The Mystery Of Manifestation | Feb 2006

FMBR Editorial: Feb, 2006

The Mystery Of Manifestation

William C. Gough

The other day I had lunch with an FMBR member, Darrell Witkowski, and our conversation began to explore the mystery of manifestation in one's life. How do you manifest a mundane thing like a parking place, or the major things in your life like a loving mate, good health, an exciting and fun career, etc. There seem to be some minimum requirements. You must focus your attention upon your goal and you must have clarity in your intention. However, this is easier said than done.

There are many tools being used to facilitate this creation process. For example visualization, biofeedback techniques, meditation, prayer, and expressing goals in art or writing. But more seems to be involved. I believe the source that initiates the changes in events surrounding you emanates from the universal whole or Absolute, a realm of unlimited potential, love and wisdom. This interaction with the Absolute reflects a feedback process involving both your actions and your thoughts. Therefore, your own belief system can place limits on your success and your ability to manifest. All counter beliefs and thoughts to a specific goal represent a noise or interference in the manifestation process.

Nor can you fool the Absolute since it constitutes an interconnected whole of which you are a part. This is why sincerity is so important. Science has demonstrated that there is a physical effect in your body, including your brain, when you try to lie or deceive. Most people are familiar with the polygraph or "lie detector" used by law enforcement. However, now neurophysiological difference between deception and truth can be detected by scientists using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain. Another related technique called magnetic-resonance spectroscopy is also being developed. The cumulative amount of time devoted to a sincere effort towards a goal is important. There appears to be an accumulation effect over time that "burns-in" new neurological circuits.

Any intention is working with the "whole." Finding a parking place can be relativity easy. Today most people are thinking they cannot find a spot, but if you sincerely believe that one is available it will manifest. There is little resistance within the "whole" unless doubt creeps into your thoughts as it will all too often. Remember that most of our brain processes are unknown to us and only a small part comes into conscious awareness. Therefore, we can have unknown blocks to the manifestation of a given goal. Sometimes your intentions will interact with opposing intentions of others. Now you will be encountering resistance. What manifests will depend upon the balance of strengths -- their clarity, sincerity and hence power. Hence, we are all collectively contributing to our common reality both consciously and unconsciously. In addition the timing must be right. The physical components and elements necessary to manifest your intention must be available. Da Vinci could visualize and intend to develop an airplane but the elements necessary for this manifestation were not available in the fifteenth century.

There is another very important aspect in the manifestation process. We need to remove our ego and just "let go" and "surrender" to the response we will receive. One of the things we learn when conducting a metal (spoon) bending party is that one must let go of one's intention to bend. Letting go allows the Absolute to provide the necessary energy/informational input to turn the metal soft. An analogy would be to hold onto the blueprints and never turn them over to the construction team -- nothing will get built that way. However, you must be very clear and precise. There is the story of a man who visualized a pink Cadillac parked in his driveway. One day he returned early from his office and saw the pink Cadillac in the driveway. However, it turned out to be the car of his wife's lover.

In our normal lives when we are successful in manifestation there will occur a series of synchronistic events that lead us to the intended goal. But, we can never be assured of the outcome since the response from the Absolute will involve "living" systems. Such systems, whether they be people, animals, meteorological events, or even non-physical entities have a consciousness and free will. It appears that in manifestations the universe follows the Law of Least Action -- the simplest way to accomplish the objective. There are so many variables that you can't even predict how a specific request for manifestation will emerge. For example, I had a college classmate who described a scheduled operation for a cancer in his back. A group of us started a long-distance healing intervention in support of my classmate, who also had to participate and release his belief that an operation was necessary. On the day of the operation he arrives late at the hospital, a different doctor using a different x-ray machine checks his back, the new doctor concludes that it's not cancer but a fungus, calls his surgeon and the operation is canceled. In manifestations you often never know for sure what will happen. Events occur that could be explained in many ways, but the end result is the appropriate one.

But there's another joker in this process. Our physical bodies represent only part of our whole self. We are more than our physical bodies and the "more" appears to also have an intention and purpose for us. Only when we are in complete accord with our deeper purpose do manifestation processes occur smoothly and synchronicities prevail. This happens as we become more in harmony with the whole -- with the "will of God." Thus, maybe we are more like actors on the stage, performing a play. Our function then would be to act out our given parts the best we can with the love and help of the Absolute, or some would say God.

William C. Gough, FMBR Chairman of the Board
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