“The Seeker and The Teacher of Light” by FMBR Chairman Dr. Jerry Gin

“This book is a journey with a genius. In a heartfelt way Jerry Gin invites readers not only to understand, but to have a direct experience through the techniques and exercises he offers. He convinces us that “we all have the ability to affect the nature of matter” through practices such as pendulums and sacred number series.

In the mid 1950s another genius named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit priest, and also a scientist, wrote about the Omega Point. He predicted that there would come a time of coalescence, when the advances of science and the essence of spirituality would be integrated into a unified field of understanding of the physical world and the dimensions that lie beyond. Dr. Gin’s life has been, and continues to be, an exploration of that integration. As guide and fellow seeker, he shares with us the insights he’s gained so far.”

—Cynthia Spring
Co-author of channeled books Seven Questions about Life After Life, and Seven Questions about the Greater Reality

This book presents the concept and reality of “subtle energies” to an essentially lay readership, using a scientific method to investigate and explain how subtle energies are real, how readers/listeners can find out for themselves through exercises provided in the book, and how a connection with these subtle energies can lead listeners to the realization of their true, creative nature: I AM.

“I AM” refers to the essential nature of every person, apart from the particular aspects they may tend to identify with – e.g., “I am a mother,” “I am a teacher,” “I am an American,” etc.

The fundamental identity is our spiritual identity, “I AM.”

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