Russell Targ and his team, including the great natural psychic Ingo Swann, at the Stanford Research Institute clearly discovered in the 1970s the ability of the mind to see around the world. Essentially through “remote viewing” techniques, human beings clearly possess the ability to perceive beyond their present time-space locality.

Since 1978, Stephan Schwartz has been getting people to remote view the year 2050, and out of that has come a complex trend analysis. Stephan discusses the research study, what the analyses show and what he feels is the best path forward for humanity. Stephan A. Schwartz is a Distinguished Consulting Faculty of Saybrook University.

Energy is flowing in your body all the time. If you learn to pay attention to it, you can feel it. Energy flow is an integral part of dowsing and working with a pendulum to receive information from your right brain (or subconscious). This video teaches the fundamental pendulum motions used in dowsing and in Radiesthesia (physical dowsing) and to give you a feel of energy flow in your body which directs the pendulum motion.