Status of Research on the Physics of Consciousness

Status of Research on the Physics of Consciousness

Working Models and Experiments

William C Gough, President of FMBR
Associated Writers:
Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph D
G. B. (Jack) Houck
Virginia Gruye

The following is a report on the first FMBR "Working Meeting" to explore the frontiers between science, the paranormal, and spirituality. The meeting was held in 1980 and its report was selected as a key information source by a congressional committee. The Committee on Science and Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives issued a two year "Survey of Science and Technology Issues -- Present and Future," For the first time, "research on the Physics of Consciousness (parapsychology)" was included as a major issue.

In subsequent years FMBR held a series of such "Working Meetings" on topics related to the evolution of consciousness studies.

The entire report is is presented here. Click for a full PDF version of the report.


Executive Summary And Conclusions

I Introduction

II Impressions from the Meeting

III General Findings on the Status Of Research

IV Suggested Research to Clarify or Resolve Issues


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