Speakers in 2020

Speakers in 2020


January 24, 2020
Feature Film Documentary- final release
120 minute documentary with Russell Targ

For more than 20 years the CIA used psychic abilities
     operationally in a top secret spy program. You paid 
             for it, and now you deserve to know about it.

After an experiment in psychic abilities at SRI reveals a top secret NSA site, the two physicists behind it all are co-opted by the CIA and the amazing work of their psychic spies is silenced by the demands of ‘national security.’ When America’s greatest psychic spy dies mysteriously, and is accused of treason, it spurs program co-founder Russell Targ to fight to get this work declassified, even if it means going directly to his former enemies in the Soviet Union, to the CIA and beyond to prove the reality of ESP.

This film presents the true story of physicist Russell Targ, his cold war psychic spies and his fight to bring this information public, with evidence presented by a Nobel Laureate, an Apollo Astronaut, and many formerly undercover military “remote viewers”, CIA agents and scientists that worked for the U.S. Intelligence community. They are now able to speak, supporting the reality and usefulness of psychic abilities for the first time.

Third Eye Spies is a new documentary feature film by award winning director Lance Mungia. The film consists of compellingly cinematic re-enactments of actual remote viewings done at SRI for intelligence agencies, new data retrieved from recently declassified documents via Freedom of Information Act and over 30 interviews with every top player involved and how those discoveries are being used today. Whether psi is used to find your house keys, make money on Wall Street, find a kidnapped general, or a downed bomber, Russell Targ’s understated mantra that “the evidence for extra sensory perception is overwhelming and shows a talent we all share and deserve to know about. And perhaps most importantly gives us a greater understanding of who we are.” Russell will answer questions after the film.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBokQomPr_g

Speakers Bio:

Producer Russell Targ co-founded the Stanford Research Institute’s ESP research program that pioneered research into remote viewing, and worked for every major intelligence agency of the U.S. Government. Targ, a physicist, also pioneered the earliest development of the laser, and has since written several successful books on the subject of ESP and remote viewing applications.

Producer/Director Lance Mungia has directed two theatrical features for Lions Gate and Dimension Films; the cult indie hit Six String Samurai and The Crow: Wicked Prayer. He has won multiple awards and his films have played at Sundance, Slamdance, Toronto, Seattle and other major international film festivals.

February 28, 2020
Messages from Spirit
with Hollister Rand

Hollister Rand

* Is it possible to continue relationships beyond death?
* Do loved ones see what's going on in my life?
* Can they help me with the challenges facing me right now? 

Get answers to these questions from the spirits themselves! Experience the peace of knowing that those you love remain close to you. 

During the event, a number of audience members will receive messages from loved ones living in the spirit world. There will be time to ask general questions about Mediumship and what life is like on the other side. 

Please note: Spontaneous messages are provided throughout the evening. However, everyone in attendance is not guaranteed a reading. Hollister will provide specific messages from loved ones in a small Spirit Circle on Sunday March 1st. 

Speakers Bio


During the last twenty-five years, Hollister Rand’s dedication to the healing work of mediumship has included events and workshops in the United States and abroad. Hollister’s work on television includes Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and America Now. Her radio appearances include Sirius XM’s The Séance with John Edward (on John Edward Psychic Radio), KOST FM’s Angels in Waiting, KBIG-FM’s Radio Medium, and Coast to Coast with George Noory. Hollister’s first book, I’m Not Dead, I’m Different: Kids in Spirit Teach Us About Living a Better Life on Earth, published by HarperCollins, is available in several languages. Her second book, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask, published by Beyond Words/Atria, is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Hollister lives in Los Angeles with her impossibly small chihuahuas, Bodhi and Amara Metta.

Visit her at: HollisterRand.com


May 22nd 7:30 pm
The Energy Associated with Creation
with Jerry Gin, PhD
Chairman, FMBR

Jerry Gin will explore a new energy associated with 3,6,9 and find out about its relationship to the key symbols of creation – Aum, Yin Yang, Bagua, and Rodin’s Symbol of Enlightenment.
Find out how the creation symbols relate to the torus structure which has been found to be common to creation. Their energy, which can be measured, can be used to help create the harmony required for healing. These healing energies can also be formed by fields created by a new type of matter (GANS or ormus) which will be described.

Jerry Gin has spent 40 years in the health care/pharmaceutical/diagnostic/biotechnology areas. In 2006, Jerry co-founded and is President/CEO of Nuvora, an oral care company with products in the market for the dental profession and for consumers. In 2009, Jerry co-founded and is Chairman of Livionex, a company in clinical trials with a drug for improving vision in persons with cataracts. .In 1993, Jerry co-founded and was President/CEO of Oculex Pharmaceuticals and oversaw its successful start-up which eventually led to the acquisition by Allergan. The company developed the technology for controlled release delivery of drugs to the interior of the eye, specifically to treat macular edema. Prior to forming Oculex, Jerry co-founded his first company, ChemTrak, developers of the home cholesterol test commonly available in drug stores today. Jerry successfully took the company public and ventured on to form Oculex.

Jerry's passionate interests are in the areas of mind-being: consciousness, healing, spirituality and all other related topics. He believes that exposing/educating more of the population to the world of consciousness/mind-being will help raise the level of consciousness and thus produce a better society. This coincides with one of the goals of FMBR and is one of Jerry's objectives as Chairman for FMBR.


Virtual Meeting
June 26, 7:30

Why I Test

with Mark Ireland

Evidential Mediumship readings can provide a therapeutic benefit to grieving people, but how does one find a credible
For nearly six years, Mark Ireland has been testing Mediums under double-blind conditions. In this process, only Mediums capable of providing accurate information that is statistically significant and meaningful to the sitter have been certified.
During his talk, Mark will review the testing process, share some intriguing findings, and explain how you should approach participating in a reading as a sitter.
Mark Ireland is Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal and the Author of two books, including the groundbreaking Soul Shift:
Finding Where the Dead Go and Messages from the Afterlife.
His father, Richard Ireland was a renowned 20th-century Psychic-Medium who counseled Mae West, Glenn Ford, Amanda Blake, and the Eisenhower family. Mark has participated in mediumship research studies conducted by the University of Arizona, and the University of Virginia, and he currently runs his own Certification program. Mark’s objective with this work is to identify high-caliber Mediums who are capable of furnishing specific, accurate, and pertinent information. According to the Windbridge Research Center, evidential readings can provide a therapeutic benefit to grieving persons. www.markirelandauthor.com

July 2020, 6 pm

The Healing Power of UFOs

with Preston Dennett


Are ETs healing humans? The answer, of course, is yes! In this presentation, based on his landmark book, The Healing Power of UFOs, leading UFO researcher Preston Dennett proves that people are being healed by ETs.

Preston Dennett has been documenting and researching healing cases for more than 25 years and is the world’s leading expert on UFO healing accounts. Verified by doctors and leading UFO researchers, the UFO healing cases represent incontrovertible evidence of UFO reality. The healings include a wide variety of conditions. Injuries and flesh wounds, colds, flus and infections, serious diseases, cancer--all have been cured by ETs.

In this presentation, Preston will present a selection of some of the most fascinating and incredible healing cases. He will discuss the little-known cases of “health upgrades” and people who have been rescued by ETs. He will even present evidence that our own government has obtained UFO healing technology. Who is being healed and why? What types of ETs are doing the healing? How are these healings being done? Are ETs our friends or foes? Preston Dennett attempts to answer all these questions and more.

This presentation is sure to change the way you feel about UFOs and the extraterrestrials visiting our planet.

**FMBR Meeting Video.

Bio: Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of 26 books and more than 100 articles on UFOs and the paranormal. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines. His writing has been translated into several different languages and he has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including Coast-to-Coast and the History Channel's Deep Sea UFOs and UFO Hunters.



Virtual FMBR Meeting
Friday, July 24th, 5:00 pm

Brenda Dunne
International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL)

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program flourished for nearly three decade under the direction of Robert Jahn, Dean of Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. Its primary purpose was the study of anomalous interactions of human consciousness with sensitive random physical devices, systems, and processes, and the development of complementary theoretical models.

This talk will describe its research findings and explore their implications for a better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality. From its inception, PEAR's scholarly agenda was motivated by three overarching goals that relate to the practical, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of the human search for knowledge.

Bio: Brenda Dunne is President and Treasurer of International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL), and was Laboratory Manager of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory from its inception in 1979 until its closing in 2007. With the late Robert Jahn, Director of the PEAR program, she has co-authored three major textbooks and over 100 published articles on consciousness-related research.

Although she holds a Masters degree in developmental psychology from the University of Chicago, her deeper interests are in the humanities, the history and philosophy of religion, and cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of consciousness that incorporate metaphysical as well as scientific traditions. She has also served on the Executive Committee of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and has served as its Education Officer.

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