Views on Being Creators | May 2011

FMBR Editorial: May, 2011

Views on Being Creators

Jerry Gin

Caroline Cory introduced me to the Human Creative Formula in "The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God". In that book, she explains that "Not unlike your Divine Creators, you create through Thought. However, your thoughts are subject to your physicality and will materialize according to the following formula.

Human Creation = Thought + Desire + Belief + Surrender

THOUGHT is the asking, the conscious choice and focus of your intent.

DESIRE is the impetus, the fuel or passion of your intent.

BELIEF is the knowledge of self and faith in your potential

SURRENDER is your recognition as a Co-Creator with the Divine order and your oneness with the Universal Forces which will assist you in the materialization of your intent.

Thought, without desire, belief or surrender will not materialize. Desire without focused intent, belief or surrender will not materialize for as you think, you must be assisted by cosmic forces and elementals who convert your thoughts into things. You are co-creators of reality. You cannot exist and create outside the Creator-Mind or without the divine beings and forces of the Universe."

This view is very elegantly described by Deborah Sorkin, MD, in her article: We are Creators of Reality by Inherent Design, Part 1: Creating From a Blank Slate. I highly recommend her article, which is reproduced as the last page of our May web based Newsletter; Parts II and III will be posted in subsequent Newsletters. These articles will also be in the documents section of the FMBR website as they become available.

As we delve into the nature of consciousness and who we are, it is apparent that we are more than a "body". Bernard Haisch describes how experiments in quantum physics show we create by decisions/observation/intent in his book, "The Purpose-Guided Universe". Through experiments in remote viewing, Russell Targ and Jane Katra, in Miracles of Mind, show that we "see" distal views that are not limited by time and space.


Jean Millay, editor of Radiant Minds, reviews 40 years of scientific research in psi and other dimensions of consciousness which demonstrate the uniqueness of who we really are. Near death experiences show that when a body is "brain dead", the person who is later revived can vividly describe the events and scenes when the person was brain dead. Distance healing again demonstrates that we are not limited by space. If we are not just a "body", who are we? Spirituality tells us that we are part of the Absolute and have a consciousness beyond the body. Being part of the Absolute, we also have the ability to create.

Owen Waters, in "Spirituality Made Simple," gives us a similar equation for creation. According to Owens:

The Universal Law of Creation

Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion

Per Owen, "The only tool at the disposal of the Creator in making the universe was consciousness. Therefore, everything in the universe consists of consciousness, people, rocks, plants and planets, and, because they consist of consciousness, they all have some degree of awareness. Creation was made possible when the Creator divided its consciousness into two complementary aspects, thought and feeling. It then intertwined these aspects and set them into motion in ways that was needed to develop life as we know it. The universe, you, and everything around you consist of 100% consciousness. Life is but a dream, and each one of us is here to change the dream in our own unique way. Recreate your dream to realize all of your potential using the Universal Law of Creation."

Caroline Cory, Deborah Sorkins, and Owen Waters describe very radical ways of viewing reality and creation, as viewed by a "normal" Western mind with the viewpoint of "cause and effect" Newtonian science. However, if we take into account the evidence from many of the top scientists and researchers of today, of whom only a few are mentioned in this writing, then it becomes evident that we are creators.

Jerry Gin, Chairman FMBR

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