A Brief Review of Thoughts on Aether and Matter | Mar 2013

FMBR Editorial: Mar, 2013

A Brief Review of Thoughts on Aether and Matter

Jerry Gin

A number of authors have been writing about "aether" and the concept of matter being motion of the aether (see Souls of Distortion Awakening by Jan Wicherink and Source Field Investigations or Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock). I thought it might be of interest to pull some of those thoughts and arguments together for our readers.

The premise of the "aether"

First, there is the premise of the "aether".  Michaelson -- Morley carried out experiments on the speed of light being influenced by the aether and when they observed there was no effect on the speed, concluded that there was no aether.  However, the question does not go away. What is light radiating through?  How can space be "curved" if there is no aether? Einstein said "According to the theory of relativity, space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space, not only would there be no propagation of light, but also no space-time intervals in the physical sense." In addition, quantum physicists know full well that the "zero point energy field" exists and that in the field is a "seething cauldron of energy".

In another experiment that gives support to the concept of "aether", Dr. Harold Apsden showed that it took 300 joules of energy to bring an 800 g rotor to a cruise speed of 3,250 rpm.  If he stopped the rotor and started it rotating again within 60 seconds, it took only 30 joules to bring the rotor to its cruising speed.  Thus, was there a swirling energy (aether) around the rotor that was still present when the rotor was restarted within 60 seconds?   Thus, for the purpose of this article and its arguments, let's assume there is an "aether" and this is the same as the "zero point energy field".

Scientists who say everything is composed of aether

There are a number of theorists who state that everything is composed of aether and that it behaves as a vibrating fluid-like energy.  Their premise is that matter is created moment by moment as a standing wave -- a vortex in the vacuum - and that the condensed center of the vortex creates the illusion of a particle.

Milo Wolff speaks about the Wave Structure of Matter, where matter is the focal point of a standing wave that is the result of the interference of 2 spherical waves formed by an inward bound wave toward the center and an outward bound wave from the center.

Paul La Violette

Paul La Violette has created Subquantum Kinetics in which matter and energy is formed continuously from hyperdimensional aether.  He postulates that there are 2 aether states and that in our realm, the aether wave creates light and that light, in the form of standing wave is matter that is continuously replenished by the aether.


David Thompson and Jim Bourassa

David Thompson and Jim Bourassa from the Quantum Aether Dynamic Institute , describe matter as a whirlpool (vortex) of aether, calling these whirlpools Toroidal Aether Units.  These Units, when combined in spherical form, creates the nucleus and electron shells.  The eternal spin of the aether vortexes is powered by the Gforce (God Force).

Daniel Winter

Daniel Winter talks about "implosion physics" where eddies or vortexes in aether form matter.  He describes the work of Charles Leadbetter and Anne Bessant, two clairvoyants who described the structure of the atom in 1895.  They described "The Anu" which was a torus as the basic building block of matter.  In implosion physics, a double vortex forms a torus; 3 nesting vortexes form a cube.  For an atom, the center of the vortex has the highest gravity is the nucleus; the vortex cones are the electrons.  Nesting of vortex pairs in sacred geometric patterns form the electron shells for atoms.

Concept of vibration (motion) creating form

The concept of vibration (motion) creating form has been shown by the work of Dr. Hans Jenny in the field of Cymatics -- the use of vibration to create shapes on a colloidal surface.  In the field of sacred geometry, there are five platonic shapes.  All of these shapes can be formed with vibrations.  In other experiments, Buckminster Fuller showed the link between the diatonic scale and geometric forms using balloons with dye.  Interestingly, the "Aum" ("Om") sound produces the star tetrahedron (which is the star of David when drawn in 2 dimensions).

From the work of Kozyrev and others, it is now known that all matter radiates and absorbs torsion waves.  He also showed that thoughts and feelings generate torsion waves.  Thus, consciousness is related to aether vibrations and torsion.  Torsion waves are known to be "superluminal" (faster than the speed of light) and may be the basis of telepathy, remote viewing and psychic phenomenon.  Torsion may be how we interact with matter and energy.

Jerry Gin, FMBR Chairman

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