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FMBR began posting videos of its meetings on Vimeo in 2008, ending in February 2014. Videos posted to Vimeo from that time period are list below.

Starting March, 2014, meeting videos are posted on YouTube. There is some time lag for post-production before FMBR's videographer Kurt Bohan posts videos of the most recent meetings.

FMBR on Vimeo


There is one video on the Vimeo service taken at a working meeting of BIOS/HeartMath, sponsored by FMBR at Institute of Heartmath, Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz mountains in Jun 2011. Here is the link to that video.

BIOS was a project of the Chicago Center for Creative Development. There is a book BIOS A Study of Creation by Hector Sabelli, with others, which develops and explores the hypothesis that natural processes are creative (not determined) and causal (not random) and that bipolar feedback plays a major role in their evolution. Simple processes precede, coexist, constitute and surround the complex systems they generate (priority of the simple). In turn, complex processes feedback and transform simpler ones (supremacy of the complex).

This video is the 'Working Meeting' on BIOS and HeartMath research. Participants were Bill Gough, Dr. Rollin McCraty, Mike Atkinson, Drs. Hector and Linnea-Carlson Sabelli.

All other FMBR videos on Vimeo

The other videos on Vimeo are in several sequential groups. To start at the top of the group use this link.

Or, scan all available videos below, and then click on the desired group number.

Group 1

Oct, 2013 meeting: "A TOE (Theory of Everything) Whose Time Has Come; Arthur M. Young's Theory of Process,"
Dr. Mike Buchele and Dr. Bob Whitehouse.

May, 2004 meeting: "Primary Perception," Cleve Backster.

Jan, 2014 meeting: "Investigating the Paranormal: A Parapsychological Perspective," Loyd Auerbach, MS.

Nov, 2013 meeting: "The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk," Laura Stuve, PhD.

1982: The First Spoon Bending Party Ever Filmed. An FMBRTV Archival Restoration

Group 2

Sep, 1998: "Mind at Large: Experiments on Field Consciousness," Dean Radin, PhD

July, 2013: "The Whole in EveryOne: The Emergence of A Commonly Sensed Consciousness," Sperry Andrews

May, 2012 meeting: "The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities," Russell Targ

Mar, 2013 meeting: "Activate Your Potential," Dawn Clark

Apr, 2013 meeting: "Near-Death Experiences: A Panel Discussion," Nadia McCaffrey, Sharon Lund, Alan Hugenot, and PMH Atwater: hosted by Bill Virga.

Group 3

Apr, 2008 meeting: "Gifts for the Soul -- Gifts for the Planet," Dawn Clark.

Apr, 2012: "The Synchronized Universe and Torsion Adventures," Claude Swanson, PhD

Aug, 2012: "Egyptian Biogeometry, a Solution for Electrosmog?" Ibrahim Karim, PhD

Nov, 2011 meeting: "Long Distance Healing and the Science of the LIFE FORCE," Claude Swanson, PhD.

Mar, 2009 meeting: "Consciousness of the Heart," Olga Louchakova, MD, PhD.

Group 4

Sep, 2009 meeting: "Intentional Sound: Gaining Mental Freedom Through Conscious Integration," Lisa Rafel.

Feb, 2009 meeting: A live video link with the Institute of Biosensory Psychology in Russia.

Jun, 2010 meeting: "Cracking the Code of the Vibrational Spectrum: New Developements from Egypt & Europe," Robert Gilbert, PhD.

Jun, 2011: "The Working Meeting on BIOS and HeartMath research," Bill Gough, Dr. Rollin McCraty, Mike Atkinson, Drs. Hector and Linnea-Carlson Sabelli,

Mar, 2014 meeting: "Aliens and Man," Jerry Kroth, Ph.D

Group 5

Feb, 2014 meeting: "MESSAGES from the AFTERLIFE," Mark Ireland," Mark Ireland

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