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WORKSHOP: Your Vibrational Level and Personal Wavelength

Jerry Gin

Jerry Gin

Sunday, October 3rd 1:30 - 4:30, $25 - all proceeds to FMBR

Remembering and recognizing that your true essence is I AM results in a dramatic increase in your vibrational level. At that level, you feel a deep sense of peace and calm. Your immunity level is running at maximum efficiency. You are in harmony with the universe. Healing occurs at this vibrational level.

Joachim Wippich has taught us affirmations to bring ourselves into harmony and to the I AM vibrational level. This workshop teaches the principles of achieving harmony and the I AM vibrational level. You will learn how to test your own vibrational level. You will learn how to determine your personal wavelength using the techniques of radiesthesia. You can use that technique to observe your own vibrational level and see how affirmations increase your vibrations to the I AM level.

With the personal wavelength technique, you will also be able to determine what foods, supplements, essential oils, and minerals or crystals are supportive of you and promote your health. You will no longer have to guess as to what is good for you when shopping for foods or supplements.

Requirements for the workshop: A Neutral Pendulumbuy a wooden pendulum or acrylic ball pendulum or make your own per instructions in Jerry Gin’s The Seeker and the Teacher of Light book. If making your own and don’t have my book, email me for instructions:

Areas Covered in the Workshop:

  • Understanding how to bring yourself into harmony/balance
  • Understanding the concept of I AM
  • Understanding the concept of your vibrational level
  • Learn affirmations to bring yourself to the I AM level
  • Understanding how to test for your vibrational level
  • Understanding your personal wavelength concept
  • Understanding how to test for your personal wavelength
  • Understanding applications for personal wavelength – e.g., shopping for foods and supplements and knowing which foods and supplements are in resonance with you
  • Using intention/consciousness to create harmony – See and test the result
  • Activating water – see and test the result
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