The Body Meditation | May 2009

FMBR Editorial: May, 2009

The Body Meditation

Leonard Orr

IT Is wonderful to have a physical body!

It is marvelous to be and feel a part of the physical universe.

The human body is the highest expression of God in the universe. It is amazing and beautiful! We can walk, run, and dance. We have systems like the respiratory, nervous, circulatory system, a healing system, a digestive, skeletal, etc.! We have a sexual system capable of intense pleasure! We have sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and speech! The human body is brilliantly designed. It functions very efficiently in its infinite complexity! It can heal itself. It already does every day, and is patterned for Life! It is designed for continual renewal and rejuvenation when it receives proper attention and support. God loves our body as well as our soul.

In this body we also find our mind and emotions. Between our thoughts is Infinite spirit: “the Energy” or “Life Itself — Eternal Life”. We are spirit, Mind, & Body. We are Energy, Thought, & Form. We are Being, Feelings, and Matter. We are earth, air, water, and fire intelligently interacting! We exist in a medium of Love.

The physical body is created and sustained by our chakras — spinning wheels of Energy. It is sometimes called a “rainbow body” by people who can fully see our aura. Our body is composed of cells and atoms. Every atom is a chakra - a wheel of Energy. All our organs & systems are governed by chakras.

The Shiva Purana says that salvation of Spirit, Mind, and Body is achieved through perfect Love and perfect knowledge. Jesus taught Repentance — the science of changing our mind, our emotional mind, and consequently our actions, and achieving Oneness with God — Energy. There is no salvation without conquering sin and without keeping the Commandments of Jesus and the Father. The good news is that they are easy and pleasurable to keep and yield a rich life! The continual rejuvenation of the body, and Eternal Life is achieved through spiritual practices.

Divine Energy is the source of our salvation. We receive it primarily through the Seven Vehicles of Grace:

  1. Meditation, thinking, and study;
  2. Water - drinking it & bathing twice a day;
  3. Earth - nutrition, fasting, exercise, and career;
  4. Air - Conscious Energy Breathing; 5) Fire purification;
  5. Love - harmonious relationships; and
  6. Rest - pure relaxation and peace.

These, briefly, are the rules of personal mastery’ and peace; they rejuvenate, balance, and maintain our chakras. And they are pleasurable to do! We have a Loving Creator who has made salvation easy. All the immortal yogis I have met have mastered their mind/body with these practices for hundreds or thousands of years.

I have never heard of anyone achieving actual Eternal Life of Spirit, Mind, and Body without these practices! They are the basic rules established by our Creator to make salvation natural and easy. They work now - they have always worked, and always will! They are built into human-divine nature.

When we actually use these practices we experience their divine effects, causing a total transformation in the most profound ways. We then have the Holy Breath of Life - the daily power of rebirth, rejuvenation, and regeneration, the true spiritual knowledge of baptism, and scientific spiritual truth. But these practices are empty and meaningless without daily use, and then we are some place far less than Heaven. Physical death is not the automatic door to Heaven. It may be a revolving door back to the womb. Death is the same as sleep! Floating in our feelings.

We can raise our body into the Conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit if we Love our body only a fraction as much as our Creator does, we can keep it forever! Physical immortality is our birthright. The human physical body was built to last forever. Negative thought, emotions, poor diet, and a degraded, ignorant, disrespectful lifestyle destroys it very efficiently as we have all witnessed by the death of others.

Death is no accident. Everyone creates his/her own death. But it is optional, which we can realize when we use these spiritual practices! It is actually easier and more pleasurable to create our own peace, success, aliveness, and Eternal Life. Neglect of the practices creates misery and a pull towards death.

We have to heal the Death Urge, which we learned from our family and cultural traditions, and honor our natural divinity which we inherited as Children of God. Human beings must recognize a force in the universe that supersedes and reigns over the material-physical world. Our spiritual nature has to become our focus — as the Source of our Life, our reality, & everything we create... “the God of all grace, who has called us to His eternal glory, will Himself restore us, confirm, strengthen, and establish us.” But not unless we cooperate and do the right spiritual practices. Even the Father does the practices when He takes a human body.

Leonard Orr is the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, a system of breathing used for spiritual purification that has spread to six continents world-wide and has served over ten million people. Leonard has been training and teaching people who are interested in expanding their aliveness and bliss since the 70's. He is the author of a number of books including “Breaking the Death Habit : The Science of Everlasting Life” and “Rebirthing in the New Age.” Along with such folk heroes as Ram Dass, Fritz Perls, and Timothy Leary, Leonard Orr is one of the originators and elders of what we term today as “the New Age movement.” 

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