Video: The Energetics of Self-Care

Alx Uttermann: The Energetics of Self Care

Alx will share the number one worst disease affecting us right now both collectively and individually. Discover how living through these turbulent times is affecting so many of us, especially empaths, and how we can use the energetics of self-care to dissolve negative energy charges from our physical body to keep our energy healthy and in flow, avoiding burnout. Alx shares how spirituality can also be immensely practical, with tools we can use in our everyday lives to inspire our well-being and keep us from creating “inner war zones”.

Alx Uttermann brings her decades’ worth of experience as a global spiritual inspirational healing leader to help others walk in wellness and be of more help to those around them. She spent many years living & training intensively in South India, the origin of her powerful, effective tools. Whether she’s talking to service organizations, spiritual conferences, healers, meditation groups, or wellness gatherings, via online interviews or other media, Alx connects strongly with individuals who want more understanding of spirituality, and deep, palpable transformation in their lives. This global inspirational healing leader gets to the heart of what it takes for anyone in this world to experience deep healing, spiritual upliftment, and a better, more fulfilling life.

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