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Dr Millay has suggested several papers and articles that might be interesting to those using her Teaching Self-Discovery Science materials

This page supplies links to these pieces — most to the FMBR website because the content appeals to most of our readers.

Reprint from the Reno Gazette-Journal

An interview from the Reno Gazette-Journal“” in 1997, reprinted with their permission. The question asked:

"Will plain walls help a student with ADD?"

Exciting research on long long term cancer survival

Dr Millay pointed out very exciting research being done on long term cancer survival.

Alpha Quincy on needed changes in our approach to education

Alpha B. Quincy was twice elected president of the school board of Contra Costa County, California (1991 and 1995). She was one of the first women to become an elementary school principal. See "Education: Looking at the Issues."

FMBR Editorial — good introduction to Teaching Self-Discovery Science

Dr. Millay wrote this editorial, "Using Electromagnetism & Biofeedback to Teach a Science of Consciousness."

Excerpt from Alpha Quincy's Introduction to a book

Excerpt from Failing our Kids: Why the testing Craze Won’t Fix our Kids, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Rethinking Schools, Ltd., 2000.

Dr. Millay's paperThe Debate About the Survival of Consciousness "Thinking About Thinking..."

Thinking About Thinking, Examining the Structures of Education

Dr. Millay's paper — "Debate About the Survival of Consciousness..."

"The Debate About the Survival of Consciousness after Death," was written by Dr Millay with assistance of two friends who are no longer alive.

Ad for Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace

This advertisement for Dr. Millay's book Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace is itself an interesting short article.

Canadian Broadcasting System article

On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation site, "Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity."


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