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The Theory of Wow: The Role of Consciousness in the UFO Phenomenon

with Grant Cameron

Friday, November 27th at 6:00 PM Pacific Time

Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron will look at the various UFO and "alien" reports to guess at what might actually be going on. What are the ET intelligences doing when appearing to humans? Why do UFO’s have lights on them? What messages are they trying to give? He will look at the role of consciousness in the UFO phenomenon.

He will also go through topics discussed in his many books.

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Grant Cameron Bio

Contact Modalities-cropped
Portals at Mount Shasta

Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of an UFO type object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border.

These sightings led to a decade of research into the early work done by the Canadian government into the flying saucer phenomena. Cameron became the authority on the government program and Wilbert B. Smith who headed it up. From here Cameron proceeded to do almost two decades of research into the role of the President of the United States in the UFO mystery. Most of that research can be found at the Presidents UFO Website –

After experiencing a noetic download event on February 26, 2012 Cameron turned his research interests away from “nuts and bolts” research to the role of consciousness in the UFO phenomena. This new research has expanded out to the possible involvement of extraterrestrials in modern music. It also led to research into the phenomena of inspirations and downloads in science discoveries, inventions, Nobel Prizes, music, art, books, near death experiences, meditation, and with individuals known as savants and prodigies.

Cameron has lectured widely in Canada, the United States and Europe. He was one of the 40 witnesses that testified in front of six ex-Senators and Congressmen in Washington for the “Citizen’s Hearing UFO on Disclosure.” He has appeared on many television documentaries on UFOs, and been interviewed by nearly a hundred radio shows including a number of appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

Cameron co-authored books on the government UFO cover-up, including UFOs, MJ-12, and the Government along with UFO’s, Area 51, and Government Informants, Managing Magic, The Alien Bedtime Story Book and Inspired: The Paranormal world of Creativity.

He has just released the book Contact Modalities: The Keys to the Universe, and a book on Mount Shasta called Experiencers with the Non-Ordinary. Also just released is UFOs and Portals at Mount Shasta.

More information on Grant Cameron's books

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Your Vibrational Level

Saturday, November 7th

4:00 to 6:00 pm on Zoom

Meeting ID: 408 431 3719
Vibrational Level

We sometimes hear the terms, “I am feeling down, my vibrational level is low” or “I am happy, my vibrational level is high”. Your vibrational level is a real phenomenon. Your high vibrational state can be determined by dowsing.

Joachim Wippich, dowser, healer and teacher will join Jerry Gin to discuss the principles of radiesthesia, the neutral pendulum, the personal wavelength, and how to use these principles to determine your vibrational level. The personal wavelength has other uses, especially when you shop for food or supplements. We will also go over that.

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