The New Physics: Subtle Energy, Subtle Force

The New Physics: Subtle Energy, Subtle Force

New Physics: An Introduction and Sources

At various levels, what has been called subtle energy and/or subtle force has been studied for millennia. Starting in the late 1800s some scientists began to look carefully at what the sages and teachers have been talking about and teaching for as long as humans have been around.

In just the latter half of the last century that has been there has been some very careful science done investigating what has been traditionally call "subtle energy" or "subtle force". On this page we will present links to a few of the papers that have come out of this effort. The goal here is to introduce some of the science that has been done and then suggest where more can be found. Also, there will be list of some of the individuals and organizations that are conducting very interesting work in this field, where they have been applying the principles of careful science, to the degree that such is possible, in a field where so many of the rules of action are just being learned and can seem to be different.

This page is an introduction. The linked pages have additional references, for those desiring further information.

FMBR's Jerry Gin's Overview

The article provides a good overview on new physics theories. Overview:

In the last 200 hundred years, there have been a number of new physics models created that seem to answer some of the questions left unanswered by the "standard model". He provides short introductions to several models. It is interesting to note that most of them really seem to have very similar basic structures involving toriodal fields, even though the ideas appear to have been developed with little or no knowledge of the other models.

Articles by Gough and Shacklett

William Gough, Co-Founder of FMBR, and Dr Bob Shacklett wrote several scientific papers where they explore torus/vortex topology and twistor/spinor theory of Roger Penrose.

three papers:
The Science of Connectiveness, Part I 
The Science of Connectiveness, Part II
The Science of Connectiveness, Part III: The Human Experience

Introduction to New Physics

 Russian Research

Starting 30 years ago, some scientists in the former Soviet Union intensively studied what they call Torsion Fields. As long as the Soviet Union existed this study was kept secret. Now much of that work has been made available to the rest of the world. This paper provides an introduction to the work on Torsion Fields.

Theoretical Basics of Experimental Phenomena

In March, 2012, Brendan D. Murphy wrote an article giving another history of the development of the work on torsion fields.

Torsion: The Key to the Theory of Everything

For the same content, spoken by a female English accented robo-voice:
Torsion: The Key to the Theory of Everything

William Tiller

For a decade William Tiller, PhD has been working in the subtle energy/field area. He is conducting lab experiments with 2 colleagues to expand the understanding of what he has named Psychoenergetic Science.

Here is a link to the paper Initial Comparisons Between the Russian Research on "The Nature of Torsion". This paper describes Tiller Model.

These are links to reports and papers on subtle energy/fields.

This quote is taken from Dr William Tiller, from his website;

"For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call 'physical reality.'
Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today's world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct.
We humans are much more than we think we are and Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it."

Dr. Tiller has written a group of papers on what he has named "Psychoenergetics Science". You can find links to his papers on his site on the page labeled WHITE PAPERS.

Dr. Claude Swanson

Dr. Swanson wrote an article for the FMBR website. The article is Rediscovering An Ancient Force.

FMBR member Kevin Kiser wrote an FMBR editorial in response to Dr. Swanson's article, Torsion as a Force of the Universe -- What's in it for Us?

Life Force, The Scientific Basis," The Long Awaited Volume II of the Synchronized Universe, discusses many aspects of subtle energy/force. An excerpt from that book:

Claude Swanson's The Many Faces of Subtle Energy

"Subtle energy has been rediscovered many times by many people. There is evidence at megalithic sites (see Chapter 9) that this energy has been understood and used by some cultures for thousands of years. As we have seen in this chapter, it has physical consequences which can be measured. Therefore it should be included in modem science. One challenge is that modem physics, so far, has refrained from studying consciousness and all phenomena connected to it. This seems to be an important oversight, given that consciousness is believed to cause the "collapse of the wave function," a concept central to quantum physics. Since subtle energy also interacts with consciousness, as witnessed by the powerful demonstrations of Qigong masters, it seems clear that these two forces are connected, and should be studied together."

The myriad different words that mean "subtle energy/force"

On page 46, of Swanson's book, he has a table with many of the names that have been applied to subtle energy/force through time. This list is most interesting in itself as well as a source of web/library search for information on these subjects. The list presented here has a few additions to the original from the book.

Subtle Energy/ Force TermSource of the Term
BarakaNorth Africa
BiogravityDubrov (Russian)
Chi, QiChinese
Chronal FieldA.J. Veinik
DeltronsWilliam Tiller
Elan VitaleFrench (Bergson)
Life ForceEuropean
Mitogenic RaysGurvich
N-EmanationM.R. Blondlot
Od, OdyleVon Reichenbach
OrgoneWilhelm Reich
Psychoenergetic ScienceWilliam Tiller
PranaHindu & Tibetan Yoga
Subtle EnergyWilliam Tiller
Time DensityNikolai Kozyrev
TorsionNikolai Kozyrev
Waken, WakondoLakota

Transverse Waves

Maxwells Equations were developed in the nineteenth century. The equations can be seen to describe a transverse and a longitudinal wave aspect of electromagnetic radiation. (See 'electromagnetic' paragraph.) The transverse waves are the type that we find in almost all the electrical and magnetic aspects of our society today - electric transmission of power by wire, radio and television, electric motors, and much more. The longitudinal waves are not as common. (They have also been called scalar waves.)

It is these types of waves that were explored by Nicola Tesla in the early part of the twentieth century see; Meyl (third article in "Research Articles" section, though it may not be available) or Eckardt, and in the torsion work in the USSR, in the late twentieth century.

Scaler Waves

A closely related topic is "scalar waves". In the NASA report, "Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications: Volume II" Scaler waves are discussed in 2 places. There is a short entry on page 42. There is considerably more discussion of scalar waves on pages 53 through 64.

There is a great deal of information gathered in the book by Dr Claude Swanson, "Life Force, the Scientific Basis". This book discusses many of the of types healing using subtle energies.

Other Links

Souls of Distortion — Netherlands

This page has links to the papers of many different scholars and scientists. From that page:

"This page contains articles by various scholars whose theories and discoveries are paradigm changing. In Russia thousands of physicists are working on a newly discovered kind of energy, the torsion wave. Torsion fields exist in the fabric of space, called the ether and as waves can travel at superlumineous speeds. As a static energy field they manifest in vortex structures." Field Articles

David Wilcock

In his online book The Divine Cosmos David Wilcock has a chapter Harnessing Torsion Waves & Consciousness, Chapter 9 that discusses the Russian and Ukrainian research into torsion-fields.


"Kozyrev’s work and others have shown us that all matter harnesses torsion waves to sustain its existence. In the last two chapters we saw that an atom is actually a vortex of aetheric energy, where the negatively-charged electron clouds are pressing in towards the positively-charged nucleus via the Biefield-Brown effect.

"We also have seen that geometry is a major factor in the quantum realm, since it represents the natural form that vibration creates in a fluidlike medium."

Col. Tom Bearden (Ret.)

Tom Bearden has a website, (problems with in some browsers with site authentication) with links to his extensive papers and those of others. He has long been active in related areas of subtle energy. Here is a lengthy bio describing the extensive work of Col Bearden in this area;

Ken Morley

Ken, the FMBR Webmaster, has written the following short articles on matters related to subtle energy/fields:

Consciousness, the Basis and Building Block of the Universe
Symbols and Subtle Energy
All The Same 


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