"Experiencing the Deep Realization that “I Am the I AM” Changes Everything" ~ Jerry Gin PhD, Chairman

the people of fmbr

FMBR is a non profit organization that seeks to advance the consciousness of individuals and organizations so we can live in greater harmony with one another, the earth, and the cosmos.

Through the study of science, higher realities, and Universal Laws and principals, FMBR seeks to provide resources to help individuals discover, explore, and apply this wisdom so that they can live with a greater sense of peace, love, understanding and freedom.

Jerry Gin, Ph.D., MBA / Chairman of FMBR

Jerry has spent 40 years in the healthcare/pharmaceutical/diagnostic/biotechnology areas. In 2006, Jerry co-founded and is President/CEO of Nuvora, an oral care company with products in the market for the dental profession and for consumers. In 2009, Jerry co-founded and is Chairman of Livionex, a company in clinical trials with a drug for improving vision in persons with cataracts. .In 1993, Jerry co-founded and was President/CEO of Oculex Pharmaceuticals and oversaw its successful start-up which eventually led to the acquisition by Allergan. The company developed the technology for controlled release delivery of drugs to the interior of the eye, specifically to treat macular edema. Prior to forming Oculex, Jerry co-founded his first company, ChemTrak, developers of the home cholesterol test commonly available in drug stores today. Jerry successfully took the company public and ventured on to form Oculex.

Prior to ChemTrak, Jerry was the Director of New Business Development and Strategic Planning for Syva, the diagnostic arm of Syntex Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Syntex, Jerry directed the international pharmaceutical and diagnostic businesses for Dow Chemical. In addition, he initiated and was Director of a number of Dow’s reference laboratories that were eventually sold to SmithKline Beecham and are currently known as Quest Laboratories.

Jerry has conducted research at the National Institutes of Health and is certified by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. He has also contributed to various publications in clinical chemistry and biochemistry. He holds approximately 30 patents in areas ranging from drug delivery to systems for treating or diagnosing ophthalmic, dental, orthopedic and cardiovascular problems.

Jerry's passionate interests are in the areas of mind-being: consciousness, healing, spirituality and all other related topics. He believes that exposing/educating more of the population to the world of consciousness/mind-being will help raise the level of consciousness and thus produce a better society. This coincides with one of the goals of FMBR and is one of Jerry's objectives as Chairman for FMBR.

Dr. Gin received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Arizona, his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and his M.B.A. from Loyola College.

Judy Kitt / President of FMBR

Judy holds a bachelor's degree in Genetics from the University of California at Davis. She spent 11 years in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, first as a research biologist on diabetes, primary pulmonary hypertension and atherosclerosis. From basic research, she moved into clinical research, where she worked as part of a team to design, plan and implement various world-wide clinical research trials in the field of cardiology.

Having been a student of spirituality and philosophy for over 20 years, she was led to the study and practice of shamanism through a series of mystical experiences. She received initiation rites from the elders of the Q'ero Nation of the Andes and is a full mesa carrier in that lineage.

Mary Cummings / VP Administrative

Mary has an interest in body-mind and complementary healing for many years since studying Silva Method in the late 60's. She worked 26 years as a holistic health practitioner combining intuitive bodywork and hypnotherapy. Having experienced multiple near-deaths and after-life communication, she has been drawn to the research and understanding of anomalous phenomena.

Vaishali Chadha / Director At-Large

Vaishali Chadha has a deep interest in bringing the wisdom, art and culture of Asia into contemporary society. Her coaching company, Adventures For My Soul, takes private clients on spiritual tours to India. She attended New York University Stern School of Business. Later she lived in Singapore and India where she traveled extensively around Asia. She is on the Board of the Asian Art Museum and is an active storyteller docent at the Museum. She is a student of the Ridhwan School a contemporary spiritual path. She has a background in Hypnosis, Enneagram and NLP. Currently, she is getting her Masters and Phd in East-West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. She lives in the Bay Area and Auroville, India a spiritual community founded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

FMBR is a volunteer-run non-profit 501(c)3 membership organization.
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