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Flowers in Your Aura: Experiences of an Intuitive Medium

Susan Hazard

Wednesday, September 14th 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)

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Susan Hazard is a National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) Certified Medium, and has been practicing her gift of mediumship for over twenty-five years. She partners her gift for mediumship with intuitively perceiving your aura as flowers, the symbolic meanings assisting to open communication with your loved ones in spirit. Susan will speak about her development as a medium, then will answer questions and give demonstrations to as many participants as possible.

This presentation will be done "meeting style" (not webinar style), so Susan can interact with the participants.

This presentation will not be LiveStreamed to YouTube.


But Does the Earth Love You Back?

by Judy Kitt

I love to be in the Pacific Northwest. There’s so much water, and greenery, and life there. It feels--lush, and so alive. The Puget Sound is the Pacific Ocean in its quiescent state, gently filling in the spaces between the numerous green islands. No crashing waves here, just quiet water, almost lake-like, and utterly enchanting.

Visiting family, we stayed near Point Ruston and went for walks along the water’s edge, admiring the Salish Sea, as it is called, in honor of the Coast Salish peoples who have lived there for thousands of years. Now, when I go for walks out in nature, I always greet the nature spirits, the Spirits of the water, earth, air and fire, the trees, animals, fish, insects and plants--“all my relations”--and I give thanks and honor to the spirits of those who lived on the land before I arrived, thanking them for their lives, wisdom and connection to the land. My gratitude and praise usually take the form of wonder and joy at witnessing the expression of the Divine in its myriad forms: God disguised as the Puget Sound, God disguised as a building, or a redwood, or a seagull. As my teachers say, either it’s all divine or nothing is. Everything that is manifest in form (and all that is formless) emanates from the Source and is therefore Source, as a drop of the ocean emanates from the ocean. That’s what I think about when I am out in nature.

So, I was standing at the water’s edge, admiring a little seabird--I think it was a loon--that was going about its business, all alone, swimming and looking for food. I sent it love and thanks for its perfect expression as the Divine in form. And a thought suddenly entered my mind, “I wonder if that bird sees me with the same wonder with which I am viewing her.” It seemed an odd thought, because my assumption always is that the inhabitants of the natural world view us humans with wariness at best, but mostly with disgust at our thoughtlessness, heartlessness, and our capacity for wanton destruction. I mean, that’s a given, right? But the little bird offered me another possibility--just a sort of “what if?’ moment. Could it even be possible that that bird could return the wonder, joy and admiration of me as an emanation of Source, with a recognition that we are each uniquely expressing in physicality while embodying the Source of All That Is? Does this make sense? Just contemplating the possibility felt like it opened a door.

Measure Vibrational Level of Your I AM Essence

Measure the Level of Your I AM Essence

Book-Teacher and the Seeker of Light

In Jerry Gin's The Teacher and the Seeker of Light, Joachim Wippich teaches that your true essence is I AM. To make all of this real, it is important for everyone to be able to see the increase in their own vibrational level when they repeat affirmations which raises their vibrational level.

Jerry Gin has prepared a series of short YouTube videos that lead you through a process to learn how measure your vibrational level.

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FMBR Women's Group Meeting

Sunday September 11th 2:00PM-3:30PM Pacific

heart home

Hello, My Friends!

I'm reading Timothy Hass' book called "The Second Story: Light for Challenging Times". It's the sequel to his book called "The Wonder-full World of the Home" and it's all about partnering with the subtle nature intelligences in your home to create "a powerful source of living energies radiating outwards."

These words, written by David Spangler in the Forward, really spoke to me:

"In times when nothing seems stable and familiar certainties and habits seem to dissolve like morning mist, being able to stand and radiate confidence, calmness and strength can be a powerful gift for the world around us. This may seem hard to do if we feel alone, dependent only on our own resources. But ..we are not alone. Our homes, however large or small, are filled with potential allies. Our homes can not only be sources of spiritual and energetic support for us, they can also become generative transmitters of Light and support others."

What do you think of this idea? Does it resonate with you? What kind of relationship do you have with your home? Are you aware of the subtle energies that surround you in your space? I'd love to hear your experience with this.

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

~Albert Einstein

“The sense of oneness, which is the key characteristic of spiritual experience, is fully confirmed by the understanding of reality in contemporary science.”

~ Fritjof Capra

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