The Mystery of Water — Part 2 | April 2005

FMBR Editorial: April, 2005

The Mystery of Water -- Part 2

William C. Gough

Last month we discussed data indicating that water can hold a memory and impart information to our bodies. What kinds of insights can science give us about this process? Water is held together by attractive forces known as hydrogen bonds that have an interesting property. The hydrogen atoms within each water molecule are strongly drawn toward the oxygen atoms in neighboring molecules. In fact, the hydrogen partners are so fickle that a water molecule changes partners ten billion to a hundred billion times a second. Thus, the structure of water is very hard to pin down. Research experiments have used both neutrons and electrons colliding with water for just one attosecond (10-18 seconds). A ratio of hydrogen to oxygen of roughly 1.5 to 1 was found. Water appears to be H1.5O rather than H2O.

Now add a substance to the water. When this happens the presence of the dissolved substance causes the structure and properties of the liquid water to change. A number of water molecules surround the substance and form clusters. Water becomes a mixture of hydrogen bonded clusters and unbounded molecules. When water becomes highly clustered it is called structured water, and it is recognized to have an informational content. As the cluster become smaller in size and form microclusters, greater energy and information transfer becomes possible.

Now we come to the interesting question of whether water can remember. Thermoluminescence studies of water show that substances like salt can modify the hydrogen-bonded network of water. Surprisingly, this modification remains even when the molecules have been diluted beyond the point where essentially no molecule of the original substances could remain -- in other words, the water retains a memory -- just as homeopathy and the research of Dr. Jacques Benveniste have claimed.

One way science models our physical world is as matter, like the form of an atom, molecule, etc. Another way is via waves such as electromagnetic waves, gravity waves, and quantum probability waves. To discuss ways that information can be introduced into the cellular structure of our "water body" we will use the wave approach. At its most fundamental level everything in the universe is in a state of vibration - - creating waves. In homeopathy the information copied to the water is being used to cancel out the information of the symptoms from the disease -- a wave cancellation effect. Water is the master listener in the universe -- and you are mostly water.

You will recall that Dr. Masaru Emoto photographed the crystals that formed as ice melted into water to show the informational memory of the water. His data indicated that music, sound, pictures, words, and thoughts could impart information to water. Hence, they must also be able to impart information to our cells and our bodies. Music and sound are waves. However, to comprehend the process, we need to understand the phenomenon of resonance. Resonance is the transference of wave energy between similar shapes and forms vibrating at the same frequency. Very powerful energy transfers occur for identical frequencies. The music you play caries its message to the water by adding energy to selected resonant frequencies. This is how music and light therapies work upon our "water body."

But how could attaching words, symbols, or pictures to the water impart information to the water? Each of these represent a pattern or form. Every form has one or more natural vibrational frequencies. In fact, the correspondence between shape and a spectrum of waves and vice versa is an exciting new field of mathematical research known as drum theory. If everything in the universe is vibrating, whether it be drumheads, atoms, or sub-atomic particles, then each will have characteristic vibration frequencies. They each are putting out a different tune. Hence, pictures, words and symbols also are transmitting a subtle message via resonance -- this is the power of the image and the written word. It is why advertising images and poetry therapy have power, they are establishing resonances with our "water body."

You may be thinking that this doesn't make sense since just having written words around can't be that powerful. Now we need to introduce the concepts of consciousness -- where is our attention focused and what is our intention. Dr. Emoto reported that the thoughts of his researches and of observers affected his results. To explain the power of thought we hypothesize an underlying unity, a substructure or foundation which underpins the entire universe -- a domain of "unbounded potential" which is and always will be; where there is no time, no space, only complete interconnectiveness. We suggest that this is the soil for the "non-locality" phenomena of physics. We (and every other form in the universe) interact with this creative source of all physicality in a feedback manner via a wave resonance process. Our conscious and unconscious thoughts can therefore have an effect upon water and our bodies.


How is the information contained in the memory of clusters in structured water activate and spread throughout our "water body?" To enhance and promulgate a memory stored in water, the water needs to experience an impulse or sudden change in momentum. In homeopathy this is accomplished at each stage of the dilution process by shaking or vortexing the solution, a technique known as succussion. In addition to homeopathic remedies, information is being encoded in water to enhance your health and vitality. Besides drinking this energized water, one can also externally convey information to the body using structured water patches over selected acupuncture/meriderian points. Research studies are increasing demonstrating the power of the information in structured water to not only heal but to enhance one's stamina and performance.

William C. Gough, FMBR COB

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