Wednesday, Nov 29, 5:00pm (Pacific) | “The Eco-Art of Earth’s Other-Than-Human-Lifeforms” with Atala Toy

Are they glitches in a tree’s bark – or in the dimensional veils that separate the human being and nature being realms? Thanks to advances in digital technology – and the thinning of the veils between dimensions – Atala Toy can photograph the complex living art of the nature beings and explain what the images record. She says such sightings are glitches in the cosmic fabric and calls her work Glitch Eco-Art Photography. From commemorative murals to love stories and territorial markers, Atala shares her interdimensional findings, culled over twenty years in the field. She will explain why this artwork is becoming more visible and how you can assemble your own visual documentation.


Atala Toy
Atala is a nature-beings photographer and interdimensional communicator whose career dates back to 1995. She is, and has been, an author, educator, photographer, product designer, retail business owner and community activist. She has presented on interdimensional topics at annual conventions, offered workshops for organizations, and has appeared on tv and radio shows.

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