New Physics: Theories on the Nature of the Universe and Consciousness

Overview by Jerry Gin of FMBR

In recent years, there have been a number of theorists who have provided us with alternative physics theories to view matter, energy, the nature of the universe and consciousness. The new theories attempt to bring together many of the inconsistencies current theories are unable to explain. A list of web links is given which presents some of the new theories.

One common denominator of the new theories is the postulate of the existence of Aether (also known as Zero Energy Field, Akashic Field, Source Field, The Field, and other names). Einstein has said. . . "space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space, not only would there be no propagation of light, but also no space-time intervals in the physical sense." In a number of the new physics, matter is created moment by moment as a standing wave -- a vortex in the vacuum. The condensed center of the vortex creates the illusion of a particle.

David Wilcock, in Source Field Investigations, gives excellent summaries of the new physics. Jan Wicherink, in Souls of Distortion Awakening, presents an excellent review of the theories. Milo Wolff has created the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in which matter is the focal point of a standing wave formed by the interference of 2 spherical waves formed by an inward bound wave toward the center and an outward bounce wave from the center. Paul LaViolette has created Sub-quantum Kinetics where creation is continuously formed from hyperdimensional Aether and matter is light in the form of standing wave continuously replenished by the Aether. David Thompson and Jim Bourassa of the Quantum Aether Dynamic Institute describe the vortex from Aether that constitutes matter. Daniel Winter has created "implosion physics" where the faces of the vortexes are the basis of platonic solids, the electrons are the vortex cones, and the center of the double vortex (torus) creates the inertia (gravity) or nucleus. Dewey Larson's model deals with 3-dimensional time and motion (vortexes) which create everything there is a "time-space" which interacts with our "space-time."

In the new physics, all matter creates and absorbs torsion waves. Torsion waves can be static (matter) or dynamic. If they are dynamic, the waves move at superluminal speeds, a billion times faster than the speed of light. This accounts for the non-locality of everything. According to Kozyrev's studies, thoughts and feelings generate torsion waves. Thus consciousness is related to Aether vibrations and the torsion waves may be at the basis oF many of the observations in telepathy, remote viewing, and psychokinesis.


Russian professor N.P. Myshkin
Excerpted from Torsion: The Key to the Theory of Everything:

"The first research generally credited with the discovery of this "fifth force" -- torsion -- was that done in the late 1800s by Russian professor N.P. Myshkin. Einstein's colleague Dr. Eli Cartan first coined the term in 1913 after discovering this force's twisting movement through the fabric of space-time is what gives rise to the helical structure of DNA. In the 1950s pioneering Russian scientist Dr. N.A. Kozyrev (1908 --1983) conclusively proved the existence of this energy, demonstrating that, like time, it flows in a sacred geometric spiral . . ."

Hal Fox
Excerpted from Now come torsion fields - by Hal Fox:

"The torsion field and its emanations are subtle energy fields. They are separate and distinct from classical Electric, Magnetic, and Gravity fields. Generators for these fields can be shielded against electro-magnetic fields and the torsion field still manifests itself through such shielding. Torsion fields can be generated, detected, switched on and off (such as for communication purposes), and are a distinct type of energy field heretofore not included in today's classical physics. Torsion field emanations can travel at velocities at least as high as 10^9 times the speed of light. Torsion fields can interact with laser beams (change frequency); affect biological processes; are generated by melting or solidifying some materials; affect quartz crystals; affect some electronic components; can favorably change some beverages; and have been noted to affect gravity."

Jan Wicherink
Excerpted from Chapter 6, "Aether vibrations" (p104) in Souls of Distortion Awakening, free download:

"Torsion fields can be either static or dynamic. Static torsion fields can take on the form of vortexes, like the one mentioned in the implosion physics of Daniel Winter. These static vortex torsion fields in the fabric of the vacuum space can stay in one place for a very long period of time, like forever. Kozyrev discovered that torsion fields can also propagate through space as torsion waves at super-luminal speeds in excess of one billion times the speed of light (10^9 C).

"He noticed that all physical objects both absorb and radiate torsion waves. By shaking, vibrating, deforming, heating and cooling physical objects they generate measurable torsion waves. Even the displacement of an object generates torsion waves that can be measured. In fact, all movement, from the vibrations of atoms to the orbits of our planets and stars, leaves their imprint in the form of torsion waves in the aether, and they never lose their strength.

"A very remarkable phenomenon that Kozyrev discovered by rotating gyroscopes is that they lose very small, but measurable amounts of weight. Also, firmly shaking objects could make objects lose weight. Now, from our current understandings of physics this is quite impossible! It violates all known physical laws, so how can solid matter lose weight when it is spun at high speeds or shaken? If we still believe that matter is made of little hard 'solid' marbles called particles, then yes, this would truly be a great mystery! However, Kozyrev showed that the gyroscopes shed more torsion waves when shaken or spun, so the aetheric energy that sustains the top was shed back into the background sea of the aether. The momentary loss of aether energy accounted for the very slight weight drop."

Reciprocal System of Theory

Excerpted from Reciprocal System of physical theory ("RS" theory):

Larson's universe, referred to as the Universe of Motion, has some different premises than conventional theory:

  • Because mathematical relations are based on the multiplicative inverse (not the additive inverse), the condition of rest is unity--not zero. Larson calls this motion the natural datum, and is the speed of light. In Larson's universe, change is measured as a displacement from unity (the speed of light). A simple analogy to understand this concept is the see-saw, where the fulcrum is unity and distances are measured outward from the center, towards the far edges. Conventional science starts at the edges, measuring towards the center.
  • Because of this inverse, see-saw relationship of space and time, Larson's universe also contains two "halves" that he calls sectors. The first is the material sector, the one of our everyday experience, consisting of 3-dimensional space and clock time. Because of the reciprocal relation flipping across unity, he discovered the cosmic sector, the realm of 3-dimensional time and clock space. These two halves of the universe sit in opposition to each other, and are connected through his concept of motion.

"As a result of this structure, the Universe of Motion tends to look inside-out to those with a conventional, scientific background--who are usually the first to ask, "How can you have motion, without something moving?" Larson describes this as the "actors on the stage" approach, where you have things in a setting, and the two are entirely different from each other. Conventional science has "atoms" playing parts on the space/time stage of the Universe. In the Reciprocal System, however, the actors and stage are the same stuff — motion — acting in relative relation to each other. As such, the only fixed reference in a universe of motion is a speed — the speed of light, which Larson refers to as the "progression of the natural reference system."

Excerpted from The Reevaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of physical theory:

"The Reciprocal System of theory (RS theory) was created by engineer Dewey B. Larson in the 1950s, where he proposed a model of the universe based on the concept of motion as primary to matter. It did not get much, if any, recognition simply because researchers could not adjust to the concept of motion without something actually moving.

"Larson did discover something quite remarkable: the precise, dimensional relationship between space and time. By using that relationship, he was able to build a theoretical universe based on two postulates that closely resembles the observed universe, at both small (subatomic) and large (galactic) scales. Larson predicted some events that must exist as a logical consequence of his postulates, which had not yet been discovered, from new forms of atomic disintegration to quasi-stellar objects.

"The Reciprocal System was, however, just a really good first draft of a generalized theory of everything (TOE), and does have its problems. Two of the members of ISUS (the International Society of Unified science), Prof. KVK Nehru of India and Dr. Bruce Peret of the United States, discovered that research done in the areas of alternative science and philosophy had found solutions to these problem areas and took it upon themselves to do a re-evaluation of Larson's original concepts, merge them with these other understandings, and see what resulted. The result is RS2--an updated version of Larson's Reciprocal System that that provides integrated solutions to the problems discovered with Larson's original system."

From Larson himself:
"The more complete understanding of physical existence opens the door to an exploration of existence as a whole, including those nonphysical areas that have hitherto had to be left to religion and related branches of thought. It is now evident that our familiar material world is not the whole of existence, as modern science would have us believe. It is only a part--perhaps a very small part--of a greater whole."
-- Dewey B. Larson, Universe of Motion, 1984

Symmetric Field Physics

From an article by Aaity Olson July 2003 pages 9 through 17:

"All the stuff that fills up the distances between the stars and also the distances between tiny parts of atoms and molecules is filled with energy. That energy contains all the power of forces anywhere. (Some people are now calling this zero-point energy or scalar energy.) This energy is divided into two parts, one part that EXPANDS upon itself and one part that CONTRACTS to itself. These parts combine into a sphere where the center point is the part that contracts (called TIME) and the stuff within diameter of the sphere is the part that expands (called SPACE). One part cannot exist without the other, yet, they are equal and opposite by nature. These sphere are everywhere and can be of any diameter, all overlapping. They pack together as corpuscles if they are of the same size and speeds. When they are packed together they look like a checkerboard because each corpuscle has a space-predominance or a time-predominance. Packed together they take on shapes like crystals and cubes. They sit or move side by side because a motion in one corpuscle must balance its equal and opposite partner. All this, (and more), leads up to the idea the when any particle or object (Time Field predominant)exists or moves in one direction it will always have a torus around it made up of Space Field predominant, equal and opposite energy, that mirrors the action. It is that energy torus which causes momentum and inertia."

This site has free copies of both volumes Symmetric Field Physics.

Aether Physics

From: A New Foundation for Physics, by Quantum Aether Dynamics Institute:

"Modern physics describes the mechanics of the Universe. We have discovered a new foundation for physics, which explains the components of the Universe with precision and depth. We quantify the existence of Aether, subatomic particles, and the force laws. Some aspects of the theory derive from the Standard Model, but much is unique.

"A key discovery from this new foundation is a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory. Other fundamental discoveries follow, including the origin of the fine structure constant and subatomic particle g-factors, a slight correction of neutron magnetic moment, a geometrical structure for charge, the quantification of electromagnetic charge as separate from electrostatic charge, a more precise meaning of spin, the quantification of space-resonance in five dimensions, and a new system of quantum units.

"The Aether quantifies as a fabric of quantum rotating magnetic fields with electromagnetic, electrostatic, and gravitational dipole structures. Subatomic particles quantify as angular momentum encapsulated in a quantum, rotating magnetic field. All quantum, atomic, and molecular processes can be precisely modeled, leading to discrete physics with new understandings and insights."

See Chapter 6 Aether vibrations (p72) Souls of Distortion Awakening, free download.

Subquantum Kinetics

Paul La Violette presents a completed theory of Subquantum Kinetics in the book Subquantum Kinetics: A Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology, A novel systems approach to physics that has far reaching implications for field theory, astronomy, and cosmology.

From this book review:

"Subquantum kinetics is a revolutionary physics methodology that was inspired by advances in our understanding of how nonequilibrium reaction systems spawn self-organizing wave patterns.  Replacing the fragmented and self-contradictory framework of modern physics, subquantum kinetics opens the door to a truly elegant unified field theory.  Electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear potential fields all emerge from a single set of nonlinear equations representing subquantum processes postulated to take place throughout all space.  It is the first fundamental theory to have its predictions of the nucleon's energy potential profile later confirmed by particle scattering form factor data.

"This approach, which is consistent with the ideas of Whitehead, Einstein, de Broglie, and Feynman, provides answers to many fundamental questions: Namely, how does the subquantum matrix generate the zero-point energy continuum and spawn the formation of matter?  How do charge and mass come into being and how do they generate fields consistent with the laws of electrostatics and gravitation? Subquantum kinetics also lays the foundations for a new wave theory of matter.  Its nondispersing, periodic structures resolve the wave-particle dualism and produce de Broglie wave diffraction effects consistent with observation.

"Subquantum kinetics also leads to a new view of our cosmos: an open, order-generating universe, continuously creating matter and energy.  Its prediction of a new form of energy, continuously emerging within all planets and stars, led to the discovery that planets, brown dwarfs, and red dwarf stars all share a common mass-luminosity relation and it also anticipated the anomalous blueshift found in the Pioneer 10 maser signal."

Other Subquantum Kinetics links

A nontechnical summary of subquantum kinetics.

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Bio of Dr La Violette

Chapter 6 Aether vibrations (p. 75) Souls of Distortion Awakening, free download.

Wave Structure of Matter (WSM)

From this, a nontechnical summary.

"...the Wave Structure of very simple: It is a description of how waves in quantum space form all the matter of the Universe. Space and its two properties are the origin of everything in the Universe - matter - energy - life. How does this happen? It is because space is the single entity that is fundamental to the Universe. It has not been recognized until recently because space is a quantum space. Before then philosophers and scientists mistakenly sought fundamental entities as a zoo of material particles. These were not only wrong they were not simple. When you replace the notion of discrete material particles with wave structures in space the simplicity appears. In short, there are no particles — only waves

"If it is so simple, why hasn't it been found before? Because everyone has been looking in the wrong place! Everyone had been thinking 'particles' like grains of sand as the structure of matter. For thousands of years, philosophers sought the meaning of matter and the natural laws in a particle model and only recently has it been realized [Clifford, Schrodinger, Einstein and Wolff] that everything is the result of the structure of space and two simple principles that describe space."

Biography of Mathematical Physicist Dr Milo Wolff with some discusion of WSM.

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