Speakers in 2017

Speakers in 2017

January 27, 2017
Robert Waggoner
"Lucid Dreaming's Extraordinary Potential for Personal and Spiritual Growth"

Robert Waggoner

Consciously aware in a dream, you can fly like Superman or perform magic like Harry Potter. But did you know that within a lucid dream, you can also meditate? Or actively work towards healing of psychological issues, and possibly physical ailments? Practiced for thousands of years in the wisdom traditions, lucid dreaming holds extraordinary potential for advancing your personal and spiritual growth, as you learn to access an inner knowing, see the structuring of 'reality' and use those insights to go beyond lucid dreaming to self-less awareness. Robert Waggoner, author of the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self invites you to learn more about the deeper nature of this exciting practice.

“The 11th century Buddhist yogi, Naropa, deemed dream yoga (which relies deeply on the practice of lucid dreaming) as one of the six paths to enlightenment. This suggests, even to non-Buddhists, that lucid dreaming has considerable depth and wonder for those with a sense of curiosity and adventure. In these books, you will find helpful assistance, techniques and openings to the deeper experience of lucid dreaming.”
(See the Science of Lucid Dreaming in Robert's website.)

Lucid Dreaming book cover

Speaker's Bio

Robert Waggoner is author of the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming - Gateway to the Inner Self, now in its tenth printing, and co-author of Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. A past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Waggoner has co-edited a quarterly magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, for more than 15 years. Besides speaking at universities around the world, conducting online workshops with GlideWing.com, he has hosted lucid dream workshops in Europe, the MidEast and South America. A lucid dreamer since 1975, Waggoner brings considerable depth and experience to his presentations.

His website.

Lucid Dreaming book cover

February 24, 2017
E. M. (Gene) Nicolay
"Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension"

EM (Gene) Nicolay will take us on a metaphysical journey discussed in his fourth book, Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra. and open us to new, higher perspectives around why extreme events-- political, environmental, socio-economic and spiritual -- are taking place at a faster pace and with more intensity than ever before. Gene will introduce us to an understanding of the widening rift between people, politically and culturally, as a symptom of the evolutionary process known as ‘Universal Ascension’.

Giving us an insight into our multidimensional universe, he will open an unprecedented window into events he has remotely viewed on the future timeline of Earth’s 5th Dimensional counterpart, Terra. It is here that older Human Angelic Souls cycling off their current lifetimes on 3rd Dimensional Earth will ultimately incarnate.The differences between the dimensions are often misunderstood. They are levels of consciousness, not places or locations. Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below it, and with it comes a greater knowing, more freedom, and a more expansive understanding of reality. Evolution to the next dimensional level requires a shift in consciousness where the entity is vibrating in resonance with that dimension.

(See the Essence Path™,Gene's website.)

Timeline Colapse and Uninveral Ascension book cover

Speaker's Bio

E.M. (Gene) Nicolay, an internationally known intuitive, remote viewer and author, who has dedicated himself to assisting people access higher guidance through a better understanding of their Higher self, their life purpose and their Soul’s journey or Essence Path™. Gene is the best selling author of the Essence Path™. series, an in depth look at the next generation of metaphysical leaning and higher guidance. For more information, visit essencepath.com.

March 24, 2017
Bill Virga
"911 Revisited, a Critical Thinking Re-examination"

Have you ever wondered about the official explanation for the terrorist's attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on the morning of September 11th, 2001? Did you know that the twin towers were 110 stories high, constructed with an iron core, cement siding and a steel infrastructure from top to bottom -- yet collapsed virtually at free fall speed in 9.5 and 10.5 seconds, and virtually into their own footprint almost to ground level?

The official, "911 Commission Report" claimed that this was due to fire damage from the planes that crashed into the towers and that no explosives were used to bring them down. Did you know that in the world's history of building similarly constructed sky scrappers which caught on fire too and burned for hours, including some which were also hit by planes, that none ever collapsed?

Bill Virga photo

Did you also know that Building Seven -- which was 47 stories high -- collapsed too at 5:20 pm, in 6.6 seconds yet no plane hit it? It also went down virtually into its own footprint.

9/11 Towers

Did you also know that there is news footage from every major television network including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, etc., showing a 17-foot wide, round hole in the Pentagon for 20 minutes before the roof collapses and creates a 70-foot wide hole? Did you know that the official report claims that the 70 foot hole was created by another plane that hit it? Did you know that no video footage was ever released showing a plane hitting the Pentagon even though over half a dozen security cameras at the Pentagon recorded the original explosion? Only five still frames were released, none showing an airliner?

These and many more controversial anomalies will be examined as we watch filmed news footage at the time, including eyewitness testimony from fire fighters, police officers, news reporters and citizens who tell what they saw and heard. Both the official story and the challenge to the official story will be presented. There will be a question and answer period after the presentation.

Speaker's Bio

Bill Virga M.A., is a transpersonal psychotherapist and researcher whose passion in life is investigating spiritual, paranormal, and consciousness subject matter on a critical thinking basis in order to raise our collective consciousness and help create a better world. He believes that besides our own personal commitment to this work, an important part of the process is to become involved with as many reputable consciousness organizations as possible so that we may learn from others, both presenters and members!

Since 1994, besides FMBR Bill has either been a member of or co-director in the Organization of Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS), Institute of Noetic Science (IONS), International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS), Academy For Future Science (AFFS), American Center for the Institute of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE), and the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). You can email him at 'wav1956[at]yahoo.com' .

April 28, 2017
Russell Targ
"Third Eye Spies" Feature Film Documentary

Russell Targ, book author and filmmaker

After an experiment in psychic abilities at SRI reveals a top secret NSA site, the two physicists behind it all are co-opted by the CIA and the amazing work of their psychic spies is silenced by the demands of national security. When Americas greatest psychic spy dies mysteriously and is accused of treason, it spurs program co-founder Russell Targ to fight to get this work declassified, even if it means going directly to his former enemies in the Soviet Union, to the CIA and beyond to prove the reality of ESP.

This film presents the true story of physicist Russell Targ, his cold war psychic spies and his fight to make this information public, with evidence presented by a Nobel Laureate, an Apollo astronaut, and many formerly undercover military remote viewers and scientists that worked for the U.S. Intelligence community. They are now able to speak for the first time.

Check out the film trailers.

Speaker's Bio

"Third Eye Spies" is a new documentary feature film by award winning director Lance Mungia. The film consists of compellingly cinematic re-enactments of actual remote viewings done at SRI for intelligence agencies, new data retrieved from recently declassified documents via Freedom of Information Act and over 30 interviews with every top player involved and how those discoveries are being used today. Whether psi is used to find your house keys, make money on Wall Street, find a kidnapped general, or a downed bomber, Russell Targs understated mantra that the evidence for extra sensory perception is overwhelming and shows a talent we all share and deserve to know about. And perhaps most importantly gives us a greater understanding of who we are.

Producer Russell Targ co-founded the Stanford Research Institutes ESP research program that pioneered research into remote viewing, and worked for every major intelligence agency of the U.S. Government. Targ, a physicist, also pioneered the earliest development of the laser, and has since written several successful books on the subject of ESP and remote viewing applications.

Producer/Director Lance Mungia has directed two theatrical features for Lions Gate and Dimension Films; the cult indie hit Six String Samurai and The Crow: Wicked Prayer. He has won multiple awards and his films have played at Sundance, Slamdance, Toronto, Seattle and other major international film festivals.

• Russell Targ's website

May 26, 2017
John Diamond, MD
Beyond The Body, Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

John Diamond

Dr. Diamond’s talk will be based on his fifty years of experience in medicine, psychiatry, complementary medicine and holistic healing as well as his research into the spiritual dimensions of healing. He is concerned with all aspects of the totality of the being -- body, mind and spirit, how they relate and how all must be involved in every healing process. He will speak about the concept of Life Energy, your healing power within, and how you will need to look at yourself, at your life, at your suffering, from many different points of view, to build up a, a three-dimensional holistic sculpture of exactly who you have become at this moment in your life....... and who you would like to be?

Dr. John Diamond, M.D. is a pioneering figure in alternative and holistic medicine. His remarkable body of work, which includes his discovery of the link between the meridians and the emotions, embraces a wide range of disciplines, the result of over forty-five years of research and clinical practice. Dr. Diamond now practices as a Holistic Consultant and blends his experience in medicine, psychiatry, complementary medicine, the humanities, holism, applied kinesiology, acupuncture theory, spirituality and the arts to help sufferers overcome problems relating to body, mind and spirit. He is the author of over thirty-five books including Your Body Doesn’t Lie, Life Energy: Unlocking the Hidden Power of Your Emotions to Achieve Well-Being and Facets of a Diamond: Reflections of a Healer.
For a private consultation with Dr. Diamond in Palo Alto, call 914-533-2158.

Dr Diamond's website

Jun 23, 2017
Robert J. Gilbert, PhD
Egyptian BioGeometry® and the French Spectrum of Invisible Vibrations

Join us for an exciting evening, exploring the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science and the modern energy science of BioGeometry®.

BioGeometry® was developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, who was the leader of a group at the Egyptian National Research Centre in the 1990's exploring the effect of Shapes on Life Functions.

Robert J. Gilbert

Speaker's Bio

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. was the first non-Egyptian ever authorized to teach BioGeometry®, and has been working in the field for 16 years. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Defense and Survival, and holds a Ph.D. in International Studies. Dr. Gilbert is the Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, which is located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. In addition to live trainings, the Institute offers online trainings to students around the world. Dr. Gilbert has created the first online courses teaching the key methods of Vibrational Radiesthesia developed by French Researchers in the early 1900's, in his Vibrational Testing & Healing series. He also offers trainings in many other aspects of Spiritual and Vibrational Sciences.

• Dr. Gilbert's website is www.vesica.org

July 21, 2017, Third Friday
Margaret MacTaggart
Connecting with Spirit
Scottish Mediumship Demonstration

Margaret MacTaggart, the youngest of 8 children born into a family gifted with ‘second sight’ will talk about the world of Scottish mediumship and demonstrate traditional platform reading. Her mother, an exceptional medium brought her children up in the Spiritualist Church of Scotland. Margaret's mother had development circles in her home and continuing in her footsteps, Margaret holds regular Spirit circles. She started to ‘hear' and ‘see’ in these circles, and has practiced since 1988 as a psychic/medium and healer.

She will deliver messages to audience members, so come prepared for a special evening. Her greatest passion is to help others through evidence from Spirit. She accepts no reimbursement for her readings. She respects her Spiritualist faith and does not take credit for it; she gives all credit to Spirit!

Margaret says the key is regular meditation and she recommends starting with 5 minutes per day. She regularly meditates for 45 minutes. As part of her ongoing training, she attends Spiritualist churches throughout Scotland where she demonstrates her evidential mediumship.

Margaret MacTaggart

Speaker's Bio

After working for Hewlett Packard in Scotland for many years, she currently works at a disability center. She lives near Glasgow in Howwood, Scotland.

August 25, 2017
Jerry Kroth, PhD
The Psychic Immune System

Prof. Jerry Kroth introduces the idea that the dark side of the human condition — war, genocides, tyrannies, terrorism, nuclear Armageddon — may actually have an antidote. Is it possible we have a psychic immune system which operates outside of consciousness just like the physical immune system does? Dr.Kroth travels from evolutionary psychology to neuroscience, alpha males, baboons, Jane Goodall, and Jung in search of an answer. All from his recent book published in Sept, 2016, entitled The Psychic Immune System: A Hidden Epiphenomenon of the Body’s Own Defense (Rowman & Littlefield).

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.

Speaker's Bio

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. has spoken at FMBR in the past. He is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the graduate counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University in California. His taught courses in psychotherapy and personality theory, dreamwork and research methods. Dr. Kroth has an abiding therapeutic interest in working with dreams, personal oracles and the applications of dream theory to psychohistory and collective psychology. Jerry is also a member of the International Psychohistorical Association and a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.

The Psychic Immune System - book

Dr. Kroth’s twelve prior books were in the areas of counseling, psychology, child sexual abuse, learning disorders, metapsychology, transpersonal psychology and research methodology. His most recent text is entitled Psyche’s Exile: an empirical odyssey in search of the soul, 2013. In addition, he has written and presented over 75 papers on anxiety, child development, mass psychology, synchronicity, experimental studies of the dream process, the psychology of propaganda and collective psychology. Professor Kroth lives in California with his wife and two daughters.

He maintains a website: Collectivepsych.com and has numerous online lectures posted on Youtube and the Itunes University including one presenting an overview of this text. It may be accessed at The Psychic Immune System

September 22, 2017
LeRoy Malouf
Reinforcing Your Wellness, Vitality, and Resilience

The biggest paradox about being human is that we don't support what we say we want, and we don’t let go of what we say we don’t want. LeRoy Malouf will talk about how we unconsciously create weak energy which drains away our life purpose, and how the positive power of being neutral helps clear away our symptoms by identifying root causes.

LeRoy Malouf

Our energy goes weak throughout our lives when we judge ourselves and others, when we are irritated, frustrated, upset, reacting, depressed, tense, stressed or in pain. Any one of these times is small, but when you accumulate them over days, weeks, months, a lifetime, we get energy blocks which create symptoms, and then we say, "Ouch!"

When we completely love and accept our total self, our light and our dark, yin and yang, male and female, then we are being who we really are. We are in peace, harmony, joy, thankfulness, and light. The evening will include a group clearing session.

Speaker's Bio

LeRoy Malouf, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Managerial Behavior, Managerial Economics and Controllership (MIT) is an Applied Behavioral Scientist, certified in many consulting and training programs and processes. He has been a Multidisciplinary Consultant, Coach, and Instructor since 1961. He is a Certified Practitioner and Instructor of Yuen Method© Full Spectrum Living, and has studied under Agnes Sanford in Schools of Pastoral Care, Jeff Krock, Keith Varnum through his Vision Quests and Dream Workshops, and Matrix Energetics. He has been married for over 60 years and lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He helps to make ongoing dramatic and positive differences in people's lives, enabling them to keep discovering the path to their true Essence, Soul, Spirit, and connection to Source. He is the creator of the Energetic Well Being Process.

He maintains a website: Energetic Well Being (ewbp.com).

AWake Refreshed and Energized book cover

October 27, 2017
Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa
Channeling the Challenger Astronauts: 30 Year Afterlife Communication Project

Jeanne Love

This will be the first time in over 20 years Regina Ochoa and Jeanne Love will have spoken publicly about their time as channels for the 7 spirited astronauts who left the earth to discover the stars on the NASA space shuttle Challenger.  When the Challenger exploded 30 years ago it was thought that the astronauts died instantly, however, through the direct voice channel of Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa in 1986, over a period of weeks, months and years, details from the crew themselves explained the deeper darker secrets of their demise. Jeanne and Regina share their stories of heroic proportions in dealing with the fall-out from the government concerning unknown details of the deaths of these brave individuals; how at times their personal lives unraveled as this channeled information was revealed.

Regina Ochoa

Speakers' Bios

Jeanne Love, medium, mystic and musician, is internationally known and regarded for her skills in all areas of spiritual wisdom and practice. Jeanne has been studied by FMBR scientists in regards to channeled material (challengercc.org) and subsequently was written about in Jon Klimo's book: Channeling. John Fuller, the author of The Ghost of Flight 401, stated that Jeanne was one of the greatest psychics of our time. With her Quaker roots, Jeanne continues to promote healing and awakening through her workshops and one-on-one counsel. She is currently putting together her work on the Dodecahedron Children into book form and will be working with this wisdom in the FMBR workshop.

In 1986 medium Regina Ochoa first came to the attention of the FMBR when she had her early experience as a channel speaking for the crew members of the fateful Challenger disaster. By then Regina was already developed as an energist. Her skills, from both her DNA and ancestral coding begun early in her life and developed throughout her years. The skills she brings today include those of transformational energies: automatic writings, healing energies, readings for Spirit, and channeling.

November 17, 2017
Irena Neduva
Beyond Kabballah

Popular reactions to the word Kabbalah - a mystic, esoteric, secret, hidden, forbidden, furtive and possibly dangerous thing. In the past, it was said that it is certainly not for laypeople. Since the times of Abraham, Kabballah/Qabalah/Cabala/Qabbala/etc. has allured and bewildered many. There is an overabundance of lineages, teachings, theories, assumptions, associations, fantasies, and more around Kabballah.


What is Kabballah now? It is science of the truths of the Universe, the science of fulfillment, the physics of how and why things work the way they are in our world as well as the biology of our body, the mechanics of relationships, the chemistry of our DNA, the astrophysics of our predispositions, the math of destiny and the computer science of perceptions. Irena Neduva will explore many of these aspects of Kabballah

TIME: Friday, November 17, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.)

PLACE: Unity Community Church – Y.E.S. Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto,CA

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