We’re all in this together


by Judy Kitt, President FMBR
Apr, 2020

Amid the fear and confusion that have inevitably come up during these times of collective crisis, we are also hearing about and seeing acts of kindness, beauty, compassion and healing that are restoring many peoples' faith in humanity. From all directions, we are shown examples--many each day--of our interdependence as we hear the refrain "We're all in this together."


Perhaps, on the other side of this collective initiation, we will emerge with a visceral, felt sense of the truth of these words. Maybe we'll wake up to the fact that the people we used to take for granted, or the ones we liked to think of as "less than" are, in fact, vitally important to the well-being of society. Will we value each other differently as a result of this unprecedented time? Will we value the planet differently? It's possible that we will collectively come to the awareness that first nations peoples across the planet have held for millennia: that we are all an expression of the one Great Spirit. We are all connected.

I like to imagine what our world would look like if we behaved as if we knew that humans are not the only "stakeholders" on the planet. How would we behave as a society if we knew that we are, indeed, all in this together? What policies and practices would we put into place, as communities and as a civilization, if we held the awareness of our inter-relatedness and our interdependence? What a world we could create if we knew in our bones that we could work in partnership, not only with each other but with the natural world, holding the intention of experiencing more wholeness as individuals and as a species. I believe that we are headed in that direction and that you are part of that movement toward more wholeness.

We are going through a difficult time, and may for some while yet. It's important to acknowledge the fear, the suffering and the loss that so many of us are experiencing and will experience throughout this ordeal. Be there for each other. Take care of yourself and make sure you take all common sense precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones well. If you have meditation practices or other spiritual practices, recommit to them so that you can stay grounded in your awareness of a larger reality as well, and your connection to the Divine.

Barbara Marx Hubbard used to say that "our crises are a birth" and "our story is the birth of a universal humanity." Birth can be an exciting, exhausting, dangerous, ecstatic, scary, painful, humbling and beautiful experience, all at the same time. I think this is an exciting time, and a time of opportunity for humanity to make a giant spiritual leap forward. We are not alone in this. We are in fact, and literally, all in this together.

Judy Kitt
April, 2020

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