Debate About the Survival of Consciousness after Death

The Debate About the Survival of Consciousness after Death

Jean Millay, Ph.D.

In Collaboration with the Spirits of

Ruth-Inge Heinze (1919-2007)and Marge King (1921-2001)


I began this as a two-page statement of the debate issues, and asked friends for comments. I am grateful to those who took the time to suggest important changes, especially Darrell Lemaire and Stanley Krippner. Will Wells suggested that it be less confrontational and Don Douglas rightly insisted on proper references: Now there are sixty-five of them. I have always felt that if what I was channeling were true, someone would have already written and published it where I could find a reference to match. Since most of the books and papers that I have listed as references were familiar to me, the material was already part of my consciousness, and easily found. Nothing is new here, except the way we three have combined it. The spirits of Ruth-Inge Heinze (RIH 1919 - 2007) and Marge King (MK 1921 - 2001) have directed some of this through me, but the final result represents our collaboration based on our continued discussions about these issues, which we all have studied. Each night I thought the project was finally finished, but each morning I would wake up with some idea that either MK or RIH wanted included. They both “insisted” that I keep working. They suggested bits and pieces of additions in random order, so the next day I would have to organize it. After I thought we had stated the case for “Survival of Consciousness After Death,” RIH would insist on several expansions. She wanted me to explain how this growing awareness of Spirit might be used to improve public education and healthcare, so that it would include these expanded concepts about the nature of intelligence.

To this end, RIH reminded me of my paper she had published in her first conference proceedings, “Expanding Visual Intelligence.” MK insisted on including our biofeedback lessons from the CD on “Self-Discovery Science.” This includes a 1-meter long electromagnetic spectrum chart showing how Human energies relate to those of Sun, Earth, and sound. It is in color so that even ten-year-olds can understand how we are all connected in energy. The CD includes our own studies along with reports from twelve different teachers, who all introduced biofeedback successfully in public education to enhance attentional skills and stress management as a way of improving health and while reducing violence in the classroom.

When children learn to sustain their ability to focus attention (through biofeedback), they can learn to expand their intelligence. When children are introduced to the frequencies of brainwaves, muscle activity and heart rhythms, they can discover how their thoughts affect their own health and that of their associates. By combining visual intelligence and a sustained focus, such skills as remote viewing and telepathy can be explored, as well.

I have heard that some spirit guides will provide information that can be written directly the first time so clearly that it does not need to be edited. I have been editing and re-editing this for over a month. Since we were snowed in, I wasn’t going anywhere, anyway. So here it is, and your comments will be appreciated.

Jean Millay, Ph.D.
Spring Equinox, 2008

This is an invitation to consider Life’s relationship to Eternity

The Tao de Ching
(3, 4, 5, 6)
(Translated as “The Book of the Way”)

By Lao Tzu

The name Lao Tzu is often translated as a “wise old Master” that lived in China around 2,500 years ago. One legend tells that he was an advisor to the Emperor. When he left the palace, he planned to retire to the mountains, but the guards were ordered not to let him go until he wrote down all he knew. THE TAO DE CHING is said to be the result. Frank J. MacHovec’s 1962 poetic translation has been my favorite. He called it The Book of Tao: Key to the Mastery of Life. This and several other translations are listed at the end. Since I don’t translate Chinese, I have studied several translations. The following is my own version from meditating on all of them.

The Tao de Ching
(The Way of Cosmic Consciousness)

      “There is something mysterious, without beginning, without end, that is the Essence of the heavens and the Earth. (*A) Unmoving; infinite; standing alone; never changing. It is everywhere and it is inexhaustible. It is the mother of all.
      I do not know its name. If I must name it, I call it Cosmic Consciousness [Tao] with loving wonderment for its All Encompassing Supremacy. (*B)
      Thus Cosmic Consciousness is Supreme, the Universe is Supreme, the Earth is Supreme, and Life is Supreme. There are four Supremes in the Universe. Life is one of them.
      Life is subject to the laws of the Earth, the Earth is subject to the laws of the Universe, the Universe is subject to the laws of Cosmic Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness is subject to the laws of its own nature....” (*C)

*A) In this ancient Chinese story about the Cosmos, this Essence is without beginning and without end, and that idea supports the concept of Eternity and Infinity. The ancient Western story about the Cosmos supports the idea of a beginning and an end: “In the beginning God said ‘Let There be Light…’ ” The modern “scientific” explanation about a Big Bang corresponds to that concept (i.e., the whole universe began with a Big Bang from something unbelievably tiny, and may collapse again.) However, the Western story may have led us astray. Before 1924, most astronomers thought that our galaxy was the only one. Then with the new larger telescope at the Mt. Wilson Observatory, Edwin Hubble discovered a galaxy that was not our own. He and other astronomers adopted the Doppler formula as the simplest explanation for the red shift that they observed. Therefore, by Occam’s Razor, that is what was (and still is) used. The math built into Doppler included not only distance, but also the speed of travel, and a number arbitrarily set as the “Hubble Constant” (now revised upward to try to account for more distant stars.) So each time a new and more distant galaxy or star was observed, the assumption that it was also traveling faster was built into the math. Therefore “In the beginning…” (Since a beginning was also assumed) the whole universe must have begun with an explosion from something, very unbelievably tiny, around 13 (or 15) Billion Light-Years (BL-Y) ago. However, the concept that this whole vast (yet to be revealed) universe could have blown out of a tiny point, and may (or may not) condense again into a tiny point, is NOT the simplest explanation, since it has led to these irrational concepts about the nature of the universe. What the land based telescopes and the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) have been able to show, over the last 80 years, far exceeds those early assumptions, even though the HST can only see just so far. By focusing through the dark part of the sky, HST has shown us 1100 galaxies, some as far away as 5 billion light-years (BL-Y). One astronomer, on the NASA program that showed those astonishing images from HST, announced with great exultation that he thought we might be looking at nearly the beginning of the universe! “Isn’t that exciting?” Darrell Lemaire and I both had to laugh at that. Suppose HST could see in other directions, too. That would mean it might show us other galaxies 5 BL-Y away in each direction of sight. That adds up to 10 BL-Y all around us, nearly what is assumed to be the age of the Universe. We are always in the middle of only as far as we can see. The problem is that our galaxy is so full of light that HST cannot see what lies on the other side of the Milky Way. Consider the position of the Earth and the position of Hubble as it orbits the Earth. We should never assume that we could see it all from here.

The measurement of “the background radiation” was assumed to be proof of the One Original Big Bang. But that radiation might very well be left over from just the explosion of our own galaxy. Throughout the Infinite and Eternal Universe, such explosions no doubt continue to occur. Black Holes were said to be so dense that not even light could escape. Yet Hubble has shown us a galaxy swirling inward as it condenses into a black hole. From (in? or around?) the center of that black hole, material (energy? - matter? - or both?) is forced out to reach 40,000 or more light years across (this amazing Hubble image resembles the body and axis of a gyroscope). Does the new material begin a new galaxy? Was our own galaxy started in this manner from an older one that collapsed the same way? The images that HST provides are seen and interpreted one way by those who assume a Big Bang, and they can be seen and interpreted differently by those who assume an Infinite and Eternal Universe. I think this difference can and ought to be debated openly.

* B) The general translation of “Tao” is the term “The Way,” and what I believe is meant here is The Way of Cosmic Consciousness. Some have interpreted “Tao” as representing another word for “God,” or “The Great Mystery.” Among some of the more fundamentalist exclusionary forms of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions, the name “God” has been used as though “He” (or Jesus) was a personal “Spirit Guide,” or a stern taskmaster and punisher of sins, or perhaps for some, “He” is totally impersonal because “He” is also God of the whole Universe. We perceive what we believe, and some beliefs have a more limited definition than what is meant here by the “Essence” of everything. Those shamans who revere the idea of a “Great Spirit” seem to embrace the heart of the meaning of “Essence,” since they also show reverence for all of Life as well as for “Father Sun and Mother Earth.”

All Life is Supreme as it Resonates with Cosmic Consciousness.

*C) “The laws of its own nature” are gradually being uncovered by science. The Einstein formula E=MC2 is one of them. The letters are symbols for “M” (mass or matter) and “E” (energy) and “C” (the speed of light). While it was thought that nothing could exceed the speed of light, the atomic age came into being with those symbols using this much faster number that is identified as the square of the speed of light (C2). Now that we explore the realms of non-local spacetime, we ourselves experience that the speed of thought is actually faster than the speed of light. Physicist Saul-Paul Sirag, in his advanced calculations mentions an unimaginable number such as C7, which he has suggested to represent Consciousness. (1) Because I don’t understand physics, or how Sirag arrives at C7, it is inappropriate for me to use the term. However, I would like to borrow the concept of CN to use as a metaphor to represent the Multiple Dimensions of Life and Consciousness. Physicist Elizabeth Rauscher also discusses the multiple dimensions of the universe and consciousness. (2) We can send thoughts around the world to our friends and receive answers from them directly in the hyperspace of non-local spacetime. These powers of mind are the abilities of our own Consciousness. The Infinite and Eternal Essence of the Universe is the Essence of our own being, as well.


1) Sirag, S-P. (1993) Hyperspace Reflections. In Silver Threads: 25 Years of
Parapsychology Research.
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2) Rauscher, E.A. and Targ, R. (2002) Why only four dimensions will not explain the
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* Among the many different translations of the Tao, are these:

3) Frank J. MacHovec. The Book of Tao: The Key to the Mastery of Life.
Mount Vernon, NY: The Peter Pauper Press, 1962.
4) Timothy Leary. Psychedelic Prayers: and other Meditations. Berkeley, CA:
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7) Postcard copyright © 1981 Harrell Graham, PO Box 58 Redmond, OR 97756



The Debate About the Survival of Consciousness After Death
By Jean Millay, Ph.D.
In Collaboration with the Spirits of
Ruth-Inge Heinze and Marge King
(1919-2007)               (1921-2001)

1) Statement of opposition:

     For over a century, the civilizations of Western materialistic science have maintained that there can be NO survival of consciousness after death.   The brain/mind (with its personality) is created by, and limited to, the matter and energy of the brain/body. The baby is formed by its genetics. The mind is empty at birth, until the hippocampus develops in the brain so that memory is possible. After that the personality evolves through life experiences. 

    The legal definition of the end of life is established at the time the energy (as measured by brainwaves and heartbeat) can no longer be detected in the body. Without electrical signals in the brain, or blood flow from the heart, the brain and organs begin to deteriorate. Therefore, neither the mind nor its personality can function. Death is final. This is the scientific “reality” obvious to any who live inside this paradigm.    (Ref. *1)

2) Statement of support:

    For countless centuries, people around the world have maintained a reverent communication with the spirits of their ancestors. Our brains & bodies are the fundamental materials of our spacetime manifestation. The Life within is expressed by our spirit/mind/personality.  Definitions of Life and Consciousness cannot fit into the same 4–dimensions of spacetime that also define a plain inanimate box with no intrinsic energy or ability to reproduce. Life has its own unique place among those basic forces that make up the universe. (Ref. *2) All of us (whether we know it or not, or are psychics or shamans) can explore the dimensions beyond both space and time. The Spirit of Life is Eternal. Some children maintain memories of a recent past life, until they are old enough to talk about it. For others, memories arise in conscious awareness through rituals, meditation, hypnosis or crisis. (Ref. *3)

 While studies have demonstrated that communication from the personality of the spirits of the dead can be intelligent and may even provide information that the living did not know, such a report is often rejected automatically by mainstream peer-review journals. The entire subject matter has been classified as “unscientific” or even “flaky,” including the accurate records of observations made after one has come back from a near-death experience. These are among the major anomalies that materialistic science must begin to take into account before their descriptions of “reality” can be complete. Historically, the prevailing paradigms are eventually changed dramatically by such anomalies, which are the facts observed and recorded that do not fit the old description of “reality.” The Earth was believed to be the immovable center of the universe, but it does orbit the Sun. The land masses were believed to be set in place, but they do drift as upwelling volcanic material pushes the continental plates apart in some places, folds them under in others.
 Eventually the important recorded observations about how our own multidimensional consciousness can gain access to, and directly interact with, the intelligence of the spirit world will require the present paradigm of materialistic science to expand to include the dimensions of Life and the Spirit World. The last 60 years of published scientific research on these issues has grown into a large library. *4 In the next few pages, I will summarize some of the relevant research for your quick overview, along with sixty-five references for your additional information. Included are suggestions to modify our approach to education to facilitate the expansion of the paradigm. Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologists have been talking about such needed changes for over 20 years. Beliefs change slowly.


 The following is only a brief outline of the science that has established this proof, though much of that has been repressed consistently because the paradigm of the mainstream of science is too limited to include it. None of this evidence requires a belief in any God, so please consider the following research separately from any belief or disbelief you may hold about “God.” 
One notable example of repression was when the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) hired a TV magician (who had done no research himself) to discredit serious and careful scientific research completed at Stanford Research International, Inc. (SRI), and published in NATURE in 1974. *5 This magician went on to slander the participants, as well. Why would such a prestigious organization, dedicated to the study of science, do such a thing? Perhaps no one was able to believe the implications of the study, since it contradicted the established belief system. Physicist Dean Radin labeled such repression of good science by the dominant mainstream as a “taboo” against even talking about the subject seriously, *6 and psychiatrist Stanislav Grof called it “scientism.” *7
1)      Since that event 43 years ago, major governments (US, Europe, Russian, etc.) have funded programs that established the accuracy of clairvoyance (now called Remote Viewing) that had been reported by SRI, Int., (and ridiculed) at that AAAS meeting. Beyond that work funded by the US government, privately funded research has continued to show strong statistically significant results. *8, 9, 10, 11
2)      Anthropologists have recorded accurate clairvoyant, telepathic and spiritual healing experiences (often combined with direct communication from spirits), by shamans from ancient and modern cultures. * 12, 13
3)      Doctors have recorded out-of-the-body experiences by people who were thought to be dead, because the monitors could no longer measure electrical signals from their bodies. Then after a few minutes, the “dead” returned to life and recounted accurately all that had taken place, because they “watched” it all while they were out-of-the-body and remembered what they saw. *14, 15
4)      When the spirit-consciousness leaves the body at death, the evidence of its presence (brainwaves, heart beat) also leaves. The consciousness of the spirit may then experience (for a time) whatever its belief system expects to experience. “You perceive what you believe,” because we project our memory and belief system onto the universe of possibilities. (a) The consciousness of the spirit tends to identify with its most recent personality, which it helped to form out of brain/body/mind through the imprints and memories that it brings to the body before during and after birth. (b) *16, 17 Even though the spirit might also have some memories of its own past lives, and knows that the soul is eternal, it may choose to continue to help its loved ones as a spirit guide where possible because of its compassion and attachment to them. *18
5)      Many disembodied spirits are not yet aware that the dimensions of spacetime no longer limit them. One reason is the misinformation about the afterlife given by churches that are attached to the same control trips used in the dark Middle Ages. Obey only our laws during this life, and you can go to Heaven -- forever. If you break any of our rules, you will burn in Hell -- forever. While some religions allow a trial period in purgatory before final placement, the choices are still only very limited. None of it even hints at the richness of the afterlife. JM encountered a spirit during a séance who had no intention of being stuck forever in either place. He’d had such a good time as an entertainer in a speakeasy during prohibition (before he was shot by a jealous lover), he refused to leave the club where he continued to enjoy all the drinking parties still held there. *19
6)     Years of published accounts of accurate and confirmed information, received by authentic mediums through channeling disembodied spirits, has been repressed or ignored by two major and influential groups, though they disagree about everything else. The first is the materialist scientific community, and the other is the strict fundamentalist religions. They are both adamantly opposed to the concept of spirits, though not for the same reasons. One group insists that “There can be no intelligent activity of any sort after death,” and blindly follow their leader who condemns all research of the subject by declaring, “Parapsychology is pseudoscience.” *20 The other group acknowledges the existence of spirits, but declares them all to be “demonic” unless they have been officially elevated to the status of a “Saint” or a ”God.”  The demons can only be avoided if you agree to be “saved” from them within the specific binding and limiting belief system of that particular religion. (Even if your own loving grandfather comes for a chat, you must never talk to him, since you will be accused of practicing demonology.) Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door with pamphlets to warn us all that, “ESP is the work of the devil.”  *21 By projecting their belief in the devil, they see him everywhere they look. By preaching this belief to gain converts among those ignorant of the power of their own eternal Spirit, they create fear where none need to exist.
7)     An angry spirit may choose to continue to possess its enemies or to haunt the place where it died because it was overcome by fear, anger, or violent death, and through ignorance of its own dimensions beyond spacetime. *22 When soldiers die on the field of battle, the military chaplains pray for all of them during their pain and after their death. But I believe that some of the dead are reincarnated to live on the mean streets of major cities, because they are still in the mode of battle--to kill or be killed. The violence of children, while caused by gangs, peer groups and unhealthy environments, also might be traced to the passions of hate and terror carried over from a violent past life.  *23  Survivors of the horrors of war who continue to suffer mental disturbances and experience unbearably gruesome memories and dreams are currently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). *24 However, the spirits of the enemies they killed may have taken hostile possession of some of them. Even the friends they reached out to save, but were unable to do so, might follow them home, out of fear of abandonment in that field of death. *25
8)     The Native American Shaman Rolling Thunder said that in his culture, the warriors were not allowed back into the community after a battle until a purification ceremony was performed to release them of the sickening energy of the thoughts of violence and death that surrounded them, so such energies would not spill over to the small children and their mothers in the community. *26 A purification ceremony is needed in our own civilization. How shall we join to create a new one through our increased understanding of the Spirit World?
9)     When a disembodied spirit does not understand the range of multidimensional experiences available to it, a knowledgeable person can provide guidance to settle old emotions, and to help it re-connect with loved ones, or just to say “goodbye” to them. (c) Shamans, mediums, “ghost” chasers and enlightened therapists are often in the position of educating the spirit about its options. The therapist can encourage a spirit to leave a house it has been haunting, or to give up the attempt to possess a suffering patient. The therapist can explain to the spirit its choices -- explore the vast realms available to the spirit world, or experience the great joy that comes by going “Into the light.”  *27, 28
10)   Another serious social problem that could be stabilized to some extent by the understanding of the spirit world has arisen as the result of drug abuse, either from legal drugs that have been over prescribed (causing unconsciousness or addiction), or from specific illegal ones. Once a person is semiconscious or totally unconscious from these chemicals, there is a possibility of possession by a spirit. *29 A spirit that has just died alone, lonely and lost, in the unfamiliar environment of the hospital might possess an unconscious patient who does not know this has happened. There have been reports of such a person coming home from the hospital with some unusual personality traits that s/he didn’t have before. This unusual behavior may be diagnosed as “Multiple Personality,” but it will not be cured until the unwelcome “spirit visitor” is released. *30 The especially dangerous types of street drugs, such as methamphetamine, heroin, opium, etc., give rise to the increase of crimes of violence and/or vulnerable mental illnesses among those who are under their influence or who are already addicted. These problems are generally attributed to the drug use itself, the cost, and the crimes committed to obtain more, the paranoia about detection. All of which is probably true. However, while a person is under the influence of such a drug (and unconscious, or nearly so), a lost, mean or crazy personality/spirit (who might have died from an overdose of the same type of drug) may take the opportunity to possess the addict in order to re-experience that same drug related “feeling.”  Even for the one who wants to quit and is being treated for addiction, the “need” to continue the use of such material will take over as soon as the addict’s focused intention to become clear is distracted for any reason. Unless an exorcism or other type of purification ritual takes place the invading spirit will continue to control the unconscious mind of the possessed. *31
11)   Shamans use mind-altering plants, called “entheogens” to evoke a trance state for the purpose of calling a healing spirit into a sacred ceremony. “Entheogen” uses the Greek root word “Theos” meaning God.  An entheogen is something you take into your body to evoke spiritual visions or communication with the Divine. They also open the mind of the shaman to communication with friendly family spirits, special spirit guides, or “angels,” without taking away his/her control of the healing session. Some shamans do allow temporary total possession, because their helpers will make sure they recover and are returned to normal after the healing ritual is over. *32
   12)    Among the highly valued entheogens in use today are: Peyote, Psilocybin mushrooms, Cannabis Sativa (or Indica), LSD, MDMA and other phenethylamines. In the USA, the FDA continues to classify all of these as “dangerous drugs,” in spite of the new (and older) research about their potential for healing or their traditional use in spiritual ceremonies. In 1930 a selfish bureaucrat, looking for a way to keep his job after prohibition of alcohol was repealed, initiated false government propaganda as “scare tactics” against marijuana, though it had been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It was falsely classified by government decree to be as dangerous as heroin. Laws that made it illegal were also used to ban anyone from discussing any contradicting information about it in the press or on radio or TV. Free speech about the “reality” of this issue was also prohibited. *33 The same type of false propaganda was used against LSD in the 60s for political reasons, because those using it protested the Vietnam War and racial injustice. Even recently, what little government research is done on entheogens has been distorted and falsified to fit the political ideas that voters now “believe” to be true (because of so many years of government enforced propaganda). *34, 35 The “War on Drugs” is costly, useless, and doesn’t begin to reduce the enormous profit margin enjoyed by the Mexican drug lords. Instead of spending millions on the “War on Drugs” and the prisons, the government could reverse that negative economy to a positive one, by legalizing and taxing some drugs that are now illegal, and reducing overcrowded prisons by releasing the non-violent marijuana smokers. “The Rand Corporation estimates that if you compare the effect of criminal programs versus educational programs at reducing drug use, educational programs are way ahead by about a factor of seven.” *36 In addition, there seems to be an obvious corruption between the large “legal” pharmaceutical corporations and the FDA along with some members of congress whom they have “bought” with big campaign contributions. With this ability to influence government policies, Big Pharm has now been authorized to advertise their own type of dangerous drugs on TV to trusting adults and children. *37 Some doctors now over-prescribe more drugs to children than ever, rather than treating the cause--the unhealthy life styles promoted by TV, and perpetuated by our needlessly stressful educational system. *38
13)   Regardless of the social fears generated by government propaganda, the consciousness of our spirits can evolve in awareness toward the realization of the multidimensional nature of the soul, both during life and after the death of the body. Gradually, consciousness becomes aware of past and future from its ability to explore the realms of non-local spacetime until the fully self-realized soul becomes identified with the consciousness of the Infinite and Eternal (Cosmic Consciousness). It may choose to offer, but not impose, spiritual healing to help raise the consciousness of others, or it may choose to dissolve into the Light of the Oneness of Cosmic Consciousness. *39, 40
14)   “When does life begin?” This hot political question has stirred up great animosity, emotions, and violence against legal abortion clinics, nurses and doctors (all under the false religious piety that they are trying to “save lives”). The two main groups mentioned, in paragraph 6, have roped in politicians looking for votes, and are waging a major philosophical war on this very issue. Those who follow the materialist paradigm believe that the child is born without thought, so life begins at birth, and abortion before birth is not destroying life, but saving the mother and other family members. Religious leaders, wanting to influence political laws against a woman’s right to legal abortion, preach that life begins at conception, and the fetus has more rights to life than its mother has, partly because she committed a sin through the sex act itself. However, the answers given to this question by both sides makes no sense whatsoever to the genuine issues. The big question is not when life begins. The real answer is that Life never ends, only Life can beget Life, and all Life has consciousness. Life is a fundamental dimension of the Universe. Clearly, the egg and the sperm must both be alive, or they do not join to become one spirit entity (the rest are flushed without any crocodile tears at all). The available love and care of that spirit/consciousness for its intelligent evolution is the supreme issue here. We must reframe the issue to include the needs of the health and spirit/consciousness of the mother, the father and that of the potentially new person. When all three desire to merge, the resulting family group has a chance to become creative, peaceful and to participate in the larger community. *41 When any of them do not desire it, unhappiness may result to diminish their cooperation with the community, indeed some single mothers and abandoned babies do become a burden to others and the state. It is not the business of the state or of religious dogma to force outdated religious decisions on the constitutional rights of individuals about their personal choices (which may depend on their health or economic ability to raise a healthy child), and then refuse to pay taxes to increase welfare and healthcare for the increasing number of uneducated, poverty stricken and sick. *42
15)   The spirit through its conscious awareness may choose rebirth, or through undeveloped awareness and past, uncomfortable, Karma, it may be pushed into unconscious re-birth. When the spirit of the mother is aware of being chosen in this way, she may choose to participate in this karma or to reject it. The demand for rebirth might be avoided through the evolved ability of both the parents to focus love and forgiveness of past karma toward themselves and the spirit. *43 Sometimes a promise is made, such as “We love you, but this is not the right time. Next year when school is out (or other reason) come back to us then.” This agreement with the spirit has been reverently tried four times, and three of them resulted in a spontaneous miscarriage shortly afterwards. (d) When the unborn and the parents are all unaware, the relationship between parents and infant could lead to tragedy. Women and men need to become more conscious of these issues, so they can expand awareness of spirit, both for themselves and for their future children. The spirit of the mother and/or father may invite a spirit to share the mother’s brain/body as it forms a new life within her, but she is not spiritually required to build a brain/body for an aggressive spirit that they both (or she alone) have not invited. A spirit who maintains a personality/ego determined to choose a life of anger to settle old scores, or old karma, is rarely welcome, either. However, when father, mother and child understand the true nature of spirit/soul/consciousness, they may all choose to work with awareness during such a challenging opportunity to evolve toward more love and forgiveness and ultimately bring more peacefulness into the whole community. Education of the spirit world can alleviate and resolve, to some extent, the elusive emotional relief/grief/guilt cycle some women have suffered (through ignorance) when abortion is unavoidable because of abandonment, poor economics or a life-threatening situation. They learn to “talk” to the spirit and know that all spirit/consciousness is Eternal, and that they committed no crime because of the need to separate one from the other during a difficult time.
16)   Healthy sexuality and orgasm are fundamentally important to the basic needs of life and consciousness. *44 However, the prevalent unhealthy attitudes about sexuality impose a severe cost on individuals and the community alike. A 14 year-old girl shyly asked her midwife after the delivery of her baby, “Is sex always painful?”  Clearly, she did not have an orgasm when this pregnancy occurred. The boy wanted to brag to his friends that he finally “scored.” The social custom of his buddies convinced him that the event would improve his self-esteem with them. None of them thought about the needs of the girl. This social custom among men and boys is NOT healthy. This girl-child, raised by parents who demanded, “Do what you’re told,” had not the ego strength to resist. So, in the cramped back seat of a small car, with coarseness and no love or understanding, her life was dramatically changed. She had no preparation for motherhood, no understanding of the spirit of the baby, no awareness of her own spirit. The unhealthy concepts that sexuality itself is bad and wicked arise from the cultural and religious unrealistic demands for repression. Since the drive is strong, this leads to perversion and guilt. From repression arises commercially successful TV dominated by images of violent and sadistic sexuality, leading to the selfish and ignorant spread of disease. Children have been molested and raped by the teachers and priests who have sworn to protect them, causing lifelong emotional problems. *45
17)   Our civilization’s unhealthy concepts of sexuality are broadcast in living color around the world. Against that degenerate influence on our children, is the blind adherence to religious dogma to force more laws to keep women under domination and to deny them their natural rights. These ancient words from the Judea-Christian-Islamic religious teachings, such as “Go forth and multiply,” can no longer be the prime directive as it once was. The Bible was written at a time when there were less than a billion people (mostly illiterate). Now there are 6 billion people, and that is expected to grow to 9 billion, all competing for sustenance. *46 It has become evident that it is overpopulation that causes global warming, pollution, deforestation, war and disease. Therefore this political and religious ignorance should be exposed for what it is, and not be used to force a woman to provide a full live body to an unwanted spirit. The political and very hypocritical propaganda slogan “Pro-Life” is just the opposite of Pro-life. The unaware expansion of population into deeper competition for space and provisions promises to be more destructive to all life than does a simple abortion. In addition, this political and religious denial of the dangers of population growth is also used to prohibit healthy, loving, homosexual marriage. Homosexuality may very well be Nature’s own way to prevent overpopulation. The love and devotion people of the same sex choose to express to each other ought to be respected and honored. If life is to be respected, then respect all of human, animal and plant life—in balance with its support system, and that includes clean air, fresh water, and healthy food not poisoned by chemicals. *47 We must demand our individual freedom to exercise the power of healthy sexuality and the choice to limit the size of our families as necessary, since it is we who must be responsible for them. Those demands of the male dominated churches (professing a faith in a “God” they have limited to an image of a man in pain) and “religious” politicians, competing for the votes of the “equally ignorant faithful,” may yet lead us blindly into a future time when our own government must attempt to control population by force as the Chinese government has done.  
18)   How do we teach children and adults to learn about their own spirit and that of their unborn? Sex education classes can be designed to teach the logic of healthy reverence for sexuality because of its potential for calling a spirit into life. And the classes must also teach the life destroying potential of communicable diseases. Long before children are ready for explicit sexual activity, they need to learn about the consciousness of spirit.  *48 First, the school experiences of our children should be energizing, not mind-numbing as is so often the case today with the push for high-stakes testing. Real teachers, who understand and love children, know that “one multiple-choice, standardized high-stakes test will never answer the question about what our children need to learn to be leaders and informed citizens in a multicultural, ever-changing world.”  *49 Test anxiety creates the worst kind of distressing classroom experiences. Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D., wrote, “As an optometrist I have observed that the educational system is a major cause of nearsightedness and other visual problems…. A large study done in Connecticut public schools showed that when test anxiety was reduced… there was a reduction of 50% in nearsightedness. *50, 51 The regimentation practiced today might prepare our children for Fascism, but it does not prepare them for active and intelligent participation in a democratic government. All children want to be appreciated for their own uniqueness, but our understaffed and overcrowded test-driven classrooms have no time for the energizing experiences in which real education can begin to take place. 
19)   The late Dean Brown, Ph.D., was a pioneer in interactive computer education and helped set the stage for original thinking in education. A master teacher, physicist, metaphysicist, and philosopher, he often wrote about what REAL education should be, and inspired many of us. “Thoughtful people agree: first and foremost teach learning how to learn, the metaprocesses. After that, teach reverence for the material. After that, all that remains to do is to share the zest for learning--at the highest level of discrimination and the intellect.” *52 In the following paragraphs some of the suggestions for changing education have been discussed among Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologists for over 20 years. Please take them seriously. Below is a list of some of the metaprocesses—learning how to learn.
Physical education should be for everyone. Win-win games can be introduced where all can be included to enjoy healthy activity to raise their energy without feeling left out. Competitive team sports would be an elective for athletes. First we must recognize that the creative and destructive energies are equal in the brain. Suppressed negative emotions are unhealthy to the self and can lead to destructive expression to others. So we must learn to harness such energy creatively. When children along with their friends and parents learn that a healthy diet and fun exercises (such as dancing) can evoke joy and a clear mind, education can begin. Aldous Huxley suggested a lively dance that can be used to burn up the strong emotions of fear and anger, and transform them into pure energy. *53 Physical Education can be a powerful learning tool to help the understanding and voluntary control of violent emotions. One way to do this is to encourage children to take turns inventing dance dramas to fit their chosen music.  

The visual arts should be for everyone to learn how to express a language of seeing. *54 These classes are designed, not only for the budding artists, but for the future scientists, homemakers and philosophers as well. (Visual arts classes must fill a very different role in education, far beyond what is often called “art” today where the teacher gives each child a cutout of a valentine--or pumpkin--to paste lace and flowers on it, so they can take the “pretty picture” home to mother to display on the refrigerator.)  Raymond Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D., reported, “seeing is more a product of the mind than of the eyeballs…. Vision is a learned process. Visual skills can be trained properly…. If the children are taught to see twice as much, in half the time, with half the effort, imagine how quickly and easily they could be taught to master reading—not the reading of books only, but the reading of (and acting in) life.”  *55  He did this type of training for years to help nearsighted children see better. Not only were they able to see better, but their potential for advanced educational opportunities were dramatically improved. The classes to expand visual intelligence (for both external and inner vision) are important to all disciplines, including remote viewing and telepathy as well.

Science classes need to introduce fun projects for life science. And as early as 5th grade fun projects can include a study of the whole electromagnetic spectrum. (EM is mostly ignored in elementary classes today, except for light and electromagnetic motors.) The practice of offering EM only to those taking college prep physics classes in high school was based on the assumption that ten-year-olds wouldn’t understand it. But today they live in a world of the EM frequencies of numerous gadgets that were unheard of when the curriculum was cast in stone just a couple of generations ago. They need to learn how their own human electrical and magnetic frequencies actually relate to all of that. Neurofeedback and biofeedback instruments provide that information, and then when children find that they also relate to those of Sun, Earth and sound, they are delighted. We are all connected in energy. Investigating our connections to everything (electrical, magnetic, chemical, and psychic) is another direct and lively form of science education. Using neurofeedback and biofeedback instruments students will find “Self-Discovery Science” to be most useful, and not at all boring. *56 Students can learn how their own thoughts and how the words of others can effect their bodies. They can test for themselves just how much negative effect that eating too much sugar and junk food has on their blood sugar and level of energy as compared to the positive effects of eating healthy food. Neurofeedback can teach focus of attention (without Ritalin) and voluntary control of the autonomic nervous system. Learning how to increase one’s ability to focus of attention is a key to learning to increase intelligence. This can also demonstrate the importance of clear mind meditation along with the learning how to produce phase-coherent brainwaves. (These lessons plans to teach students in grades Five through Twelve, the basics of Self-Discovery Science using Electromagnetism with Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, are available for free download from

   Math, music, drama and art classes are designed to reveal the resonance between ourselves today and the creative people throughout history, who have transmitted their culture to us through art, music and drama. Math is fundamental to perspective in art and to the relationship between light, color and emotions. Math can help students understand the relationship between their brainwaves and music (through the concepts of entrainment of frequency and resonance). Math and music are closely related subjects, and can be taught together with much more enthusiasm than just teaching numbers alone. A study of different rhythm patterns can encourage self-expression among the students through music, drumming and games. 

   Psychology classes are designed to encourage story telling -– by reading famous stories and writing personal stories to express the drama in each life, it is possible to release hidden fears. Class discussions are designed to explore different possible endings to stories, to encourage personal clarity. From clarity, the student can begin to understand how personal visions and dreams arise from personal drama. Through joy and mental clarity arises the awareness of the powers of the mind to travel in non-local spacetime to retrieve information from telepathic communication, remote viewing, creative insight and trance states. *57 The exercises in learning a language of vision is important here, because visions often form the most dominant similarity to the distant target material. How then do you communicate that to others unless you can reproduce your vision in some way? When the spirit of a remote viewer (or a dreamer) receives images, the visual arts are a fundamental way to communicate them to others, since no photograph can be taken of internal mental images. Being able to draw the stream of consciousness images as they fleetingly appear is essential to improved remote viewing. *58 With biofeedback in the psychology class, students can learn to modify their emotional disagreements with others. Wire their Galvanic Skin Conductance BFB instruments into microphones, and put them in different soundproof rooms looking at each other through a window. When one person starts to shout, his microphone turns off, and doesn’t return until he can continue the discussion in a calm manner. Skin temperature and EMG (muscle) BFB can help relieve cold hands and feet as the student discovers the tight muscles that cause the problem, and the emotional issue tied up in the tight muscle. Friends can practice the intense experience of attempting to synchronize their brainwaves with each other. Others can practice bringing a healthy coherence to their heart rhythms and discover the rhythms of joy.
  20)     It is time to take a new and serious look at the wealth of scientific records of the real activities of mind/brain/body. The world of spirit/consciousness is already playing a larger role to expand our awareness than most people are willing to admit. *59, 60, 61 Along with this advanced research, there is a major evolution in thinking about thinking taking place in our time. How do you think? Do you blindly follow traditions, or do you try to explore possibilities beyond them? Perhaps you read intelligent books that were ignored by television news because they did not conform to the current ratings or to the dominant political spin. *62 Or perhaps instead you watch a lot of junk television because you are bored, and it is THERE, and then become addicted to the hypnotic flashing images, and stop thinking altogether. Do you allow the hypnotic effects of corporate controlled television to capture your thoughts so that commercials and violence dominate your thoughts and even your dreams? Are you aware of the political dangers of commercial and government propaganda (repeated over and over again using the known hypnotic techniques of television) that can become a serious threat to democracy? *63 Do you allow exclusionary religions or cults of scientism to convince you that all who are non-believers are dumb or doomed?
  20)     Your spirit/consciousness is never separate from Cosmic Consciousness; only your awareness of it is separate. Through the practice of brainwave sychronization and/or meditation, our spirit/mind/personality establishes this awareness that we are all connected. It is time to explore the multidimensionality of that sacred connection. *64, 65



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