Bill Gough, will be presenting an exciting possibility on how society can achieve an ecologically sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. Most of you know Bill Gough, Co-Founder of FMBR, by his work developing a bridge between science and the metaphysical/spiritual areas. However, Bill spent his professional life working on advanced energy technologies.

The presentation will describe in layman terms concepts that Dr. Bernard Eastlund and Bill developed in the late 1960's and have now updated using subsequent scientific advances. At that time they looked ahead to the years 2000 and beyond and predicted the problems that the world is now actually facing. The concept they proposed, known as the Fusion Torch, could close the materials’ cycle from use to reuse. It is based upon the application of the ultra-high temperature plasmas of fusion systems to break any and all materials and chemicals into the basic 92 elements of nature and separate them.

The technical advancements necessary for developing and engineering the fusion torch are now available. Bill's talk will describe the implications of the fusion torch for addressing global warming and will integrate many areas from technology, environment, economics, national security, and spirituality.

Speaker's Bio

William C. Gough graduated from Princeton University with BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering. He is a registered professional engineer (nuclear). At Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government he did research and studies on the Interaction Between Science and Public Policy. William Gough was one of the first managers of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission’s controlled fusion research program in the 1960s. He was co-inventor of the fusion torch concept in 1968. Later he was the manager of the fusion power program for the electric utility industry at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and then the U.S. DOE site manager for high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). The integration of technical and humanity related topics are one of his fortes. He co-founded a non-profit organization for consciousness research. He has an excellent track record of identifying and implementing new technologies; for example, Gough initiated computer simulation of plasma processes in 1966 in a series of brainstorming sessions and workshops.

Nov, 07
The Future of FMBR - Members Meeting
Moderated by Greg Yau, President of FMBR

FMBR is at a crossroads in fulfilling our original mission. The world is changing and our environment is changing while our current institutions and systems are breaking down. This is creating a void that emerging paradigms and technologies will need to fill. This is also providing FMBR an exciting opportunity to re-evaluate our direction and implement our own changes. Our mission statement has and continues to have the following objective: “to bring the new field of consciousness studies into wider recognition as a bona fide field of science.” Our mission statement also expresses “the hope that through conscious co-creation, the experience of this field on earth will be expanded and amplified.”

We have been focusing on the “recognition” aspect of the mission for the last 27 years. We would now like to finally expand the recognition of consciousness studies by creating and expanding them as applications to be experienced on the planet. We can do this by taking much of our existing conceptual knowledge and talent and applying both to define new technologies and redefine our failing infrastructure. We can develop new operational models and bring them directly to the field, our local communities, and our institutions for immediate implementation.

The future of the FMBR has two challenges, the immediacy of running the organization next year, and the development of the FMBR into the future. The discussion at the membership meeting will address both topics as well as elections to the Board of Directors. In order for the FMBR to create next year’s season of monthly talks, it is crucial that volunteers come forward.

Jan, 08
Multiple Personality Disorder and Spiritual Teachers
Ralph B. Allison, MD

The January speaker Ralph B. Allison, MD, is a retired psychiatrist who will discuss his communications with spirits that borrowed the bodies of those of his patients manifesting Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

Dr. Allison lived and practiced in Santa Cruz, CA, when he met his first MPD patient. The patient introduced Allison to what Allison called her “Inner Self Helper,” now known as the "Allisonian ISH." After numerous sessions with the ISH, Allison decided that the helper was the dissociated essence (i.e., soul or spirit) of his patient. At another time, Allison communicated with a psychic entity in the patient, who claimed to be what most people call an angel; however, this entity preferred to be called Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE).

Later, in Davis, CA, Allison communicated with another MPD patient. After helping her to integrate her alter-personalities into one Original Personality, the same CIE whom he had communicated with in Santa Cruz manifested in this patient to talk with him. The CIE, named “Faith, Hope, and Charity,” then took Allison on as a student and taught him about many psychological and spiritual subjects, some of which he will cover in this presentation.

Feb, 08
Creative Problem Solving: A Fresh Approach
Arthur C. Hasting, PhD

Has a problem been weighing on your mind? Having trouble making a decision? Facing a life question? Dr. Arthur Hastings and a team of graduate students at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology have developed a problem-solving process that appears to facilitate understanding and change for personal dilemnas and issues. Their research over the past year shows statistically significant shifts in reactions to problems and unresolved questions, some that have persisted for years.

The process is based on three elements. The first is formulating the situation as a specific question. The second is talking about its meaning, significance, and the feelings that surround it. The third is sitting in the psychomanteum booth and letting your mind gently reflect on the question, or even detach from it.

The psychomanteum booth is a contained, dimly-lit booth with a chair to sit in and relax. A mirror or an empty space can be used for gazing. Sitting in the booth is like incubating. It is also a way to step outside the usual pressures of the problem at hand. The experience provides new perspectives, insights, and shifts of feeling for most of the sitters.

At February’s meeting, Dr. Hastings will describe using the process to resolve various problems, and will perform a demonstration with us that is a virtual replica of the three-fold process. He invites you to compose a question about your life or a situation that you are currently facing. This can be an existential question, a difficult decision, something that you have been puzzling about, an inner conflict, or a choice that you need to make. You won’t have to voice it in public, and an answer won’t be guaranteed. The question is for your own personal reference as you move through the process. The creative problem-solving research is continual, and FMBR members will be given opportunities to be participants in on-going sessions at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Mar, 08
The Art and Science of Transformation
Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD

Your behavior, attitudes, and ways of being in the world can be changed in life affirming and lasting ways only when you transform your consciousness and commit to living deeply into that transformation. Our speaker, Dr. Schlitz, will identify the common elements of transformation in the experiences of a transpersonal psychologist, seasoned oncologist, Himilayan Yoga swami, Methodist minister, and more.

Dr. Schlitz will describe how you can transcend any one transformation approach by focusing on common elements across a variety of traditions, while affirming and supporting the diversity of approaches across religious, spiritual, scientific, academic, and cultural backgrounds. She will further explain how science and spirituality are interconnected, and empower you to become your own scientist, develop and test your own hypotheses, reach your own conclusions, and create your own path of transformation.

Dr. Schlitz will describe not only a framework for creating your own journey, but also how to link your personal transformation to a larger wave of collective and global consciousness, using your transformative powers to effect real-world change in organizations, society, and the world.

Speaker's Bio

Marilyn Schlitz Ph.D, along with Cassandra Vieten Ph.D and Tina Amorok Psy.D, is the author of Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life and the companion DVD, Living Deeply: Transformative Practices from the World's Wisdom Traditions. 

Apr, 08
Gifts for the Soul – Gifts for the Planet
Dawn Clark

Join internationally published author Dawn Clark, who will speak on Gifts for the Soul – Gifts for the Planet. Discover the invisible thread that ties us and all of existence together. Through uniquely integrated perspective and second sight abilities, Dawn will illuminate the invisible connections between the quantum matrix and the outward symptoms that plague our emotional and physical health as individuals, as well as how the planet's condition both environmentally and socially is a reflection of our human condition. 

Speaker's Bio

Dawn Clark has inspired and motivated audiences both domestically and abroad. An internationally published author and pioneer in the field of bioenergetics, she has been featured on PBS internationally, and has been interviewed for numerous television, radio, and press publications. Her unique broad-bandwidth of abilities includes perception of subtle energies, unrealized potentials, eliminating blockages and root causes for ailments, shamanic and hands-on healing, astral travel, mediumship, retro and precognition. She is a faculty member at the Omega Institute, as well as a member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology and ISSSEEM. Her critically acclaimed book, Gifts for the Soul, is now in its third domestic printing and in its fourth international printing.

May, 08
Advanced States of Consciousness through Technology 
Dr. James Hardt

There are few successful methods in our culture to learn to resolve internal and external conflicts and nurture relationships through love and forgiveness. These methods are essential to resolving the many crises facing humanity. The Biocybernaut Institute offers methods to resolve these conflicts, make positive shifts, and transform lives using advanced technology for consciousness processing and spiritual growth.

Spiritual Teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek said that 95% of all the students he teaches around the globe are unable to get much of what he is teaching because of emotional blockages caused by traumas and fear. After his Biocybernaut Alpha One training in 2007 he said, "The Biocybernaut training is the single best way that I know of to remove those emotional blocks and open people to higher spiritual learning."

The Zen Roshi, Ryuho Yamada Rosi, took the Biocybernaut Alpha One training and said, "The Biocybernaut training is better than having your own Zen Master."

Results for students taking the Biocybernaut Institute Alpha One brainwave training program showed: 50% increase in creativity; 11.7 points of IQ boosting (stable a year out); beneficial personality changes such as reduced anxiety and depression; and increased happiness, joy, and motivation. Alpha One students also learned to successfully discipline their egos and intellects. The advanced Theta brainwave training programs enabled students to access the Akashic records to bring new and unknown information into their lives.

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