Speakers in 2021

Speakers in 2021

stephan A

2021: Crossing the Astrological Threshold of 2020 Visions of a Brave New Collective-Minded World

with Dawn Silver

Viva La Evolution!

We have just left 2020, a year of enormous planetary shift and epic changes (none too comfortable). On December 21st of 2020, The Royal Conjunctions or timekeepers, Jupiter and Saturn, both entered the sign of Aquarius and the trinity of air signs until 2219. The last time we experienced the “air trinity” was 1365 AD. Welcome to the Jetsons!

Historically air cycles correspond with rapid social progress, significant intellectual development, and new concepts entering into human consciousness. The goal is to make life fair for us all. We have just left the earth trinity of 218 years which sought security and financial individualism, and “old school” wealth distribution.

Scholars note that history repeats itself and for astrologers, this is most poignantly seen in repeating planetary cycles. Personally, I never was taken a good student of history until I saw the correlations illuminated by astrology.

So, did we enter the Age of Aquarius? How does this all correspond to my life? It’s time to look to our future!

Join author/Astrologer/Naprapath Dawn Silver as she walks us through the highlights and lowlights of 2021 and beyond.

Dawn Silver Bio

Dr. Silver is a Naprapath, Astrologer, Herbalist, Crystal Healer, and Aromatherapist. She has lectured internationally on Crystal Healing, Astrology, Holistic Nutrition and Consciousness at a variety of conferences including the SpiritHeart and SeaAngels cruises, The Lightworkers, Golden Pyramid, and Global Consciousness Conferences and SOTA and NCGR Astrological Conferences.

Silver is the author of the book and card deck Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle, a recipient of the Coalition of Arts Award. She offers a series called Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing certification program.

Dawn Silver with her husband, Michael Wisniewski, founded and operated Healing Earth Resources, a metaphysical book and gift store, organic cafe, and healing center in Chicago for 19 years. Her passions have encompassed significant work on numerous fundraisers including The Save the Earth Walk-a-Thon, which she founded in the 89 after the infamous Alaskan oil spill and Illinois Big Mountain initiative for the Four Corners Big Mountain.

She is currently doing Sky of Jewels Sea of Pearls Astrology and Intuitive sessions, via phone, Skype, or Zoom. For more information send an email to dawnsilver@ameritech.net or visit http://dawnsilver.com/

The 2050 Project : Remote Viewing the Future

Trend Analyses and the Way Forward for Humanity

With Stephan A. Schwartz

Since 1978, Stephan Schwartz has been getting people to remote view the year 2050, and out of that has come a complex trend analysis. Stephan will discuss the research study, what the analyses show and what he feels is the best path forward for humanity.

Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan A. Schwartz Bio

Stephan A. Schwartz is a Distinguished Consulting Faculty of Saybrook University. He is the columnist for the journal Explore, and editor of the daily web publication Schwartzreport.net in both of which he covers trends that are affecting the future. His other academic and research appointments include: Senior Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing of the Samueli Institute; founder and Research Director of the Mobius laboratory.

Government appointments include Special Assistant for Research and Analysis to the Chief of Naval Operations. Schwartz was the principal researcher studying the use of Remote Viewing in archaeology. Using Remote Viewing he discovered Cleopatra’s Palace, Marc Antony’s Timonium, ruins of the Lighthouse of Pharos, and sunken ships along the California coast, and in the Bahamas. He is the author of more than 130 technical reports and papers. He has written The Secret Vaults of Time, The Alexandria Project, Mind Rover, Opening to the Infinite, and The 8 Laws of Change.

Music + Intention = Frequencies of Coherence

Raising the Vibration of the Global Field

with Kathleen Riley

Kathleen Riley

Intention begins in the heart. It is connected to our higher self, higher consciousness, and the global field. Through the frequencies of our intentions, we create a vibratory resonance that is transmitted throughout our beings to every cell and biophoton, and outward to the global field.

Dr. Kathleen Riley will speak about her research in collaboration with the HeartMath® Institute examining the effects of a shared heart focused intention among members of a string quartet on themselves and audience members. The study measured heart rate variability to determine if a shared intention among musicians would be perceived by the audience.

She will share her short research documentary and Power Point slides to discuss the science of HeartMath®, the role of intentionality and its effects both physiologically and on music and creativity. Kathleen will also share about her latest initiatives birthed during the pandemic of creating communities for coherence and in creating platforms for performing artists to share their sounds of coherence.

Dr. Kathleen Riley Bio

Dr. Kathleen Riley has spent most of her career weaving together her expertise of being a professional musician, pedagogue, certified biofeedback expert, and optimal performance coach into a unique approach to helping clients achieve optimal performance. Kathleen taught piano and worked with biofeedback to retrain performers' repetitive stress injuries and performance anxiety at New York University. She went on to work at the Cleveland Clinic and was on faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Kathleen received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Manhattan School of Music, a PhD from NYU, and postdoctoral studies and research in neuropsychology and physiology at NYU. Dr. Riley has certifications in biofeedback, and is a Certified HeartMath Trainer. She continues to conduct research, collaborating with the Heartmath Institute, and is writing articles and books on intention and the power of the heart through music. Both qualitative and quantitative results from her most recent research study, conducted with the Institute show significant, revealing new evidence of the power of a shared group intention among musicians and its effects on the audience.

In a response to the pandemic, Kathleen created the Global Coherent Performers Community on Facebook, an international group of musicians, dancers, poets, artists, theater artists, scientists and researchers who seek to help promote peace, harmony and a shift into higher consciousness through sound and visual frequencies manifested through heart intention. She is also Director for Performance Arts and show host of Sounds of Coherence on the Awake TV Network.

David Gibson

Music + Intention = Frequencies of Coherence

with David Gibson

How does the body work based on vibration? This is the holy grail of health.

We all know that everything is vibration. It is the most primordial aspect of all dimensions of reality. When we understand the laws of physics behind all vibration we are given the key to the Universe.

The basic concept is that the entire human body is a flowing symphony of music that all works together in perfect harmony when a person is healthy.

David Gibson has identified a “hierarchy of vibration,” to explain how it all works at every level of vibration and has now created the Medical Sound Association to help figure out how all the aspects of the hierarchy can be used to cure every disease in the world (we can now say cure because we will be working directly with doctors and hospitals).

This is the medical system of the future. No side effects and 100% effective. Once we understand how vibration works physically, mentally, emotionally, and even Spiritually we are no longer shooting in the dark with research. Now the research becomes exceedingly clear to learn how to precisely cure every disease in the world.

David Gibson Bio

David Gibson is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco (and online), offering Individual Classes and State approved Certificate and Associates Degree Programs in Sound Healing and Therapy (www.SoundHealingCenter.com). David is the author of the book, “The Complete Guide to Sound Healing” (www.CompleteGuidetoSoundHealing). He is also a top selling producer of Sound Healing music (www.SoundHealingCenter.com/music.html).

His music is in many hospitals around the country including Boston General and U.C. Medical Center. He also runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute (and online) offering 15 types of sound healing treatments (www.SoundTherapyCenter.com). David has produced 5 International Sound Healing Conference and is also the founder of the Sound Healing Research Foundation (www.SoundHealingResearchFoundation.org) designed to help bring sound healing into the mainstream (homes & hospitals).

sound healinig
Emma Bragdon Ph.D.

How Brazilian Spiritists Nurture Medical Intuitives and Healers for Work in Psychiatric Hospitals

Emma Bragdon, PhD

English-speaking countries rarely recognize psychic abilities within psychiatry, and no expert training to harness such abilities to be of help to others is offered. Brazilian Spiritists recognize and applaud those people who are gifted sensitives. If the sensitive is in spiritual emergency, i.e. having difficulty managing their gifts, Spiritists offer free training and qualified help to stay in balance.

This is offered in Spiritist psychiatric hospitals as well as Spiritist Community Centers. Their paradigm of care has been cultivated since the 1860s. This presentation will describe the Spiritist treatments and their paradigm. Emma will describe the extraordinary successes Spiritists have had so we can import some of their wisdom to improve our own healthcare systems.

Emma Bragdon, PhD Bio

Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the founder and Executive Director of “Integrative Mental Health for You," IMHU.org. This organization is dedicated to educating about the full range of effective options to improve mental health without over-reliance on psychiatric medication. IMHU offers 34 courses –mostly online, taught by Emma and other qualified healthcare providers. This unique learning platform also includes training to become a “Spiritual Emergence Coach” and an international Directory of those who have been certified. The coaches offer support to those who are integrating spiritually-transformative experiences.

Emma earned her doctorate at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 1987. She was licensed as a psychotherapist shortly thereafter.

In the late 1980s she published two og the foundational books on Spiritual Emergency. She has been in private practice with a special focus on supporting those in psycho-spiritual crisis since 1988.

From 2001-2012 she studied 6 months of each year in Brazil, learning about Spiritism and guiding sixty groups interested in getting spiritual healing from famous healers in Brazil. During that time she also published 3 books and co-produced two documentary films about Spiritism. She is particularly impressed with how Spiritists can help identify and help people in psycho-spiritual crisis to manage spiritual emergency. Once a year she leads a seminar for healthcare providers on location in Brazil to learn from Spiritist psychiatrists, psychologists and healers.

Wheels of Creation: A Guide to Life After Death, Reincarnation and the Journey of Your Soul

E.M. Nicolay

Join us as E.M. Nicolay discusses the sixth book in his EssencePath™ series, Wheels of Creation: Life After Death, Reincarnation & the Journey of Your Soul, providing an in-depth exploration of the Soul’s journey from its origins to its many physical life incarnations. Nicolay will discuss how a Soul’s energetic expression is perfected through the process of Reincarnation in cycles of lifetimes cast out and organized on “Wheels of Creation”, manifest for the purpose of Soul growth and vibrational integrity.

This includes drawing back the veil on mysteries surrounding life-after-death for Human Angelic Souls, including never before known details concerning what happens after physical death and the journey each individual takes through the higher Astral planes towards reunification with their Soul.

E.M. Nicolay Bio

E.M. Nicolay is an internationally-known intuitive, clairvoyant, remote-viewer, author and workshop leader. He has authored numerous books on a wide range of metaphysical and esoteric topics, and for over two decades has worked with thousands of individuals to explore the spiritual, energetic and karmic patterns that influence the manifestation of their day-to-day reality.

Early in his “awakened” career, he began assisting Jungian Psychotherapists with particularly difficult cases using his intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. His reputation as an Intuitive grew quickly and he became known to a wide range of Healers, Clerics and Business Leaders. As his reputation grew within certain circles, he was recruited by various international organizations to employ his remote viewing abilities on their behalf.

Wheels of Creation-E.M. Nicolay

Leap to Wholeness: How the World Is Programmed to Help Us Grow, Heal, and Adapt

Sky Nelson-Isaacs

How has our world been shaped by a worldview of separateness? How has modern science--which has opened up our vista in so many ways--also limited what we can perceive?

Leap to Wholeness explores the physics of filters, both those used in the laboratory and those within our own minds and hearts. We can become better at “seeing how we see the world”. We can become more familiar with our own biases, preferences, and prejudices. We can get out of cycles where we experience the same challenges again and again.

Leap to Wholeness is a wondrous journey into how we construct the world, a tour through the science of holograms and light, and an inquiry into what may be possible when we peel back those filters and see the world with fresh eyes. Watch Book Trailer here.

Sky Nelson-Isaacs Bio

Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Sky Nelson-Isaacs is an author and physics educator building a foundation for a scientific understanding of synchronicity in our modern world. Sky has a master’s degree in physics from San Francisco State University, has had careers in education, in the software industry, and in music, and has spent the past twenty years studying synchronicity, with the last 12 years publishing academic papers on it.

Sky was raised amidst the teachings of Integral Yoga creator Sri Swami Satchidananda, through which he developed a modern, no BS perspective on spiritual inquiry which has guided his scientific pursuits. Sky has always been passionate about personal and professional development, training with The Pathways Institute (Carole Kammen and Jodi Gold) as a young adult, and years later with the More to Life program (Dr K. Bradford Brown and Dr Roy Whitten).

Sky relies on a mix of modalities—science + self inquiry—to learn from life. Sky is a parent, husband, author, speaker, and trainer, as well as physicist, educator, musician, award-winning composer and performer, and software engineer.
Sky’s musical composition and performances can be found at www.skynelson.com.

Jerry Gin's new book, "The Seeker and the Teacher of Light"

My friend, Joachim Wippich, has a deep understanding of our I AM essence and of harmony. That understanding can lead to healing and happiness. This presentation presents a combination of Joachim’s teachings and my explanations and understanding of the principles derived from 20 years on the enlightenment path.

The understanding also leads to the peace and stillness found in the state of deep meditation. Our vibrational level goes up when we realize we are I AM. Joachim’s affirmations bring us into harmony and teach us how to remember our I AM nature.

In our discussion, we will learn more about our nature as well as the nature of harmony. In the process of our learning, we will come to understand that we are not just the body. We will learn another view of the nature of creation and the evidence for that view. We will also learn about the energies of 3,6,9 and its implications in the creation story.

Jerry Gin

Jerry Gin Bio

Jerry Gin is the Chairman and CEO of FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research). His credentials span both science and business, with a PhD in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, a BS University of Arizona, and an MBA from Loyola College. He has held director positions at Dow Pharmaceuticals and Syva/Syntex. His professional science activities include laboratory medicine, clinical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmology, and dentistry. His entrepreneurial activities include founding ChemTrak (home cholesterol test), Oculex Pharmaceuticals (intraocular drug delivery), Nuvora (sustained delivery for the mouth), Visionex (ophthalmic diagnostic), and Livionex (dental gel, metal modulation).

Jerry’s driving passion for the past 20 years has been exploring the nature of the universe. To this end, his activities have included research, studies in many diverse disciplines, experiential activities in self-exploration, and growth and knowledge through inner knowing. The Seeker and the Teacher of Light is a culmination of his views as to the nature of the universe, as well as the views of his friend Joachim Wippich.

The website for the book is https://jerrygin.com

Jeremy Berg

Connecting with Sidhe: The Deepest Part of Humanity

Jeremy Berg

The Sidhe could be described as a branch of humanity that never entered physical incarnation as deeply as we did. Mythologies around the world have stories about them, including from the Celtic world, where the name Sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’) comes from. Many of these mythologies tell a story of how originally the Sidhe and physical humans were aware of each other and cooperated to a certain extent, but that at some point there was a rupture of this relationship.

After this, the Sidhe were said to withdraw – either into the ‘hollow hills’ or to some other realm. In his work, Jeremy has explored the truth behind these stories. He and others have also been working with several Sidhe who want to draw closer to physical humans again. Sidhe and Humanity share the Earth and a future together.  It behooves us to create new connections and collaborations with them, unencumbered by the past folklore and superstitions.

Both Peoples –Humanity and Sidhe—have valuable contributions to offer one another.

Jeremy Berg Bio

Jeremy Berg is a Lorian Association teacher and owner of Lorian Press. For many years, he has also been working in collaboration with the Sidhe. Jeremy Berg and the Sidhe have collaborated on a series of ways to connect people with the Sidhe, such as a card deck and books. He has also co-held workshop with the Sidhe in which they and physical participants have deepened their collaboration.

Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller’s Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine, Part I

Nisha Manek, MD

Nisha Manek

In an unstable world, we can resonate with the powers of Intention. We can increase the magnitude of intention effects to change our reality. The critical question is: How and under what conditions can intention manifest robustly? Then I discovered Dr. Bill Tiller’s physics, and it changed my life as a doctor. As a medical scientist, I’m on the lookout for ways to more effective healing. Intention is crucial to the next jump in medicine and in everyday living.

Part I: Pillars 1 to 4 of Bridging Science and Spirit

  • Truth and Revolutions. We are at the firth of the miraculous science.
  • Consciousness beyond the brain and levels of being.
  • The mighty law of Nature: Entropy (disorder) always increases.
  • Dr. Bill Tiller’s astonishing target experiments showing the power of intention to change materials under scientific protocol. Fact: His work establishes a mathematical connection from human consciousness to the outer physical world. Intention reduces entropy and increases coherence!

Nisha Manek, MD Bio

Nisha Manek is an alumnus of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Rheumatology and an internationally recognized leader of Integrative Medicine. In her commitment to innovative approaches to health and wellness, she seeks to synthesize and unify her work as a physician and scientist with Spiritual inquiry and practice. Related to the subject of consciousness and healing, Nisha moderated HH 14th Dalai Lama's visit to Mayo clinic in 2008. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.


Bridging Science and Spirit

Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller’s Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine, Part II

Nisha Manek, MD

Nisha Manek

In an unstable world, we can resonate with the powers of Intention. We can increase the magnitude of intention effects to change our reality. The critical question is: How and under what conditions can intention manifest robustly? Then I discovered Dr. Bill Tiller’s physics, and it changed my life as a doctor. As a medical scientist, I’m on the lookout for ways to more effective healing. Intention is crucial to the next jump in medicine and in everyday living.

Part 2: Pillars 1 to 5 of Bridging Science and Spirit

  • A recap of Dr. Bill Tiller’s astonishing target experiments showing the power of intention to change materials under scientific protocol. Fact: His work establishes a mathematical connection from human consciousness to the outer physical world. Intention reduces entropy and increases coherence!
  • Crafting the intention statement: the inner workings of a physicist and what it means for you.
  • The shift in the lab space where intention experiments were done showing that we live in multiple dimensions - ordinary reality and higher order reality.

Nisha Manek, MD Bio

Nisha Manek is an alumnus of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Rheumatology and an internationally recognized leader of Integrative Medicine. In her commitment to innovative approaches to health and wellness, she seeks to synthesize and unify her work as a physician and scientist with Spiritual inquiry and practice. Related to the subject of consciousness and healing, Nisha moderated HH 14th Dalai Lama's visit to Mayo clinic in 2008. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.


Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller’s Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine, Part III

Nisha Manek, MD

Nisha Manek

Physicist Dr. Bill Tiller conclusively showed that human intention has immense power to change materials like water and enhance a living species such as the fruit fly. The million-dollar question is this: What does this research really mean for us?

In part III, I will take you on a journey of a new paradigm in medicine called Information Medicine. It’s bigger than we can ever imagine, a moonshot to modern therapeutics that’s inclusive of consciousness and intention. Finally, I will show you the remarkable experiment we did with the relics of the Historical Buddha – Shakyamuni - that confirms the enduring power of unconditional loving-kindness.

Part 3: Pillars 6 and 7 of Bridging Science and Spirit

  • The multi-dimensional human body: you have an internal fountain of subtle energy. A simple exercise you can take action on immediately.
  • The healing autism project. Children diagnosed with autism, physically located thousands of miles away, receive a healing intention from Dr. Tiller and his team in Arizona. The remarkable results explained.
  • An integrative medical clinic as a sacred healing space: the data.
  • Consciousness is beyond the brain: the relics of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Maitreya relic tour.

Nisha Manek, MD Bio

Nisha Manek is an alumnus of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Rheumatology and an internationally recognized leader of Integrative Medicine. In her commitment to innovative approaches to health and wellness, she seeks to synthesize and unify her work as a physician and scientist with Spiritual inquiry and practice. Related to the subject of consciousness and healing, Nisha moderated HH 14th Dalai Lama's visit to Mayo clinic in 2008. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.


Bridging Science and Spirit

ET Let's Talk--The People's Disclosure Movement

Kosta Makreas

Kosta Makreas

It's generally recognized that our global civilization is at an inflection point - will it destroy itself or will it not only survive but thrive?

Kosta Makreas is a cautious optimist concerning this burning question.  His presentation will highlight the massive positive role that The People's Disclosure Movement and The People's Love Alliance are playing in our current affairs.  Though the world's mass media mostly delivers negative and fear-laden news, these two movements instead provide evidence that literally hundreds of millions of people are daily engaged in saving our planet and its lifeforms while reaching out to Cosmic Societies who have offered to aid us in our transition to an eventual Golden Age.

The People's Disclosure Movement puts the power of making contact with Stellar Civilizations back into the hands of everyday global citizens - not governments and other institutions of authority.  These institutions have owned the past via coverup but the people in this movements own the future via direct experience with Star People.

The People's Love Alliance is the largest demonstrations of goodwill, which is love-in-action - in history.  It has the power to change the world.  Composed of hundreds of millions of people who have opened their hearts - even if a little - the lofty goal of creating right human relations proceeds apace.  Countless acts of love and kindness are not reflected by mass media, but nonetheless they are building a tsunami to sweep away hate, intolerance, and separateness.

Kosta Makreas Biography

Kosta Makreas is the founder of ETLetsTalk.com, the ETLetsTalk Community, "The People's Disclosure Movement”, “The People’s Love Alliance”, and “The Global CE-5 Initiative”. Kosta is an international networker and creative artist working on behalf of harmonious relations between all lifeforms.

He was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1953. In 1977 he earned a B.A. in Computer Science from Indiana University which led to a successful 4-decade software consulting career in the Silicon Valley. Most importantly he has been a dedicated spiritual activist since his teenage years. As a young man Kosta became fascinated with the mysteries of the Universe - teaching himself astrology, meditation, astronomy and reading widely on UFOs, comparative religion, science fiction, spirituality, Atlantis, and many other metaphysical topics.

His current passion and mission is his web site ETLetsTalk.com and the ETLetsTalk Community. Community members learn how to make Human-initiated interactive contact with Star People.

Kosta also founded and facilitates “The People’s Disclosure Movement” which boasts 650,000+ members in 100+ countries. It is the largest, most widespread movement of its kind. It bypasses governments and authoritative power structures by empowering everyday people to interact directly with ET Star Beings in order to co-create with them a positive future for Earth.

Kosta believes that we are living in a unique, challenging, and wonderful point in history as we transition to a new mode of enlightened and spiritual living where peace reigns between humans and between Humanity and all life forms on and off Earth.

If UFOs Are Real, Then What?

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.

Prof. Jerry Kroth examines the most fundamental questions that come from finally admitting UFOS are real: "Who are they, and why are they here?" The lecture comes from his book The Roswell Foil: How UFO discoveries radically change how we see the world. The presentation is careful, documented, and compelling.

Most UFO presentations focus on sightings and attempts to assert that these anecdotal accounts refer to real extraterrestrial encounters. But if we step beyond that and ask ourselves a question we haven't asked like "What if it’s all true?" then our world changes, collapses, and is turned upside down. To admit that extraterrestrials have visited Earth and continue to do so places us at the threshold of a paradigm shift that is larger and more disturbing than anything Copernicus and Galileo wrought. This talk looks squarely at this "ontological shock" in great depth.

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. Bio

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the graduate counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University. He has an abiding therapeutic interest in working with dreams, personal oracles, and the applications of dream theory to psychohistory.

Dr. Kroth’s 16 prior books were in the areas of counseling psychology, child sexual abuse, learning disorders, metapsychology, the JFK assassination, The Lindbergh kidnapping, UFOs and most recently crop circles. In addition, he has written and presented over seventy papers on anxiety, child development, mass psychology, synchronicity, the dream process, psychohistory and collective psychology. His most recent works include The Psychic Immune System, The Roswell Foil, and Messages from the Gods.

Dr. Kroth lives in California and can be contacted through his website: collectivepsych.com

Shifting Realities and the Mandela Effect

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson

We assume there exists one consistent set of true historical events, and expect that our individual memories will correspond to a singular, objective reality. What if these assumptions are untrue? Recent experimental findings indicate reality might be primarily subjective, and something akin to a holographic multiverse.

Experiences of subjective realities provide us with insights into the Mandela Effect, which is attributed by some to collective false remembering, but might represent an evolutionary step forward in human consciousness. Over twenty years of research into reality shifts and the Mandela Effect provide us with fascinating insights into consciousness and reality.

Cynthia Sue Larson Bio

Cynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of several books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money. Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won.

Cynthia is founder of RealityShifters, president of the International Mandela Effect Conference, managing director of Foundations of Mind, and creator and host of Living the Quantum Dream. She has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC.

Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, "How good can it get?" Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at: www.realityshifters.com

Miranda Alcott

Harmonious Listening – A Way of Living

Miranda Alcott

Humans think we the Masters of Communication. What if other species are actually better at communication than we are?

Many animals have sophisticated methods, antenna, and receptors for receiving information we are not even aware we are sending. Scientists have confirmed that plants have capacities to connect with one another at levels we are mostly unaware of and perhaps just beginning to understand. What are these other avenues of communication and how can we access them? If we humans focus only on speech and written language as our method of communication, there is so much we miss out on.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's Soul remains un-awakened." - Anatole French

Miranda Alcott Bio

Miranda Alcott has been supporting Human /Animal communications for almost 40 years. Clients rely on Miranda to bridge the gap between the human and animal cultures. Animals are tuned to cues that we miss. Miranda observes that animals are the natural barometers of our own environment. They are keen to every change in our scent, every shift in our breathing pattern, every alteration in our demeanor or any change in our household. We as humans are a type of encyclopedias as they study us all the time.

Miranda helps translate what animals perceive and what they earnestly want us to understand about their purpose, their insights and their culture.


The Scientific and Spiritual Basis for Ancestral Healing and Spiritual Transformation

Tanis Helliwell

Tanis Helliwell

Are you or your family experiencing physical, emotional or mental difficulties stemming from past events or previous generations?

Our biological and spiritual ancestors are calling us to heal inherited patterns in our blood and spiritual lineage. Learn how our ancestors influence our lives today and how we can contact them for healing.

Tanis Helliwell Bio

Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed., is the founder of The International Institute for Transformation (IIT) which assists individuals to undergo spiritual transformation to develop their spiritual intelligence.

She has experienced and later worked with elementals, nature spirits, angels, and master teachers on other planes since childhood. Living on the sea coast north of Vancouver, Canada, she is the author of High Beings of Hawaii, Hybrids: So you think you are human, Summer with the Leprechauns, Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, Manifest Your Soul's Purpose, Embraced by Love, and Decoding Your Destiny: keys to humanity's spiritual transformation.

Website: https://myspiritualtransformation.com/

The Scientific and Spiritual Basis for Ancestral Healing and Spiritual Transformation

Shelli Renee Joye

Shelli Renee Joye

The physics and geometry of consciousness continues to elude mainstream scientific approaches. Current research focuses upon the neuronal activity of brain structures and the synaptic activity of neurons, but little headway has been made in solving this “hard problem.” Alternate approaches may lead to eventual breakthroughs in understanding the phenomena, and will require new directions in basic research.

One of these alternate approaches is the consensus of the brain scientist Karl Pribram and the quantum physicist David Bohm. At the peak of distinguished careers in their respective fields, they became fascinated with the mystery of consciousness and collaborated in the development of a plausible new approach based upon Pribram’s holonomic brain theory and Bohm’s implicate order. Together, their theories established a thought-provoking cybernetics of consciousness discussed here in great detail with numerous slides.

Shelli Renee Joye Bio

Shelli Renee Joye is the best-selling author of several books including The Electromagnetic Brain (2020) and Developing Supersensible Perception (2019). Shelli has a BS degree in electrical engineering, an MA degree in Indian philosophy, and a PhD in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is an accomplished painter and musician, playing the piano and accordion. Shelli lives in a cedar cabin in the lower Cascade mountains of eastern Shasta County in northern California.

Jyotisha: The Spiritual Astrology of India

Stephen Quong

Stephen Quong

This webinar will be a general introduction to Jyotisha (“the Light of God”), now popularly known as “Vedic Astrology” in the West. We will explore its spiritual origins, its place in traditional Vedic culture, and the development of this ancient system into its present form.

Jyotisha is gradually being recognized worldwide as the pre-eminent system of astrology for those who are interested in acquiring a deeper understanding the nature of the Self, who are involved with Yogic practices, and who have more than a little curiosity about the intricacies of karma and reincarnation, our spiritual life purpose, and even an accurate glimpse of our probable future.

Stephen Quong Bio

Stephen Quong began his study and practice of astrology in 1970. Since 1972 he has travelled extensively throughout India, Nepal, Sir Lanka and Tibet, studying with many of the most accomplished contemporary masters of Vedic Astrology and Astro-Palmistry.

In addition to his astrological studies, he was fortunate to meet and study with many of the great sages and saints of India and the Far East, whose spiritual teachings, grace and personal example have been a major influence in his life and work. Stephen is a Life Fellow, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Chennai). Other honorary titles: Jyotisha Kovid, Jyotisha Vachaspati, Jyotisha Mahasagara; Ph.D Comparative Religion; Vajracharya and Abbot of the Dari Rulai Purity Temple.

More information about Stephen Quong and the astrological services which he offers is available from his web site: https://jyotisha.com

His other web site, https://goldendragonfengshui.com lists classes and services related to Qi-Mag Feng Shui and Tao Geomancy. He will be offering a 7-day certification course on Tao Geomancy from 11-18 November 2021 in the city of Alameda, CA.

You can contact Stephen by email at: smquong@gmail.com, or by telephone at: (925) 754-8858.

WORKSHOP: Your Vibrational Level and Personal Wavelength

Jerry Gin

Jerry Gin

Sunday, October 3rd 1:30 - 4:30, $25 - all proceeds to FMBR

Remembering and recognizing that your true essence is I AM results in a dramatic increase in your vibrational level. At that level, you feel a deep sense of peace and calm. Your immunity level is running at maximum efficiency. You are in harmony with the universe. Healing occurs at this vibrational level.

Joachim Wippich has taught us affirmations to bring ourselves into harmony and to the I AM vibrational level. This workshop teaches the principles of achieving harmony and the I AM vibrational level. You will learn how to test your own vibrational level. You will learn how to determine your personal wavelength using the techniques of radiesthesia. You can use that technique to observe your own vibrational level and see how affirmations increase your vibrations to the I AM level.

With the personal wavelength technique, you will also be able to determine what foods, supplements, essential oils, and minerals or crystals are supportive of you and promote your health. You will no longer have to guess as to what is good for you when shopping for foods or supplements.

Requirements for the workshop: A Neutral Pendulumbuy a wooden pendulum or acrylic ball pendulum or make your own per instructions in Jerry Gin’s The Seeker and the Teacher of Light book. If making your own and don’t have my book, email me for instructions: jerry@jerrygin.com.

Areas Covered in the Workshop:

  • Understanding how to bring yourself into harmony/balance
  • Understanding the concept of I AM
  • Understanding the concept of your vibrational level
  • Learn affirmations to bring yourself to the I AM level
  • Understanding how to test for your vibrational level
  • Understanding your personal wavelength concept
  • Understanding how to test for your personal wavelength
  • Understanding applications for personal wavelength – e.g., shopping for foods and supplements and knowing which foods and supplements are in resonance with you
  • Using intention/consciousness to create harmony – See and test the result
  • Activating water – see and test the result
Geraldine Orozco

Holographic DNA, ET Consciousness and Human Evolution

Geraldine Orozco

DNA as the currency of the past, present and the future. Geraldine will discuss the powerful connection between DNA and consciousness. She will present how we provide the structural design for the architecture of multiverses with human biotechnology at its core and how it plays a powerful role in humans evolution. We dive into architecture of mans etheric and physical body to learn about our possible origins and how it plays a role in our understanding of ET consciousness.

Geraldine Orozco Bio

Geraldine Orozco is a Certified Hypnotherapist, C.H.T, Meditation Master M.T, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner N.L.P, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapist, M.B.S.R. Qigong Master and owner of San Francisco-based Bay Area Meditation that offers virtual corporate meditation programs internationally.

She has 12 years of experience in the Holistic Energy Healing arts with certifications Advanced Pranic Healing, Quantum Energy Healing and studied for several years under a Shamanic Energy Healer.

In 2013, Geraldine experienced a life changing inter-dimensional contact experience which resulted in the activation of psychic abilities of the multidimensional body and energy field. In 2017 Geraldine underwent hypnotic Regression Therapy. Regressions uncovered a life-long history of contact.

Geraldine utilizes her deep understanding of the multidimensional body and how life force manifests on the physical 3D plane. She is able to see experiential agreements of trauma, fragmentation, Akashic Records, Energy Stagnation in the 13 etheric bodies. She Created DNA Reprogramming a healing modality in order to access, identify, heal and transmute trauma fragmentation of the soul.

Geraldine now dedicates herself to the dissemination of knowledge of hybridization programs and the reexamination of the commonly held dogma of the human genetic timeline, historical record and advanced healing of the human bio structure. She is currently writing her first book, DNA Origins and the Human Hybridization Program.

Founder of HybridMother.com, An international research and support group for experiencers and contactees of ID phenomena.

Co-Director of O.P.U.S – The Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support.

Geraldine's story is now part of a 16 time winning documentary called "Extraordinary - The Seeding.”

She is a Radio host, Artist, International Speaker and YouTuber.

You can schedule a one on one session at www.Geraldineorozco.com

Laura Hopper

Psychic Horizons: Energy and the Spiritual Laws of the Universe

Rev. Laura Hopper

All that we are, all that we do, and all that we create has to do with energy. Everything has a spiritual origin, and we as spirit are in charge of what we do and create with our energy systems. Energy works according to certain spiritual laws of the universe, so the good news and the bad news is, this is not a random universe. Since all of us as spiritual and physical beings are made of and defined by energy, these laws are very pertinent and personal to each of us.

We need to know how energy works, specifically how it works with us as individuals. How we as spirit are either in our body or out of our body, and whether or not we know how to focus our attention – which is how we create. Do we have energetic boundaries, and what are the implications of that? Have we released the emotional charge off of our past time experiences, memories, issues and beliefs? If not, we continue to manifest those old patterns.

I have taught these concepts for many years, as does the staff at Psychic Horizons. We have seen thousands of students come through various levels of our classes and programs the last 40 years. The presentation will give you some idea of these spiritual concepts which are very pertinent to our everyday lives.

Rev. Laura Hopper Bio

Rev. Laura Hopper, Founder and Director
Psychic Horizons, Church of Natural Grace

Laura Hopper is the Founder and Director of Psychic Horizons and the Church of Natural Grace. She began teaching classes, doing healing work and private readings in 1977. Since 1981, when the school became formally incorporated, Laura has worked with thousands of students. She has taught all levels of classes, and currently teaches the beginning meditation class, advanced clairvoyant training class, graduate classes and does private readings.

John Bodine

Current Research on The Use of Entheogens (Psychedelics) for Healing

Rev. Laura Hopper

This presentation and conversation will discuss current research and benefits that entheogens can provide both through microdosing as well as full journeys. Come with your questions. Let’s have fun!

John Bodine Bio

John Bodine is a life coach specializing in addiction recovery, PTS, and trauma informed transformation. His clients most often use entheogens and plant medicine as tools aiding in their transformation. John helps them prepare for the extraordinary experience and more importantly, integrate the experience and identify and implement the necessary changes that will benefit them on their path toward a more fulfilled loving life.

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