The Power of Symbols | Nov 1993

FMBR Editorial: Nov, 1993

The Power of Symbols

William C. Gough

Modern physics rests upon the foundation of mathematics, a symbolic language. But what is the foundation upon which this magical mathematics rests? Indeed, what is mathematics and why does it work? If we cannot answer these questions our scientific explanations of the Universe are based ultimately upon things we do not understand. A clue to the answer may be the fact that both modern science and ancient metaphysics have the same common foundation -- the use of symbols of similar characteristics.

For the Hebrews, Arabs, and Greeks, numbers and letters were intimately connected, i.e., the letters of the alphabets were also the symbols for numbers. Thus, these languages and their alphabets are particularly intertwined with the numerical, mathematical and algorithmic thought of these ancient peoples. In addition, ancient cultures claim a universality or sacred status for traditional alphabets such as Sanskrit, Islamic, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Tibetan.

Although both modern science and ancient metaphysics have the same goal of affecting or changing physical reality, they applied their symbols differently. The scientists and engineers seek to understand and modify the world through their use of mathematical symbols -- a process external to themselves. The mystics and shamen seek to understand and modify the world through their use of sacred symbols -- a process internal to themselves. Thus, the scientist/engineer/doctor performs the change at the physical pattern level, within space-time, whereas, the mystic/shamen/healer performs the change at the archetypal pattern level, beyond space-time.

To the ancients, numbers/letters were symbolic links to an aspect of a universal idea or quality beyond the physical. They represented fundamental "elements," -- a Mother language -- akin to the atomic elements from which the physical world is built and derives its structural order. These fundamental archetypes represent the underlying units or elements of ordering in the spaceless-timeless realm. New orderings of the fundamental archetypes result in acts of creation in space-time. The symbolic links to these fundamental archetypal patterns -- whether we see them or hear them -- are received by our sensory system. They map upon our body/brain and are experienced as feelings.

Could our scientific symbol system known as mathematics, when it is applied to the higher dimensional spaces, be charting characteristics of the order beyond space-time? Thus, the abstract spaces of mathematical physics may correspond to the order that creates the reality we experience.

Lending support to this view is the work of Dr. Tom Adi and the computer software applications developed from his ideas. This software is based upon a patented new linguistic and cognitive theory that assumes letter/number symbols to have inherent meaning. Each symbol acts upon our mind/body in a unique way.

William C. Gough

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