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The Foundation for Mind-Being Research, FMBR, was established in 1980 to assist in the creation of integrated models of human consciousness, models that encompass the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the human experience. The objective was to bring the then-new field of consciousness studies into wider recognition as a bona fide field of science, and to explore whether consciousness arises out of physical matter (i.e., the brain) or whether it is a state of matter unto itself.

what we study




WATCH THE REPLAY: The entire planet, including ourselves, is being rewired. This is happening within us and within the planet. This is happening at the subtle vibrational level. Those who are sensitive to energies, especially healers and dowsers, feel the changes but do not know the cause of it. These changes do affect us and the world. The changes can be detected and measured with the tools of radiesthesia. The purpose of the talk is to inform you of the dramatic worldwide changes which some of us are detecting.

Meg and Jerry are now putting together this information into a soon to be published book, “The Birth of a New Humanity.”

conceptual foundations of our work


The fundamental identity is our spiritual identity, “I AM."

When the understanding and embrace of I AM becomes the unifying thread of both science and spirituality, then humanity will reach a new stage in evolution. With the realization of who we really are, humanity will advance. Humans will create with the concept of harmony, balance, and love as the core principles of who we are. We will truly understand our connectedness. ~ Jerry Gin, FMBR Chairman, Author of “Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM.”

we are each the eternal "I AM" having experiences

all experiences are spiritual

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Video: Activating our Nonlocal Awareness

Russell Targ and his team, including the great natural psychic Ingo Swann, at the Stanford Research Institute clearly discovered in the 1970s the ability of the mind to see around the world. Essentially through “remote viewing” techniques, human beings clearly possess the ability to perceive beyond their present time-space locality.

Video: Our Tiniest Near-Death Experiencers–Startling Evidence of A Brain Shift

PMH Atwater | January 27, 2023 | Not enough attention has been paid to the youngest near-death experiencers: those still in the womb, newborns, infants, toddlers, and those under the age of six. We are fascinated with out-of-the-mouth-of-babes stories, yet we fail to examine the aftereffects they contend with and why professional therapists are unable to understand or relate to them.

the science and scholars behind our work


The Science of BioGeometry

Jerry Gin, PhD of FMBR

Per Dr. Karim, the definition of BioGeometry is: “The science of establishing harmony in energy quality exchange between biological fields and their environment, through the use of a design language of form, color, motion and sound.” It is the resulting subtle energy harmony, which brings about the healing qualities of BioGeometry.

The Science of BioGeometry

New Physics: Theories on the Nature of the Universe and Consciousness

Overview by Jerry Gin of FMBR

In recent years, there have been a number of theorists who have provided us with alternative physics theories to view matter, energy, the nature of the universe and consciousness. The new theories attempt to bring together many of the inconsistencies current theories are unable to explain.

New Physics: Theories on the Nature of the Universe and Consciousness

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