“Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM” by FMBR Chairman Dr. Jerry Gin

“Connect with I AM. This book presents the concept and reality of “subtle energies” to an essentially lay readership, using a scientific method to investigate and explain how subtle energies are real, how readers/listeners can find out for themselves through exercises provided in the book, and how a connection with these subtle energies can lead listeners to the realization of their true, creative nature: I AM.

“I AM” refers to the essential nature of every person, apart from the particular aspects they may tend to identify with – e.g., “I am a mother,” “I am a teacher,” “I am an American,” etc.

The fundamental identity is our spiritual identity, “I AM.”

The primary purpose of this book is to present our true nature in the context of science, as viewed through (a) the study of subtle energies and our vibrational energies, as well as through (b) the teachings of Joachim Wippich (the "teacher" referred to in my previous book, The seeker and The Teacher of Light), so that we can understand our connectedness and thereby help humanity advance. Our connectedness stems from our being all One. We are all God, experiencing all the ways of being. We are all I AM.

When the understanding and embrace of I AM becomes the unifying thread of both science and spirituality, then humanity will reach a new stage in evolution. With the realization of who we really are, humanity will advance. Humans will create with the concept of harmony, balance, and love as the core principles of who we are. We will truly understand our connectedness.

“Drawing on the work of scientists and spiritual teachers alike, Dr. Gin gives us a glimpse into our true nature as creators, and challenges us to use our powers of thought and intention to create our world in love, harmony, and balance.”

—Judy Kitt, President, Foundation for Mind-Being Research; Founder, Director, CEO, Life from the Ashes

“If you want to see what Jerry discovered and how, read his first book; but if you want to cut to the chase, read this new book that shows you the answers he found, and how he (and then you) can apply them, and put them to the test for yourself. Get ready for a mind-expanding journey into areas you may have never before known existed. Enjoy!”

—Michael Buchele, MD

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