We are Creators of Reality by Inherent Design Pt 2

We are Creators of Reality by Inherent Design

Part 2:

We are Creators Of Reality By Inherent Design



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1yYB85ArHE&feature=relatedStraight up: OWN it and CHANGE It… Think outside the box.
In Part One of this series we discussed the very basic foundational Physical Principles and Universal Laws of Creating in physical reality. We touched upon perception, belief and the required components and mechanics of “The Creative Formula.”
Creation = Intent/Thought + Desire + Belief + Surrender is described in a formulated sequence.

In this writing let's continue to expand on these concepts and begin to understand the importance of: Creating from a Blank Slate.

The Blank Slate: is a Conscious Creation or Co-creation from a state, a format or foundation, of no pre-conceived or pre-programmed belief sets.
This means that there is nothing, no situation or experience that has any meaning until you assign it a meaning. There is no “good” or “bad” here; there is just an experience.
It is the ability to perceive an experience from a neutral state and then to “in the moment of experience”: Consciously assign it the meaning of your preference, so that you become Empowered to Create an experience from a wholly new perception or perspective.
Our perceptions of reality are based on our beliefs. When we Believe something to be true we assign it emotion and react to create according to a behavior code of that emotion. The added element of emotion is a very powerful programming tool which then reinforces the perception/belief cycle: It gives momentum to creating that reality.

By Owning and Taking Responsibility for your part in that Experience, (a.k.a. creation) you become Empowered, because it is then that you have the opportunity, in that moment, to select another option of your preference. You change YOU in that moment and thus, YOU change your “systems’ response” or your “perception” and another whole set of probabilities and potential outcomes become available to you.
This is Conscious Creation.
This is the Opportunity that is Now set before Us, as we contribute our Unique Individual Expression to a New Collective Experience and a NEW PARADIGM OF BEING.
WE have been given the Gift of Unconditional Freedom to Now Create from a Blank Slate.

WE get to discern and to decide, what is useful to our experience. We get to choose what we desire to keep and what we do not according to our own desired preference. In addition, as WE become Empowered Directive Creators of our Reality and our Well-being, WE Allow and Empower others to do the same.

Learning to Be a “Detached (Blank Slate) yet Compassionate Presence” for yourself and others IS what allows and enables you to maintain a “Center of Calm,” so that your innate instincts and HIGHER wisdom of the Heart, of what “to do” in each moment reveals the clarity required of the next moment's decision. (Thank you to our escalator friends for demonstrating the importance of that mastery.)
It is by Engaging, with the intent to have and hold Awareness of the Whole picture, while Engaging Fully in the present moment without expectation or precognition that you draw from an unlimited and infinite field of creative possibilities and probabilities.

It is a Choice to Stand Frozen on the Escalator.
It is a Choice To:

Begin to discern the available information for yourself.
Take Responsibility about your choices of Thoughts, Deeds, Words and Actions and thus become empowered.
Learn To Feel through your heart, what is right for you, without Precognition.
Draw from a center of calm the Infinite source of potential and allow yourself to create a magnificent reality, based on Joy, Truth, Love, Beauty, and Goodness for yourself and others.
Begin to develop a foundational framework of understanding, so you can formulate and integrate these higher states of Being through your own creative process.
There are many teachers, tools and unimaginable resources available to support this process of Conscious Evolution. We just need to Ask and OWN IT, to step out of fear and decide to become … All that we are Created to be.
Let us do this with Grace, Ease and an element of FUN.

Till next time,
D Sorkin M.D.

You may contact me directly with your comments and questions at: dsorkin@deborahsorkinmd.com

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