Jerry Gin discusses The fundamentals of achieving Harmony and why that is important. The nature of imbalance and why that causes illness on a personal level, breakup of relationships, political party dysfunctions, wars, and other problems. On a planetary basis, imbalances cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes. How matter is formed and that all matter is formed in this manner. Why imbalances are inherent in the formation of matter and how you can bring back balance. How you interact with matter, but that the essence of you is not matter.

Renee Baribeau | Introduction to the Winds of Spirit-
How to Call upon Wind Deities for Personal Transformation and Healing

Learn the ancient secrets of the winds, to find direct pathways in your life and achieve personal awakening. You will be shown how to call upon Wind Deities from around the world, as well as the Cardinal Winds from the four quadrants of the sky.

Alx Uttermann: The Energetics of Self Care

Alx will share the number one worst disease affecting us right now both collectively and individually. Discover how living through these turbulent times is affecting so many of us, especially empaths, and how we can use the energetics of self-care to dissolve negative energy charges from our physical body to keep our energy healthy and in flow, avoiding burnout. Alx shares how spirituality can also be immensely practical, with tools we can use in our everyday lives to inspire our well-being and keep us from creating “inner war zones”

Nisha Manek, MD | The Road to Good Health is Paved with Intentions

We are at the cusp of a paradigm shift in medical care. In this talk, Nisha offers a vision of twenty-first-century medicine that meets and prevails over the challenges of drug-based medicine. This science embraces the multi-dimensional human being encompassing their energetic and intentional systems. The era of information medicine is upon us.

Dr. Kathleen Riley |
Frequencies of Coherence: Raising the Vibration of the Global Field |
Intention begins in the heart. It is connected to our higher self, higher consciousness, and the global field. Through the frequencies of our intentions, we create a vibratory resonance that is transmitted throughout our beings to every cell and biophoton, and outward to the global field.

Gough, W.C. Sep., 2008., 7 pages.

The root structural cause underlying the global environment and security problems is the fact that ecology has become a subsystem of the economy. This occurred because the world is operating an open cycle economic system in which resources are extracted from the earth to enter the cycle and exit as wastes.

Jerry Gin, PhD of FMBR

Microwave EMF Is Emitted from Many High-Tech Devices
Today we are subjected to a constant barrage of microwave electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from WiFi, cell towers, mobile phones, cordless phones, radar, Smart Meters, computers, iPhones, iPads, tablets, baby monitors, microwave ovens and many other devices which make up our modern high-tech world.