FMBR Courses

FMBR Courses

Expanded View of Consciousness

FMBR wants to broaden the understanding of consciousness in all its many aspects. The materials found here were designed to help all who are interested to understand more about this expanded view of consciousness.


Scientific Theory of Consciousness

Federico Faggin

On November 20, 2015, Federico Faggin gave what amounted to a short course on his work to
develop a “Scientific Theory of Consciousness”. The Powerpoint slides he used that evening are presented here.

Segments from a Course on the Nature of Mind-Being

The relationships and evidence: Consciousness, science, spirituality and the nature of the universe

Jerry Gin, Chairman of FMBR, has created as series of Power Point notes that covering a wide range of
topics in the fields of consciousness and subtle energy. The index page for these presentations is found here.

The Electric Universe

New view of the universe

Drawing from several sources, Jerry Gin has created a presentation based upon the book The Electric Universe, by Wallace Thornhill, David Talbot and others. It is also based on Tom Findlay's A Beginner's View of Our Electric Universe, and presentations Jerry attended at the April, 2012 Council Grove Conference.

This model asserts that the universe is fundamentally electromagnetic. It stands in stark contrast to the  of how the forces in the universe works and interacts in the traditional gravitational model.

Start the presentation here.

The Many Modalities of Healing

Healing comes in many modalities. Jerry Gin has compiled a set of notes listing some of them and
grouped them into modalities with some common features along with a description of those points.

Click here to see the notes.

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