Speakers in 2022

Speakers in 2022

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Complex of Self

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

We are multiples of "Self". With the non-material mind model, vast new possibilities open up for describing the nature of Being. The idea that we are a "mob" of conscious entities is far from new and offers a novel insight into many mental and spiritual phenomena. Descriptions of it go back to ancient texts and even early Christian gnostic writers, such as Basilides and Valentinus, were very familiar with the model.

Buddha referred to the "fleas" we carry around and Gurdjieff wrote of multiple "I"s. In more modern times, we have the dissociation model of Ernest Hilgard, and Dick Schwartz's "Internal Family Systems". But typically, these ideas revolve around the supposition that there are "aspects" of self that "behave like" separate conscious entities.

The model I am introducing is that we are truly a "cloud consciousness" of beings, in various degrees of independence. But the model is less than pathological. In fact, it's very liberating. We all have moments of insight into this phenomenon, when we use expressions like "A little voice in my head says…" and "A part of me is telling me that…"

We are taught to dismiss these as imaginary or metaphorical messages. Such a model is not "correct" because it couldn't be! We are, after all, just a brain, say the reductionist scientists. Haha! We are NOT a brain. I will introduce a series of hundreds of individuals who have no brain (or less than 2% of brain tissue), yet they think and behave normally.

We are a non-material mind and therefore the complex of self is almost a given! Others taking over and broadcasting through your brain momentarily is not to be feared. YOU are still the prime consciousness. And wouldn't schizoid patients be less distressed if told they are not "crazy" -- that normal people can hear voices too!

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby Bio

Dr. Scott-Mumby has been a world leader in alternative medicine and a professor of nutrition for nearly 40 years, with extensive connections in Europe. Over the last 30 years or more, he has been in the public eye, via TV (BBC etc), radio and press media.

He made his name internationally as the World's "#1 Allergy Detective" in the field of food and environmental allergies. In the late 70s, early 80s, he was an early pioneer in showing the immense impact of these phenomena on general health.

Dr. Mumby is a consummate blogger and is the author of several books.

Activating our Nonlocal Awareness

Russell Targ, Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak and Alan Steinfeld

Russell Targ and his team, including the great natural psychic Ingo Swann, at the Stanford Research Institute clearly discovered in the 1970s the ability of the mind to see around the world. Essentially through “remote viewing” techniques, human beings clearly possess the ability to perceive beyond their present time-space locality. From a larger quantum consciousness field, we live in a state of non-locality with an innate ability to connect to deeper levels of reality - beyond space and distance, beyond past, present and future, and beyond the personal awareness of the separate self.

Join us as we demonstrate techniques to increase our consciousness connection to the higher powers of the mind, sending our positive thoughts throughout the planet.

Russell Targ

Russell Targ is a physicist and author, a trailblazer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and a cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) investigation of psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s for the CIA. He is a founder, former director, and president emeritus of International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA). Called remote viewing, his work in the psychic area has been published in Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), and the Proceedings of the American Association the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

He is author or co-author of nine books dealing with the scientific investigation of psychic abilities and Buddhist approaches to the transformation of consciousness, including Mind Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Ability (with E. Harold Puthoff); Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing (with Jane Katra); and Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness. He also wrote an autobiography, Do You See What I See: Memoirs of a Blind Biker, and The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities. He is also the producer of the movie "Third Eye Spies" which details much of the SRI Remote Viewing research.

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. Bio

JJ and Desiree Hurtak

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. are social scientists, futurists and founders of The Academy For Future Science, an international organization. Dr J.J. Hurtak is the author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, as well as numerous other books, including his work with co-author Russell Targ entitled End of Suffering: Fearless Living in Troubled Times. Recently, the Hurtaks both co-authored a book with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, called Mind Dynamics, an overview of the science behind remote viewing. Dr. J.J. Hurtak has a Ph.D. from the University of California and a second Ph.D., from the University of Minnesota.

They are also well-known for their graphic videos directed by Drs. Hurtak, making them the holders of fourteen gold and silver medal film awards for their work in bringing science and art together in the media. These films and documentaries include: Merkabah, The Light Body, Gates of Light, and Voice of Africa: The Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. They are members of the Evolutionary Leaders, and are on the board of FIONS (New York) which is associated with astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences).

Alan Steinfield

Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld is a host and producer of New Realities channel for Youtube with over 22 million views www.Youtube.com/NewRealities. His program investigates new ways of looking at UFOs, consciousness, science and the arts. He has interviewed every major UFO researcher in the field, such as Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Whitley Striber, Linda Moulton Howe, and many others. He has done in-depth interviews with leaders in the human potential movement such as Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, late Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart and the late John Mack. For 8 years, he was one of the main emcees for the largest UFO conference in the country, Contact in the Desert.

He is also the author of Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestial Contact published by St. Martin's Press of New York which was, during its initial release, the #1 UFO Amazon bestseller in new releases. As the curator of this anthology Alan Steinfeld relied on his 30 years of experience with the subject in selecting the best researchers for their original contributions. This includes essays by Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, bestselling author of Communion, Prof. John E. Mack, former head of the Harvard Medical school of psychiatry and an alien abduction investigator, Nick Pope, former UK Ministry of Defense UFO investigator, Grant Cameron, expert on American presidents and UFOs, Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak, globalists and founders of the worldwide organization, The Academy for Future Science, Caroline Cory, director of Superhuman and ET: Contact, and Mary Rodwell, author of the New Human about star-seed children. George Noory of Coast to Coast AM kicks off the volume with his veteran overview of the need to wake up to the new realities of extraterrestrial existence.

Tuning and Integrating Our Soulful Self into Everyday Life

Dr. Kathleen Riley

The tuning of the Self and has its roots in many cultures and traditions. It is a continual upward spiral in consciousness – part of our higher soul’s journey that we are invited to integrate into our humanness. For here we truly get to embody and be our soulful self in human form.

Dr. Kathleen Riley will discuss the energetic domains of self, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, subconscious, ancestral and karmic. She will also speak about our life domains of health, productivity, material wellbeing, intimacy, safety, emotional wellbeing, and community. These are all affected by the coherence and tuning of our domains of self.

Through the frequencies of our intentions, we create a vibratory resonance that is transmitted throughout our beings to every cell and biophoton, and outward to the global field. Our sounds, spoken word and music, as well as our thoughts, attitudes and emotions, affect the Earth’s magnetic field lines. They are plucked, like guitar strings, by the solar wind.

Kathleen will lead us through a creative exercise in sound from her favorite place, the playground, where we reconnect with our soulful self.

Dr. Kathleen Riley

Kathleen Riley, Ph.D. Bio

Kathleen shares her wisdom from her own journey, her experience as a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, HeartMath Trauma-Sensitive Coach, and HeartMath Stress & Well-Being Certified Provider, and wisdom from her dear teacher and mentor, Dr. Sue Morter.

Utilizing the power and potential of intentionality within ourselves as expressed through spoken word, sound and music, contains healing, balancing and harmonizing frequencies, so needed in these extraordinary times of shift and change for humanity and our world. Every being on this planet creates sound. And the intentions behind the sound affect the outcome.

Workshop: Harmonic Resonance: Tuning the “Instrument” of Our Higher Self

with Dr. Kathleen Riley

Sunday, May 15th, 10 -11:30 a.m. via Zoom

Our “self” vibrates in different domains – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sub-conscious, karmic and ancestral. All have vibrational strings, and they sometimes go “out of tune.”

Come join Kathleen Riley, Ph.D. as she shares her wisdom, teachings, heart-brain coherence through HeartMath® along with their tools and techniques, as well as a few keys from her mentor, Dr. Sue Morter. Kathleen will teach you how to become aware of your vibrational strings, and tune from dissonance to harmonic coherence.

In this workshop you will benefit from:

  • Teachings and practices for creating and maintaining a baseline of ease, gratitude, joy, and physical and emotional well-being when life blows you off balance.
  • Specific simple and effective tools to take charge of your emotions and liberate yourself from anxiety and emotional overwhelm, in any moment.
  • Learning about heart-brain coherence and its effects on our physiological system.
  • Practical tips and tools to reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, regain energy, sleep better, and reduce symptoms of depression, anger and anxiety.


Registration includes access to a recording of the workshop.

Science and Subtle Energies – A Path to I AM

with Dr. Jerry Gin

Jerry Gin A Path to IAM

The presentation will center on topics from Jerry's newest book, Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM.

Subtle vibrational energies are ubiquitous. As with the electromagnetic spectrum which can be characterized using wavelengths, there is a subtle vibrational energy spectrum which can be characterized by wavelength as detected by resonance. The science of detection and measurement is reproducible. Detection is dependent on the observer. This is analogous to quantum physics where the observer is integral to whether a particle or a wave is seen in the famous double slit experiment.

In this presentation, we learn about these subtle vibrational energies, how to detect and measure them and how our thoughts interact with them. The energies listen to our thoughts. We can move them, even copy them. The energies can be used to structure water. Through experiments with magnets and GANS (Gas in Nano State), we learn more about the nature of the energies.

It turns out the most powerful subtle vibrational energy can be generated by I AM. We will learn how to generate this energy. We will also learn how our own vibrational energy level increases when we realize our I AM essence level. We can detect and see our vibrational level increase and we can experience the center of stillness with Affirmations which bring us to our I AM essence.

Dr. Jerry Gin Bio

Dr. Jerry Gin is the author of The Teacher and The Seeker of Light and Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM, his new book. He is also the Chairman and CEO of FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research), a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the consciousness of individuals and organizations to enable us to live in greater harmony with one another, the earth, and the cosmos.

Jerry is also the author of The Teacher and The Seeker of Light.

Jerry’s driving passion for the past 20 years has been exploring the nature of the universe. To this end, his activities have included research, studies in many diverse disciplines, experiential activities in self-exploration, and growth and knowledge through inner knowing.

Dr. Jerry Gin

Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed: Inner Resonance Technology

Maureen Edwardson

Maureen Edwardson

Your body is an amazing piece of flesh and blood technology fully programmed to respond instantly to higher mind and consciousness. It is a quantum superconductor that operates at room temperature: a limitless receptor and quantum responder to the environment and higher consciousness.

This masterful technology of the universe is installed inside each and every one of us. How do we access this? The programmed complexities offer a corresponding simplicity of access. Inner Resonance Transformation offers one of those simple but profound keys.

Join us for an experiential presentation of Inner Resonance Technologies

Expand your understanding of a very practical ‘how to’ application of the universal, scientific principles of Inner Resonance Technologies that effortlessly birth new realities. Experience a simple reconnection to your Quantum Spiritual Self, free of limiting programs and old patterns that keep you stuck.

Wake up that part of you that knows what and how to bring you into alignment with the greatest expression of your most Authentic Self, fully comfortable in your own skin and inspired to new levels of creativity.

Believe it or not, it is effortless, fast, fun and simple. Just show up and say YES to your higher Self! You will leave with your own Magical Self Switch to activate daily.

Maureen's Pioneering Efforts are Vital to Our Evolution
-Dr. Bruce Lipton

Maureen Edwardson Bio

Maureen Edwardson, the originator of Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT), has been studying, evolving and sharing the IRT Protocol, fully explained in her book Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed – The Science of Inner Resonance, for 30 years. Maureen has shared these teachings internationally, including at US Bureau of Indian Affairs national conferences and US tribal school trainings, with shamans of the Republic of Altai, medical and physics professors from the research institutes in Novosibirsk and Moscow, Russia, and in Scandinavia.

Maureen is a Certified Delegate of Nassim Haramein’s breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics which demonstrates mathematically that each cell is a black/white hole, the Event Horizon between the Newtonian (physical) and Quantum (non- physical) worlds, proving that we are indeed the central co-creative force of our own perceptual universe, connected in the Oneness.

IRT is resourced on Dr. Bruce Lipton’s website www.brucelipton.com and in his books Spontaneous Evolution and The Honeymoon Effect. You can find more about her at www.maureenedwardson.com

Maureen currently has an online international practice facilitating the Wake Up and Empowerment of the Global System, both individually and with cutting edge groups that are creating breakthrough technologies which address our current crises in order to shift our collective paradigm into one of greater empowerment.
She is also consultant to and featured expert in the recently released “The Grand Self Movie” by acclaimed filmmaker James A Sinclair.
Watch at https://www.grandselfmovie.com/a/33391/FMJ52hjQ

Maureen hosted her own TV show on awaketvnetwork.live for 3 Seasons: Wake Up Your Magical Self; Activate Your Magical Self; and HUman: Redefined, Aligning With Our Grand Cosmic Self which facilitates the practicing and embodying of our limitless Evolutionary Codes for physical immortality, bilocation etc. empowering us to the next level.

Your Soul’s Journey: Past Lives & Spirit Guides

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht.

Scott De Tamble

Join us for a special evening with spiritual hypnotherapist Scott F De Tamble, who will share about his adventures in spiritual hypnotherapy. While facilitating thousands of Life Between Lives and Past Life Regression sessions. He has communicated with many advanced spiritual beings, and learned much about our souls’ journey through the cosmos, our eternal nature, and why we are incarnated here in these most fascinating times.

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht. Bio

Scott is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For the past 21 years he has dedicated himself to guiding clients to a deeper understanding of their eternal soul and their current life's mission.

He is a contributing author to several books including, "Memories of the Afterlife" and "Wisdom of Souls.” His session work is featured in films and books, including "Flipside," "Hacking the Afterlife,” and “Soul to God."

In addition to his private session work, Scott conducts trainings in Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy, and holds Group Regression events.

Flowers in Your Aura: Experiences of an Intuitive Medium

Susan Hazard

Susan Hazard photo

Susan Hazard is a National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) Certified Medium, and has been practicing her gift of mediumship for over twenty-five years. She partners her gift for mediumship with intuitively perceiving your aura as flowers, the symbolic meanings assisting to open communication with your loved ones in spirit. Susan will speak about her development as a medium, then will answer questions and give demonstrations to as many participants as possible.

This presentation will be done "meeting style" (not webinar style), so Susan can interact with the participants.

This presentation will not be LiveStreamed to YouTube.

Susan Hazard Bio

Susan Hazard is the author of her book “Flowers In Your Aura; Experiences Of An Intuitive Medium”, and has recently revised the NSAC Publicity Handbook for member churches. Susan is a member of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church and serves as the vice-president on the Board of Trustees, and currently resides and practices as a professional artist in the Pacific Northwest.


Contact her at hazard.medium@gmail.com     Telephone 805.618.0354

Blood and bones-Healing Grief and Trauma in Your Family Lineage

Linda Fitch

Linda Fitch

In this inspiring session Linda will discuss

  • Why family systems hold old grief and trauma to varying degrees and how it impacts us.
  • Why your parents are important regardless of if they were great at parenting or not.
  • How the old family story resides within you, in your blood and bones.
  • Healing tools to open a doorway of healing that ripples back through time and gives you guidance and support for the future.

Linda Fitch Bio

Linda Fitch is a practicing shaman who has studied with the Inka of Peru for over 25 years. She has trained hundreds of students in shamanic healing techniques and maintains an active healing practice. In high demand at venues and conferences around the world, she does business consulting and is specialized in teaching “how to teach” (bringing your message to the world). She has more than 30 years of experience working with businesses, groups, language patterns and modeling from the field of Neuro linguistics Programming and shamanism.

Linda has a proven track record as a teacher of shamanic energy medicine and has taught around the globe, in Sweden, Denmark, Russia, China, Taiwan, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Canada. She also leads spiritual expeditions to Peru.

Living Through Turbulent Times: The Energetics Of Self Care

Alx Utterman

Alx Utterman

Alx will share the number one worst disease affecting us right now both collectively and individually, burnout. Discover how living through these turbulent times is affecting so many of us, especially empaths, and how we can use the energetics of self-care to dissolve negative energy charges from our physical body to keep our energy healthy and in flow, avoiding burnout. Alx shares how spirituality can also be immensely practical, with tools we can use in our everyday lives to inspire our well-being and keep us from creating “inner war zones”.

Alx Utterman brings her decades’ worth of experience as a global spiritual inspirational healing leader to help others walk in wellness and be of more help to those around them.

She spent many years living & training intensively in South India, the origin of her powerful, effective tools.

Kundalini, Bioenergy and Awakening

Emma Bragdon, PhD

Emma Bragdon Ph.D.

Kundalini is a powerful energy that typically lies dormant in the sacrum. When it rises it can create physical, emotional and spiritual experiences that are can be overwhelming and disturbing. When fully "awakened" the kundalini energy manifest as the highest levels of consciousness--one feels bliss and profound peace. Increasing numbers of people are having kundalini experiences and needing emotional support and understanding.

Awakening to a more expansive consciousness is becoming a vital part of maintaining mental health. Healthcare providers and the public at large learn the benefits and risks through interviews with experts sharing their knowledge and skills.

Join us as Dr. Bragdon discusses her important work at The Integrative Mental Health University (www.imhu.org).

Learn how spiritual experiences can be positively transformative, even evolutionary!

About Emma Bragdon, PhD

A renowned author of two classic books on Spiritual Emergency, a seasoned facilitator with 35+ years experience, and a pioneer in this field. She is honored to be one of 4 teachers in the Grof® Legacy Training in Latin America.

Dr. Bragdon seasons her presentations with humor, cartoons, and personal stories. You will feel enriched by the information and more hopeful about the positive changes we can make in ourselves and in our mental healthcare to optimize wellbeing.

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