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This is the homepage for the documents that have been written to assist us in learning about and using WordPress to modify the FMBR web presence. The links below lead to that documentation. Each document is presented in PDF format, and can be saved on your 'desktop' if desired. You may also print them for easier reference if you so choose.

WordPress class

On January 22, 2014 FMBR had a WordPress class developed and directed by Jason Damisch. For this class Jason wrote several documents that the students could use as a way to get some experience using WordPress. Each class participant was set up with a username and password, as well as individual work spaces online so they could learn and practice with WordPress. These documents can act as a fine Introduction to WordPress, as well as a reference for particular details and aspects of using WordPress. These documents are primarily aimed at instructing you on how to add pages to your website, create content for pages, edit that content, and delete that content.

This link will bring up the class documents used in that class.

General WordPress Documentation

These documents are of more advanced topics regarding your WordPress website.

More advanced WP Documentation

WordPress Documentation Focused on the FMBR Store

The FMBR Store has unique aspects that required documentation to explain them. In this set of docs there is an explanation of how to put new products into the store, how to change the inventory levels and others matters particular to the store.

Store documentation

Forms and Payment Buttons

Forms gather information from the website Visitors and pass that information along to the staff of FMBR.  Some of these Forms can also send the Visitor to PayPal to make payments to FMBR for Workshops, Memberships, or Donations.  Many possibilities exist for using Forms with or without Payment Buttons.

Forms and Payment Buttons


Terms used in the documents linked above may not be in common or standard use in other parts of our lives. The glossary linked below, written by Jason, will help in understanding what is meant when terms are used in these pages.


Links to WordPress Documentation from the WordPress Website

for WordPress Links

Site Backup Instructions

Site backup instruction writeup from Jason-pdf

Original Microsoft Word Documents

Use these Word files when you need to update the documentation. Edit them in MS Word, and then print as PDF

Original Word Documents