Friday October 27, 7:30
Unity Community Church - Y.E.S. Hall,
3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
Jeanne Love & Regina Ochoa,
Channeling the Challenger Astronauts: 
30 Year Afterlife Communication Project


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This evening for the first time in over 20 years channelers Regina Ochoa and Jeanne Love will share some of their experiences with the seven spirited astronauts who left the earth in 1986 to discover the stars. The communication began the day of the Challenger crash and has continued on and off since then. (You are right, the crash was 30 years ago, so why the 20 years above? Come and listen and learn.)

Please check out to read the personal stories of each of the seven crew members of the shuttle Challenger which FMBR has recently published on line.

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From Mind-Being to Mystic-Being

An FMBR Workshop led by Jeanne Love & Regina Ochoa
October 28, 10AM - 5PM

Paranormal activity surrounds around us all the time. With so much psychic chatter,
how do we listen to what is being said; really listen? Is this normal? Oh yes.
Do you want to hear more; to listen to what is being said to you, your Divine higher self?
Would you like to feel the expansion without moving outside your body?
Would you like to access this, while knowing you are protected in a safe environment?

‘Energists’ Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa will gently guide the participants’ shift as they are transported, cleared and become more —- from mental to spiritual, from technical to ethereal.


$150 members & $175 non-members Prepay HERE

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The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
Nikola Tesla



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Link to BIOFEEDBACK as a Tool for the Study of Consciousness, by Dr. Jean Millay


As the world watched in Jan, 1986, the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded shortly after launch. On the day of the disaster, a channeler spontaneously connected with Christa, the school teacher/astronaut. In the following days and months, all the Challenger crew members channeled their message for the living. Those messages are now online at


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