Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing

Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing

How much science is there behind energy/biofield healing and what will it take to integrate these therapies into healthcare? Our colleagues at the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, the Walker Family Foundation, Thomas Dingledine, and the Emerald Gate Foundation have just completed a year long, systems analysis of the science and practice of subtle energy and biofield healing (using the energy in and around the body to facilitate healing). The Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing: Evidence, Practice and Future Directions report synthesizes key perspectives and data across scientists, healing practitioners, policy advocates, technologists and more and provides suggested directions for systems change in healing. This report is a groundbreaking unification of our understanding of subtle energy and biofield healing, bringing together in one place the latest research, practice and technology in biofield healing.


Key discoveries include:

· there is an estimated subtle energy healing market of $2 billion in revenue which involves millions of practitioners and patients.  

· There are more than 250 subtle energy technologies currently being marketed with very little evidence. 

· There are over 400 subtle energy researchers worldwide, and over 6000 peer-reviewed scientific publications in biofield healing  

The report includes public databases, maps and infographics on biofield communities, research, and technologies. The report also, for the first time, defines a roadmap for systems-based, collaborative action through research, education, technology development, practitioner empowerment and integration of validated subtle energy healing techniques to the modern health world to help alleviate suffering worldwide. This report will help anyone who is unfamiliar with biofield healing understand the “there there” behind these practices, and aid practitioners in sharing the science and global movement behind them.

Access the report, databases and infographics


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