Video: Wisdom of Fire: From Wildfires to Kundalini

Peter May | Wisdom of Fire: From Wildfires to Kundalini

In 2003, Peter May helped to create Kundalini Fire Management (KFM), a fire department in a remote area of the southern Rocky Mountains, near Crestone, Colorado. He has been fire chief there since that time.

Peter will share with us a brief history of his experiences with the elemental intelligence of fire and how he learned to communicate with it. Through his work, he has discovered a wisdom aspect of fire, and will share with us how we might connect with it, and apply it in our lives.
Peter May grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, learning from his mother how to use plants from his family’s backyard garden to heal himself and his family. He received a Bachelors of Science in Architecture, with independent studies in Landscape Architecture, from the University of Michigan in 1988. In 1990, he began consulting on, designing, and building passive solar and bio-harmonic structures, and providing edible and native landscapes in Seattle, Washington.

He is currently a meditation teacher, tri-athlete, natural alchemist and formulator, distiller of essential oils, fire and land manager, wilderness guide, and Grammy award winning producer and musician. He has taught Conservation Biology and Spirituality at Colorado College. In 1993, he began designing and building passive solar off grid bio-harmonic houses and greenhouses in south central Colorado. Learn more about his work at

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