Why BioGeometry? Nov 2014 Editorial

FMBR Editorial: Nov, 2014

Why BioGeometry?

Jerry Gin

In a world where we are continuously impacted by the environment, often in negative ways, it would be ideal to be able to neutralize those negative energies to reduce their effects on us.   One such source is harmful radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) since there are numerous cell towers around us at all times, not to mention smart meters, compact fluorescent lights giving off "dirty electricity," TV's, microwaves, and wireless devices ranging from computers to cordless phones and cell phones. Then there are the toxins in the air and water, pesticides and antibiotics in foods, and the microbes in the air and the environment. All of the negative components of the environment have the potential to cause a wide spectrum of diseases. BioGeometry is a science which offers a possible solution.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry, defines the field as "the science of establishing harmony between biological fields and their environment, through the use of design, language of color, form, motion and sound." We are all receptors of the "quality of physics" from an energetic perspective -- we see electromagnetic radiation in the range of 400 to 700 nanometers and call this color; we hear compression of air waves and call this sound, we feel with our skin via sensors that transmit signals to our brain; the same can be said of all of our primary senses. Sound and color and all energies are related through resonance. If you pluck a string instrument, that vibration will cause a string tuned to the same frequency or at another octave (half, double its frequency, etc.) to vibrate. This resonance phenomenon goes on infinitely in terms of higher and lower frequencies. Dr. Karim understood that, as biological beings, we are all affected by color, form (shapes), motion and sound through resonance.

When a biological being (human, plant or animal) is in harmony with the energies around it, the chance of disease is significantly reduced. The ancient Egyptians understood the science of resonance and harmonies; their tools and structures generated harmonious energies (e.g., pyramid).

The Radiesthesia scientists of France performed extensive studies in this field and discovered certain beneficial energies through their tools. Dr. Karim built upon their work and found that the energies of three colors contribute to harmonization in biological beings. He calls the three energies BG3 or BioGeometry 3. Thus, for optimal health, one should optimize the amount of BG3 in the environment.

The theory is fine, but what about proof for the beneficial effects of BG3?  Using BioGeometry tools, Dr. Karim was able to:

  1. Eliminate the EMF sensitivity disorders in two towns in Switzerland when cell towers were erected ("miracles" of Hemberg and of Hirshberg)
  2. Provide the highest rate of success in treatment of hepatitis as compared to use of drugs (70% success rate as compared to 30% for drugs) (The Hepatitis C Research Project)
  3. Grow sweet potatoes in just salt water treated with BG3 (Agriculture Research Projects)
  4. Produce healthier chickens without antibiotic treatment (Animal Farming Research Projects)
  5. Eliminate use of pesticides in an apple orchard (Agriculture Research Projects)

One can use a variety of BioGeometry tools to increase BG3 energies. Dr. Karim created "BioSignatures"which are shapes that increase BG3 by resonance with the various organs in the body. Rings and pendants with these shapes were produced. Other shapes were incorporated into plastic cubes which then harmonize negative EMF energies. Pendulums which are sensitive to detecting BG3 energies as well as toxic energies are also available.

Because of the potential benefits of the BioGeometry cubes and pendants/rings as well as pendulums for BG3 detection, FMBR will be offering these items soon in its FMBR Store. Also FMBR will hold workshops for further education on the subject.

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