FREE ONLINE EVENT: The Magician’s Jewel is a large, exclusive multi-dimensional structure that’s been designed to hold the quintessential, heart essence meaning of the Vajrayana path (the Diamond Way) of Tibetan Buddhism in a symbolically awe-inspiring, immersive and interactive exhibition piece.

Joining us from her home in the Indian Himalayas, Susan Griffith-Jones will explain both the meaning of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ as it has revealed itself to her so far.

WATCH THE REPLAY of this talk held live on February 2: Qi is a Life Force Energy which is high at birth and declines with age. Qigong and tai chi practitioners work with qi and understand the benefits of it. People have not been able to measure and study qi in a practical way or how one can know if their practice has increased their level of qi. Through some unique studies, I have learned that qi forms a field and the field develops domains of subtle energy which one can detect and study.