Spring 1984 Newsletter-The Reporter

Spring 1984 Newsletter

The Reporter

This is the FMBR newsletter "The Reporter", for spring 1984.

The entire newsletter is is presented here in 2 forms, online, in PNG format, with links below to major topics in the newsletter. In the online version (PNG) you can move from the page you are on to the page after or before.

Click here for a full PDF version of the newsletter.

In This Issue

CoverCover page
2.Foundation Calendar
Editorial by Robert Henley
Introduction to the Westerbeke Conference
3.The Story Behind the Westerbeke Conference by William C. Gough
The Westerbeke Conference on the Nature,Power, and Role of Thought by Rae Montor
13.A Report on the Parapsychology Information Network by Robert Henley
14.The 1983-84 Foundation Calendar in Review

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