The Fundamentals of FMBR | Sep 2010

FMBR Editorial: Sep, 2010

The Fundamentals of FMBR

Jerry Gin

During the past year, the Board of FMBR convened to think through the strategic direction and goals of FMBR. With the dynamics of the world and society changing, this was a timely and important exercise. We thought it would be good to share our thoughts with the membership of FMBR. We asked a series of fundamental questions. Those questions and answers are summarized below.

Why Does FMBR Exist?

  • To create a bridge between the scientific and consciousness communities
  • To provide an educated and open-minded audience as a forum for new ideas, models and research by our invited speakers
  • To provide our audience access to the cutting edge of science and consciousness research
  • To explore science and technologies that evolve the understanding of consciousness, the place of humanity in the universe, and improve the quality of life on Earth
  • To provide a vehicle for satisfying the inherent human need for self-exploration

Who is Our Audience?

  • Individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding about science and consciousness
  • Scientists and researchers interested in mind-being
  • Healthcare professionals –traditional and non-traditional
  • Artists and visionaries who hold a positive holistic view of the future for humanity on earth

What are the Benefits for Members?

  • Cutting edge information from the frontiers of investigation in fields related to science, consciousness, alternative healing methods, ancient wisdom and the (as yet) unexplained.
  • Talks, Workshops, Website, Newsletter, Social Events (Holiday Party, Picnic, etc.)
  • Community:  connection with like-minded individuals; a place to ask questions, explore and theorize about topics which often are overlooked by traditional disciplines.  Opportunities for interactions and camaraderie with a wide array of multi-disciplinary individuals.
  • Platform for self improvement and self-knowledge
  • Opportunities for new learning, experiential workshops, expanding consciousness
  • Opportunities to explore and expand personal belief systems; and to address judgment-based approaches to issues

What Does FMBR Want to be Known For?

  • Being at cutting edge of holistic science and thought
  • Open-mindedness and scientific rigor
  • Helping the public to expand awareness
  • Making a positive impact on the environment
  • Providing a community for individuals to explore and exchange ideas, models, and research

FMBR Board has been busy this past year implementing plans to achieve the strategic objectives as outlined above.  We are a growing, living organization.  Thus, your input is always welcome.  We are also a non-profit volunteer organization so that your time as a volunteer to help carry out the activities as well as your donations and membership are all very important to keeping the organization vital and growing.  We believe that human society and the whole planet benefit greatly as more people expand their understanding of the nature of the physical and non-physical worlds we inhabit.

Jerry Gin, FMBR Chairman of the Board


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