Two Special Channeling Events

Two Special Channeling Events

Channelers Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa will channel the Native American Grandmothers they have been working with on healing the land and our nation. Each Grandmother brings the Wisdom of the Sacred Hoop and will speak to the healing wisdom and the healing of our hearts.

This channeling will be a vision quest experience. And as channeling sessions are not predictable events; we don't know where the sessions will lead us. However, there will be healing wisdom, as the energy of all four grandmothers combined will set the stage for enlightened energy and trans- formative experiences.

These sessions will be unique because Regina and Jeanne will be channeling together. That means the audience will hear two beautiful Divine Mother/Grandmother spirits guiding the session. There will be a time for questions at the end of each two-hour session.

There will be a morning and afternoon session. $50 per 2 hour session.

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