Video: Frequencies of Coherence: Raising the Vibration of the Global Field

Dr. Kathleen Riley |
Frequencies of Coherence: Raising the Vibration of the Global Field
Presented by the Foundation for Mind Being-Research

Intention begins in the heart. It is connected to our higher self, higher consciousness, and the global field. Through the frequencies of our intentions, we create a vibratory resonance that is transmitted throughout our beings to every cell and biophoton, and outward to the global field.

Dr. Kathleen Riley will speak about her research in collaboration with the HeartMath® Institute examining the effects of a shared heart focused intention among members of a string quartet on themselves and audience members. The study measured heart rate variability to determine if a shared intention among musicians would be perceived by the audience.

She will share her short research documentary, and Power Point slides to discuss the science of HeartMath®, the role of intentionality and its effects both physiologically and on music and creativity. Kathleen will also share about her latest initiatives birthed during the pandemic of creating communities for coherence and in creating platforms for performing artists to share their sounds of coherence.Dr. Kathleen Riley has spent most of her career weaving together her expertise of being a professional musician, pedagogue, certified biofeedback expert, and optimal performance coach into a unique approach to helping clients achieve optimal performance. Kathleen taught piano and worked with biofeedback to retrain performers' repetitive stress injuries and performance anxiety at New York University. She went on to work at the Cleveland Clinic and was on faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Kathleen received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Manhattan School of Music, a PhD from NYU, and postdoctoral studies and research in neuropsychology and physiology at NYU. Dr. Riley has certifications in biofeedback, and is a Certified HeartMath Trainer. She continues to conduct research, collaborating with the Heartmath Institute, and is writing articles and books on intention and the power of the heart through music. Both qualitative and quantitative results from her most recent research study, conducted with the Institute show significant, revealing new evidence of the power of a shared group intention among musicians and its effects on the audience.

In a response to the pandemic, Kathleen created the Global Coherent Performers Community on Facebook, an international group of musicians, dancers, poets, artists, theater artists, scientists and researchers who seek to help promote peace, harmony and a shift into higher consciousness through sound and visual frequencies manifested through heart intention. She is also Director for Performance Arts and show host of Sounds of Coherence on the Awake TV Network.

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